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Boy who was reincarnated into a Wolf Child.. New World: Hopes and Dreams by Ryan-LeRead
Boy who was reincarnated into a Ryan-LeRead
The story of boy, who risked his live to save another life. His life was sad and painful, with only a little kitten to keep it joyful, as he saves another life with his...
  • wolfboy
  • novel
  • wolf
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Collared by Canislupus54
Collaredby Canislupus54
A Japanese high school student purchases a magical collar from a strange old man. One bet with his roommate later, and they're drawn into a magical battle for the fate o...
  • powers
  • genderbender
  • manga
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the lives of butterflies by arffur
the lives of butterfliesby belle yun
A perverse, lonely boy signs a blood contract for a soft-hearted wolf servant - a cute little thing to play with and utterly destroy. First they fall in love. Then they...
  • human
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
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Nekopara: Chords To Her Heartstrings by TaRouTaRhoe
Nekopara: Chords To Her TaRouTaRhoe
(Maple x OC) Finally, a romance story on Maple! Prepare to immerse yourself in a touching and heartwarming journey as she explores the intricacies and forgotten history...
  • neko
  • kemonomimi
  • novel
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Anime, Manga y mas by detroitbecomehuman1
Anime, Manga y masby detroitbecomehuman human
imagenes graciosas, curiosas, sexys y todo lo relacionado con el mundo del manga, un mundo que me apasiona y disfruto mucho.
  • kemonomimi
  • manga
  • hentai
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Mythical Journal  by kindaKyo
Mythical Journal by ☆*:.。. Kyo .。.:*☆
⚠️EVERYTHING STATED HERE IS NONFICTION⚠️ Hey, it's Kyo back in this community again. This time I'm going to stay in the community and take it more seriously. Yes, it's...
  • journal
  • kemono
  • awtok
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His Alpha Female | Teacher! Male x Reader by DaisyShineAJ
His Alpha Female | Teacher! Male Daisy ShineAJ
In this Omegaverse where Kemonomimi are common, although there are many different species with the same rankings. (Y/N) (L/N), a wolf Kemonomimi who is classified as an...
  • wolves
  • neko
  • romance
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Eres tu || Omegaverse & Kemonomimi. by LLGwekwik08
Eres tu || Omegaverse & L.L Gwekwik
Tsukkishima un alfa hombre lobo que nunca se ha sentido atraído por nadie salvo encuentros esporádicos se ve así mismo sometido por la presión de su familia para consegu...
  • chicoxchico
  • yaoi
  • bl
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||ON-HOLD|| Life Restart by SilentBlueberry66
||ON-HOLD|| Life Restartby Blue
Completely unaware I died, I was now standing before Gods. They said I died and was never meant to live in that world due to...reasons. So, here I am getting a second ch...
  • kemonomimi
  • adventure
  • demons
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Ushimimi's Journey by kindaKyo
Ushimimi's Journeyby ☆*:.。. Kyo .。.:*☆
⚠️Nonfiction! If you don't believe, don't read!⚠️ Adventures of a gay teen loser & his journey to become a cow kemono.
  • kemonomimi
  • shifter
  • lycan
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Garreshwarr by blushingskeletons
Garreshwarrby blushingskeletons
A Wolf princess on the run rescues a human, not knowing his appearance was prophesied long ago. Wolf society is far too civilized to eat humans... nowadays... (If you li...
  • wolves
  • cats
  • vore
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Host [BoyxBoy] by Silvaci
Host [BoyxBoy]by Eternal
Aoi and his brother live alone. They work to pay their rent and they work to pay for the food. Their parents left them alone at the young age of five and since then they...
  • otokonoko
  • neko
  • yaoi
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Owner x Neko by HazukiWolfX
Owner x Nekoby HazukiWolfX
This is a roleplay book i guess, so this book will contain neko ocs and different scenarios to choose from. anyways this will be only children nekos so no smut, also thi...
  • shortstory
  • fanfiction
  • ocxoc
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The life of Alexander the vampire by Animaster888
The life of Alexander the vampireby Animaster888
this is just a story centering around the life of Alexander Madden the Neko vampire boy and his future wife Tiffany Marie. check out more at http://ask-alexmaster.tumblr...
  • furry
  • neko
  • kemonomimi
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Where the outcasts go to die by Nebulachan
Where the outcasts go to dieby Nebula woods
It was a normal world for these kids. they lived normal lives and minded themselves and kept quiet. they were in society's eyes, the outcasts. they didn't fit in any...
  • fantasy
  • kemonomimi
  • magicalcreatures
Infinite Life. by STARBUCKS5LIFE
Infinite iibonnieii13
This will be a infinite chapter book. This will be a supernatural thriller love story a lot i know its based off a constant dream and day dream I have been having for 3...
  • ốc
  • multifandom
  • boyslove
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the birds by enkiiper
the birdsby enkiiper
The man with the darkest heart lives within his mansion. Commonly bossing his poor butlers around and demanding things, he seems little threat to the public. However, on...
  • fantasy
  • fandoms
  • kemonomimioc
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The Girl Who Fell From the Heavens by Canislupus54
The Girl Who Fell From the Heavensby Canislupus54
A mysterious girl falls from the sky in a small town. People from all over the kingdom seek to gain the riches of the fallen star.
  • sword
  • anime
  • magic
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SasuNaru: kemonomimi story by mysteryflower
SasuNaru: kemonomimi storyby Grisely
A fun short story about Sasuke, the cat kemonomimi, and Naruto, the fox kemonomimi
  • kakairu
  • sasunaru
  • narusasu
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DAI by arosyks
DAIby arosyks
[BoyxBoy, LGBT, magic] A fantasy/drama about a dog-turned-human named Dai navigating a human world. . . . Dai is a dog who loves humans. So much so that he wants to...
  • gaylove
  • boyslove
  • lgbt
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