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Foreordain ☆ Ohma Tokita x Reader by P1NKGWUTZ
Foreordain ☆ Ohma Tokita x Readerby S0L1ENT ?! >⩊<☆
L/N F/N, A woman in her mid-late 20s who hates all of her douchebag coworkers and her lousy boss. She has no friends and she's a borderline addicted smoker. On a late ra...
The Devil's Asura (DxD X Male Reader) by MotivatedDevil
The Devil's Asura (DxD X Male MotivatedDevil
(Welp ladies and gentlemen it's my first story let's see how it goes shall we???) long ago there was a dragon (it's dxd what did you expect?) it's name known to few and...
Kengan of ragnorock round 3  by sirdisectornyc
Kengan of ragnorock round 3 by sirdisectornyc
Damn our hero's are down 0-2 So the last mf anyone expected steps up to the plate lihito is ready to show the results of his training but is it enough to over come the...
Kengan Romance - Ohma Tokita x Reader story  by Ryuki_Bear07
Kengan Romance - Ohma Tokita x Kirishima Lover
The beautiful y/n ends up cornered in a dark alleyway after making her way back home from a community college after hours. Two men threaten her life if she doesn't do th...
Adam x Cosmo ship stories by HardcoreAdamSimp
Adam x Cosmo ship storiesby El
I friggin love this ship
Kengan Ashura Characters x Reader by Loveedmodo
Kengan Ashura Characters x Readerby Debra Marshall
this will just be one shots, small storys, and smuts😗 ~Disclaimer~ I don't own any characters or artworks in this story. This series is on Netflix if you want to watch...
Kengan Ashura x male reader by Record_of_Lostworks
Kengan Ashura x male readerby Record_of_Lostworks
What if there was a different competitor in the kengan matches? Let's find out!
Shuumatsu no Fighters by Gaverito
Shuumatsu no Fightersby
Heroes, tiranos, conquistadores, gente que escapa de su pasado lo mejor de lo mejor los 21 campeones de la humanidad van a empezar su pelea para la vida humana (personaj...
Kengan of ragnarock round 1 by sirdisectornyc
Kengan of ragnarock round 1by sirdisectornyc
13 million years of humanity is coming to a end.... F it I'm not writing all this down look 13 kengan ashura and omega characters vs the gods
🔥 warm // kengan ashura x reader by revoliaa
🔥 warm // kengan ashura x readerby LIA
[ various kengan ashura males x female reader ] girl I do not know, where you're running to I'm your finish line, I'm the one for you if you do me wrong, if I'm cruel to...
Crashing Into You | Poseidon x Reader by P1NKGWUTZ
Crashing Into You | Poseidon x S0L1ENT ?! >⩊<☆
With Poseidon's teenage years being the peak of his rebelliousness against his father, the young god is punished and sent into the human realm as a highschooler for twen...
FANDOM ONESHOTS  by sociopathicbrunette
Character x Fem! Reader (Idk if this will last long because my other story got deleted) Fandom will include: -Marvel -Video Games -The Walking Dead -Anime -or anythi...
Random self insert stories by HardcoreAdamSimp
Random self insert storiesby El
Don't attack me A lot of them will be smut bc I'm a herni bitch
incorrect Kengan by HardcoreAdamSimp
incorrect Kenganby El
yes. most of them will include Adam because he's my baby boy
Crimson Snowflake by One-Below-All
Crimson Snowflakeby One-Below-All
Zato Cero has been a participant in the kengan matches for five years , his current win, loss record is 17 wins 2 loses. Employed by Akira Daizo the CEO of Platinum Booz...
Cobra Kai: Niko Style by JaCobBcRaZy
Cobra Kai: Niko Styleby JaCobBcRaZy
At a very young age, Leo Tokita never knew who his parents were or what happened to them. He was always alone, and the only thing he could do was to survive. He spent hi...
Shuumatsu no valkyrie (multiverse) by nosdfgfgg5521
Shuumatsu no valkyrie (multiverse)by meraiza2000
Bueno despues eh aqui otra historia
Story Idea: Niko Tokita OC X L.O.K. by Jss2141
Story Idea: Niko Tokita OC X Jss2141
A small story idea about Kengan Ashura/Omega legendary character, Niko Tokita (OC) in the world of Avatar. Clashing his martial arts against the bending arts of all four...
The Quirk Pillar by SylanderJidah
The Quirk Pillarby Abraham Jidah
When he was four years old, Izuku found out that he was quirkless. From that point on everyone began to bully him, even his younger sister. The boy suffered through hel...
Raian Kure's Instagram  by Dumb_Invincible_Doo
Raian Kure's Instagram by Ⓐⓚⓘⓡⓐ
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