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The MANTRA Bible by piercethepunk_
The MANTRA Bibleby Cultishatbest
Welcome to The MANTRA Cult. Dm me on Insta to join (piercethepunk_). Feel free to read and explore our faith. Comment/Message me for details. If you don't vote a curse w...
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This Is Suicide Season. Franskyes.  by giraffe-dallon
This Is Suicide Season. Franskyes. by 💀spooky💀
Oliver has been seeing dead people for as long as he could remember. Well at least sense he was five and his parents died. He's been living with his two best friends eve...
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Seeing Stars : Joshler  by colderaswegetolder
Seeing Stars : Joshler by girl that you love
♡but my dreams are reality now and you're the one I've been dreaming about♡ 《summer camp isn't always a bad thing》
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Unbroken by SerenityQuinn
Unbrokenby Carmila Scamander
~Squeal to This Rebel Heart and Fallen Angels~ Will Serria recover? Will she reunite with the love of her life?
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The boy with the blinding white smile (High school kellic) by panicat221bbaker
The boy with the blinding white Jaxson
Kellin Quinn, the emo reject of Clairemont high is inevitably in love with the popular Vic Fuentes but alas Vic is straight and way too popular to even notice Kellin.
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Emo band members x reader  by MagicalPunkRock
Emo band members x reader by Erin Rideout
I take requests! Unlike what the cover suggests, it's not only emo trinity members. Give me anyone.
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You Hold my Attention Without Even Trying. (A Vic Fuentes Fanfic) by viclessquinn
You Hold my Attention Without rachel(,:
It was a 2015 summer when Riley and her best friend Shelby went to Warped Tour in St. Pete, FL. Due to many mistakes that her idol made, Vic Fuentes wants to make up Ri...
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Nothing Personal. Jalex  by giraffe-dallon
Nothing Personal. Jalex by 💀spooky💀
Jack is the popular jock, captain of the football team, the best hair, looks, gets every girl in the school to swoon over him. Only popular for his looks and money, peop...
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It's complicated II Kellic by HellaHotKellic
It's complicated II Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Some times as an author you just start randomly writing something, having no idea where you're going with it and can't therefore not really make a description. And yeah...
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