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Not From Here: Zed O'Brien x Reader by bliztbika
Not From Here: Zed O'Brien x Readerby Bika
You are not from this world. An outsider, a dimension outsider. Others rarely heard about you and they pay a large amount of money to buy you. Just to use you for thei...
Tiny Treasure (Kekkai Sensen Fanfic)(Boyxboy) by QuixoticQuill
Tiny Treasure (Kekkai Sensen Quixotic Quill
Klaus Von Reinherz has many things he holds dear to him. Libra, it's members, his houseplants, humanity, even Prosfair. And of course, the undersized human known as Zeph...
Oh Mrs. Renfro by animeluver9200
Oh Mrs. Renfroby animeluver9200
Zapp reader insert. Was suppose to be a one shot but I decided to carry it one. The best Zapp x Reader you'll ever read. (Since there aren't many)
The dragon girl by Snowrose213
The dragon girlby Aurura Blue
A girl appears from out of nowhere. Libra is trying to find out who she is. And Why the King of Depravity wants her. Answer..... You'll have to read to find out.
The anime multiverse! (Male reader x Anime universe) by HalosDestiny117
The anime multiverse! (Male Halos Destiny117
Y/n is a 17 year old weeaboo who is still living with his family. He thinks his life is boring and wishes to go to a world were all his favorite animes and anime games a...
Kuroinu Heroes from Another World by SorenAzure777
Kuroinu Heroes from Another Worldby SorenAzure777
I seen a bit fan fict of this and decided to...check it out which resulted me being piss of these assholes I'm putting you and me kicking their asses to change the timel...
Anime X Reader Oneshot Collection [REQUESTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED] by KHRIky
Anime X Reader Oneshot KHRIky
The anime/manga series that are included in this collection are: Assassination Classroom Beelzebub Bleach Boku No Hero Academia Diamond no Ace Fairy Tail Free Gintama ...
Izuku El Herrero Heroico by ShiroBelra
Izuku El Herrero Heroicoby Miguel A. Belmontes
Es un crossover entre boku no hero/fate/kekkai sensen el cual narra la historia de nuestro protagonista el cual tiene un pasado turbio el cual se nos revelara en los cap...
Kekkai Sensen one-shots by ColoredUniforms
Kekkai Sensen one-shotsby ColoredUniforms
um,,, hello! This is my first time doing a reader insert, but anyways I hope you enjoy !! ------ Requests: Unfortunately I'm discontinuing this s...
Kekkai Sensen ZODIACS √ by xTequillax
Kekkai Sensen ZODIACS √by ♡Katsu♡
These are just what the title says, your Kekkai Sensen Zodiacs :3 * Zodiacs, characters and actions are taken randomly
Empty Sight  • UnOrdinary x Kekkai Sensen • by BakaHikikomori
Empty Sight • UnOrdinary x BakaHikikomori
When you thought someone's as your normal joe, but he's actually something else entirely..? John Doe couldn't think of why this new guy named Leonardo Watch caught so m...
Sugar Song and Bitter Steps (Kekkai Sensen: Steven Starphase X Reader) by mochiani_04
Sugar Song and Bitter Steps ( Mochiani_04
'Welcome to Libra' was the first thing I heard when I first entered the building. I knew this job wasn't going to be a sugar sweet song, but, I was hired. Like everyone...
D I S G U I S E D (William Macbeth X Diabetic!Reader) by Ni-tress
D I S G U I S E D (William Venti Smitten
Previously titled: Where there's a Will there is a way~ When adjusting to your new home in Hellsalem's Lot and dealing with awful foster parents- you meet Black, a boy w...
Is it wrong for these eyes to be in a dungeon? by CaptainCapitalism
Is it wrong for these eyes to be CaptainCapitalism
Kekkai sense x Danmachi Leonardo Watch, holder of the All Seeing Eyes of the Gods has a tussle with a blood breed with the help of Libra. When the fight ends he gets stu...
Through Heaven or Hell (William Macbeth X Female Reader) by MajesticQuesadilla
Through Heaven or Hell (William MajesticQuesadilla
You are a new addition to the Libra team with a past that you don't want to catch up with you. One day, on a mission, you run into a boy that seems to have as many secre...
Anime One Shots by Supernerder
Anime One Shotsby Supernerder
A collection of anime characters x readers, written by me! Sorry if they aren't any good, I'm trying, aha! (This is also on Quotev) Highest rankings ever: #351/1000+ in...
Kekkai Sensen Short Stories and One-shots by Lucifer136136
Kekkai Sensen Short Stories and Lucifer1325
This is but a collection of short stories and one-shots. All connected or somewhat connected to a fanfic I'm writing called, "The Wolf's Pup." Blood Blockade B...
~~~Anime One Shots~~~ by AnimeFreak015
~~~Anime One Shots~~~by AnimeFreak015
Kuroko no Basket Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul Haikyuu!! Kekkai Sensen Owari no Seraph Psycho Pass Black Butler Dance with Devils Norogami Death Note Blue Exorcist Diaboli...
The Wolf's Pup by Lucifer136136
The Wolf's Pupby Lucifer1325
Hellsalem's Lot, a place where the abnormal is normal and where miracles are said to occur. What if one of these Hellsalem's Lot miracles where to happen to a certain We...