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The day that changed everything ♥️ by hanniestories123
The day that changed everything ♥️by Hannie stories
Annie Leblanc is 17 , she is pregnant with a baby . Her ex cut her of he doesn't know anything about it. This is a hannie story. What happens when she gets kidnapped by...
hannie//wrong number by brannie_
hannie//wrong numberby BranniexHannie
Hayden summerall 16 year old world wide known texts a number thinking it his bestfriends number but really it just an ordinary girls known as Annie Leblanc
So you think  by Sto1ez46
So you think by Sto1ez46
Hayden is a popular at school and Annie is a nerd. Annie has lost her brother and dad in a car crash, and when ever she looks at Hayden she thinks his life is perfect an...
Mafia's girl | hannie smut by Evelina111121
Mafia's girl | hannie smutby julesxstories
It's been a year since Jules and Hayden brooke up. Hayden is an mafia. Jules becaume a gangster after their brooke up. Jules now is staying with Jayden but what is going...
𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 | Noah Schnapp x Reader by strvberryxfanfics
𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 | Noah lisa
y/n wolfhard was born in march 28, 2004. and so happen to be a wolfhard. - not a finn x reader
Gang love by Evelina111121
Gang loveby julesxstories
Annie is a rich and beautiful girl.She dating Jacob but she don't won't do do it that. Hayden want his fucking dymadon from Annie's dad. Anyways Annie and Hayden fall in...
All because of a group chat  by kayla_890
All because of a group chat by ✨josh Richards ✨
A girl name Mya moves from New York too LA. Her sister is Avani. A lot of tea happens just in the first 3 chapters. Read too find out more!
your the best that have happend in my life by TashiLaval
your the best that have happend ]tashis_Books
this story is called why because their is a new girl name kenzie and she move to la by her self and her mom only care about maddie................kenzie don't let nobody...
Forever|| joey birlem by Joeysxbaby
Forever|| joey birlemby Hannah
"Will you be my forever and always?"
Little things  by hnniiee
Little things by hnniiee
In this story you meet 2 people named Annie and Hayden, They both meet in Lakeview middle school, They become very close and always post about each other on their Instag...
Meet me when it's over  by sunnyashannie
Meet me when it's over by ✰Rose ・゜゜・.
"He keeps coming back and I keep going back to him. It's always gonna be this way. It's always gonna be a secret. It's a promise I made with myself that I won't eve...
Following Our Once Upon A Time by trindisney
Following Our Once Upon A Timeby Trinity Strong
These children will have to fine there own life. Will they have to follow fight or go a different way.
~the new girl~ by leblancannies
~the new girl~by annie leblanc
annie is a cute girl that use to live in maryland but one her parents tell her that she is moving to LA she use to have no friends but one day she founds the perfect guy...
love at first sight by textingstorygirl26
love at first sightby textingstorygirl26
Annie,Jayden,Kenzie,Lauren,Riley and mads where the popalar girls in the school and they had spring fling coming up so who do you think they will pick
instagram kids by Strangerrstans
instagram kidsby Dav💫💙
that's right. Instagram is back but they got kids now?
Jacobs Twin sister by looklovebook
Jacobs Twin sisterby Just another fan
My name is Cassy Satourious and I'm Jacob Satourious' twin sister. And Just about a Year ago was when my life changed for the better but back when it was happening I did...
Agoraphobia // jenzie by jjenzayyy
Agoraphobia // jenzieby jjenzayyy
"Hey you'll be alright" "*crying*" "Shhhhh just breath, follow my breathing alright "
The Woman I Love|| EF • Discontinued• by eternalfictins
The Woman I Love|| EF • .
•wrote this when I was like 12 haha • • ON • GOING •STORY • • • • • johnny and kenzie are currently dating but kenzie is poor so johnnys parents don't want her and johnn...
Your mine now 😟 by hanniestories123
Your mine now 😟by Hannie stories
Annie Leblanc is a normal girl she is quiet and has her #hannie #larson #haydensummerall #annieleblanc #hannie #jenzie #brataley #madslewis #cadenconrique #johnnyorland...