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Cigarettes, Daydreams by bleachinthebathtub
Cigarettes, Daydreamsby Lydia🦕
Ken has the girl, the money, and the popularity. Ryan has nothing except Racquelle. Can these two unlikely project partners finally become friends, or even more???? ~thi...
Ken Life in the Gayhouse by Josi3Krab
Ken Life in the Gayhouseby toad
We all know Ken is Barbie's gay best friend. In an attempt to stop Ryan's annoying moves on Barbie, Ken flirts with the narcissist himself. It goes a bit too far...
Plastic Love [ Ken x Ryan] by OwlWithFrostedTips
Plastic Love [ Ken x Ryan]by Kazi
Ken x Ryan from Barbie Life in the Dream House. They have so much tension and I need to write it as a fanfiction. This is gonna have y'alls angst, fluff, maybe even smut...
Ryan & ken enemies to lovers by poetedeteste_
Ryan & ken enemies to loversby 𝐾.
What is actually wrong with me. Okay so i decided to finally make a description. i don't know what possessed me to write this but here's a story about how two people...
to be alone with you. // ken x ryan by visionsofhelios
to be alone with you. // ken x ryanby j.g. abernathy
(THIS IS 100% A JOKE I PROMISE. I JUST BINGE WATCHED THE BARBIE SERIES AND....YEAH.) this is what my life has come to. ken x ryan fanfiction. sigh
Who's Cares About Barbie? by dig_bick_froggy
Who's Cares About Barbie?by whore
"You're a liar!" "No, that's not true. I've always honest with you." Ken deadpanned a look of complete and utter disbelief. "No, really. I total...
{Pole dancing} [Ken x Ryan] by xSoftie-Emo-Boyx
{Pole dancing} [Ken x Ryan]by xSoftie-Emo-Boyx
[Ryan started to pole dance for ken. Then ken FUCK'S ryan!]
Love on the Runway by canwegohomeguys
Love on the Runwayby Michi Haag
Barbie Roberts has started holding fashion shows all around the world. She was already famous enough before this, but now if you didn't know her you were just plain stup...
did i drive you away? | ken x ryan by _kennyboy
did i drive you away? | ken x ryanby _kennyboy
After a one-night stand from meeting at Barbies after show, Ryan wants something more, but Ken won't accept his own sexuality. Ryan is confused and Ken is fighting with...
The Amaze Chase (for your love....❤️) -Ken x Ryan  by Vhatesgayppl
The Amaze Chase (for your Fartsinmyhearts⛓️💔
During the amaze chase (a race agains Barbie and co), ryan and. His team get in a pretty sticky situation Ryan starts to fall for someone.... who is NOT b-b-b-b-b-Bar...
STOLEN SWEETHEART | ken x ryan  by silverspidey
STOLEN SWEETHEART | ken x ryan by o- okay- james-
at first , i was like : " um . . . binge watching barbie : life in the dreamhouse and write a ken x ryan enemies to lovers fanfic...
Ken and Barbie are Clueless by goldenskychild
Ken and Barbie are Cluelessby colorchangingsoup
Yes this is a Barbie x Raquelle, Ken x Ryan fic, yes it took inspiration from the movie Clueless, yes it is 90% copy paste. Don't take this seriously. Raquelle is iconic!
Ken x Ryan pt.2 by Roddle
Ken x Ryan pt.2by Yo ass
Ken, barbies girlfriend gets set up in a team with Ryan... the tension is killing him and who knows, he might act on it... *EVERYTHING IS FROM KEN'S POV* *NOT A CONTINUA...
Ken x Ryan by chewbaccaxYN
Ken x Ryanby barbiexRaquel❤️
Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse gay fanfiction!! Ken and Ryan - fake dating trope! !!ONGOING!! Ken is a clumsy high school nerd and Ryan is the high school bad boy. Two op...