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Just Another Fan by kellic4lyfet
Just Another Fanby Aleah Givens
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The Teacher and The Stepmom by kellic4lyfet
The Teacher and The Stepmomby Aleah Givens
*Camila/you/Lauren Self explanatory really. Just read the book.
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The Cabello Twins {Under Editing} by kellic4lyfet
The Cabello Twins {Under Editing}by Aleah Givens
Camila/You/Karla twin au
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I'm Not Like You by kellic4lyfet
I'm Not Like Youby Aleah Givens
(No dollar bill is worth the price you'll pay) Camila is the wife to a wealthy business man in New York and you're just the intersex lesbian chauffeur​ who has a son and...
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Ω Can't Love Me Like You by kellic4lyfet
Ω Can't Love Me Like Youby Aleah Givens
A Leighade story to save this sunken ship. In which an innocent crush turns a little bit scandalous. G!P because "Girls can have gouches"- Leigh-Anne Pinnock
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Smut Book by kellic4lyfet
Smut Bookby Aleah Givens
Book of shameless smut some with plot some without. Send some submissions for you favorite ship
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Fool For You  by kellic4lyfet
Fool For You by Aleah Givens
A High School AU in which you're the Popular high school soccer star and Camila's just the quiet girl who sits in the back of the class and doesn't say a word. Unknown t...
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Does Age Really Matter by kellic4lyfet
Does Age Really Matterby Aleah Givens
Camila/You/ Lauren I was only fourteen when I fell in love with the girl that shoved me into lockers and cornered me in the locker room everyday. I was also only fourtee...
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The Descendants  by kellic4lyfet
The Descendants by Aleah Givens
Camila/You Inspired by Disney Descendants so don't try to sue me.
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The Professor and The CEO by kellic4lyfet
The Professor and The CEOby Aleah Givens
Sequel to The Teacher and The Stepmom set four years in the future. Lauren followed her dreams and became a professor while Camila still is married but is now the CEO of...
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Young God by kellic4lyfet
Young Godby Aleah Givens
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Daddy's Little Psycho {Hiatus} by kellic4lyfet
Daddy's Little Psycho {Hiatus}by Aleah Givens
A Camila/ You fanfic! Based off of the characters Harley Quinn and The Joker without the abuse because... Story starts off in college so it'll be a long ass story.
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LA Devotee  by kellic4lyfet
LA Devotee by Aleah Givens
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Postcards and Polaroids  by kellic4lyfet
Postcards and Polaroids by Aleah Givens
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FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: •Sad Little Zaint• by kellic4lyfet
Book of poems and songs I need to get off my chest. Not for the faint at heart. But for the One I Love.
Lightning  by kellic4lyfet
Lightning by Aleah Givens
A Leigh-Anne/You fic! because there aren't nearly enough. Male you
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Class Clowns by kellic4lyfet
Class Clownsby Aleah Givens
Leigh-Anne Pinnock x Perrie Edwards Got the idea from watching the two interact on the video Little Mix Sings Disney Love songs for Valentine's Day
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Undertaker  by kellic4lyfet
Undertaker by Aleah Givens
Camila/you genderbent Camila. Camila as a boy so Cameron
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Greeter at the Door  {Discontinued} by kellic4lyfet
Greeter at the Door {Discontinued}by Aleah Givens
Out of habit you walk by the mysterious girl on the door. You never saw her leave and you never saw her come. All you knew was that she stood at the door five times a we...
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My Book Covers by kellic4lyfet
My Book Coversby Aleah Givens
Needed Somewhere to put them. Also this shows all upcoming stories I'm working on. Just so you know.
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