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〘✓〙My Little Young Wife by chaekookiee
〘✓〙My Little Young Wifeby Miss Hamney❣️
"Janji jangan tinggalkan Dhia?" - Zahratul Nadhia "Memiliki sayang adalah detik yang paling bahagia dalam hidup abang." - Iqbal Irsyadi "Aku nak...
The Animal Squad Journey by KnightInDark12
The Animal Squad Journeyby Kagehina
What are friends for? Is it fun Having friends? Do you really need to know deeper the person or not? to call them our friends? Do we need a days, week or a month to atle...
Daughter of the Stars by ReBel-Reads
Daughter of the Starsby Ryan
Sala is the only daughter of Sorren, a son of Vulcan, and Jeanette Bentley, a daughter of Earth. This makes her a daughter of two worlds, each hailing from different sta...
I Love You, Engineer (COMPLETED) by KnightInDark12
I Love You, Engineer (COMPLETED)by Kagehina
"Mag aapply sana akong Jowa mo. You know. Mga sweet lover kaming mga Engineer. Hindi kami nanakit ng mga babae... Kami lagi yung sinasaktan."-Luke Vagallon
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
Rise of Danganbot : A Oneshot AU by JohnDream
Rise of Danganbot : A Oneshot AUby John Dream
Do you know the game Oneshot? A game made with RPG maker where a cat looking child must save a world from eternal darkness by bringing the lightbulb sun back? Well, what...
My Family of Weirdos by pastel_galaxy02
My Family of Weirdosby Kinsidering
Despite the hardships Niko had gone through at such a young age, they were glad for what they had now; a family of weirdos. (This a modern au of the game Oneshot) (Char...
Sealed (Eclipse Series) by KnightInDark12
Sealed (Eclipse Series)by Kagehina
"Let me sealed my promise that I won't leave you, with a kiss, my thalia." And with that he kiss me again
hamzahthefantastic oneshots 🤟🏻 by lucyyoud
hamzahthefantastic oneshots 🤟🏻by lucyyoud
promiscuous girl.. you teasing me..? you know what i want, and i got what you need 😛
Broken Heart Healed (Eclipse Series) by KnightInDark12
Broken Heart Healed (Eclipse Kagehina
"Ahmm.. sorry... I'm broken too." He look away again. "My bestfriend that I love for a long long time.... Find her guy already and I should be happy... I...
Beautiful Assistant by mmaryana04
Beautiful Assistantby Miftah Maryana
"Hai, Nona Menyebalkan" "LO??!" sahutnya kaget. "Ngapain lo di kelas gue?!" "Gue mau kasih tahu sebuah hukuman yang kemarin gue bilan...
[ON HOLD] Vizion Division by Woodengirlygamergirl
[ON HOLD] Vizion Divisionby [insert Mii Channel]
Riddle Elementary School becomes subject to another drawing trend. Just one day after partaking in the trend, Smiley Sundae discovers something off about it. She now ded...
I've Been With My Old Man by Kesikey_
I've Been With My Old Manby Kesikey_
Yherie is married to a man 14 years older than her, named Kelvin. There's no affection, care and love between the two. Arrange marriage is generally accepted by people i...
STEPBROTHER by RiikaChanyeol1992
STEPBROTHERby RiikaChanyeol1992
gimana sih rasanya punya kakak tiri dingin tapi sweet?
Aleta And Her Story [ON GOING] by Svnflvffy_
Aleta And Her Story [ON GOING]by Jiyah🦄
Aleta Valencia Scarlett,memang dikatakan anak kutu buku dikelasnya. Dia adalah murid yang hanya memiliki dua teman, itu dikarenakan Aleta memiliki kelebihan tersendiri. ...
TAYO(on-going) by glazingmidnight
TAYO(on-going)by midnight
tayo? a kind of word na mapapatanong ka nalang bigla... "may tayo ba?" "Ewan?" a story of a girl who can't find the answer to the question if MAY T...
Summer holiday by adeneganopemipo
Summer holidayby adeneganopemipo
Stacy Gray a 18 year old girl traveled to Texas to become a famous singer. While swimming in the ocean,she almost drowned until Jason rock saved her, he became her boyfr...
Living With The Dead... by Abzz130297
Living With The Abbie Unwin
After a zombie apocalypse broke free a group of survivors are trying their best to survive living with the undead, but what is worse living with the walking dead or livi...
Living with the Cinemates. by edm-enthusiast
Living with the Melissää:)
The girl who was sitting at your front door is now in your home. Once she entered your home, she entered your life; not just yours, but your best friends' lives too. Wil...
My Dorm Mate by louiezd
My Dorm Mateby Lhist Perawat
Sa isang hindi inaasahang pagkakataon may dalawang taong nakatakdang pagtagpuin ng hindi inaasahang panahon, dahil sa isang accident ay magsisimula ang kanilang story. N...