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How Deep Is Your Love -Shourtney Fanfiction [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by deadaccount8407
How Deep Is Your Love -Shourtney 💜
WARNING! FIRST FANFICTION! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! WARNING WRITTEN IN 2020: Look, I think I was thirteen or twelve kay! I can't go through 500-700 comments every four mo...
Starting over {Damien Haas}  by SofiaroseGionomo
Starting over {Damien Haas} by Sofia-rose Gionomo
When Courtney's cousin and life long best friend Sydney finds herself in a bad relationship, she gets fed up and removes her from the situation. How will Sydney adapt to...
smosh ☔︎ truth or dare by reqlity
smosh ☔︎ truth or dareby lolleh
The entire Smosh family all gathered at the Smosh house for a sleepover. Things are all going well until someone suggests they play Truth or Dare.
Little Padilla 😌 by SnakeySlut
Little Padilla 😌by Paige-Marie Tanner
Shayne X reader. Being Anthony's little sister has its pros but it also has it's cons. As you move out to LA to live with your older brother, you finally meet the talent...
College (Smosh) by PepperoniPlayboi
College (Smosh)by PepperoniPlayboi
The Smosh squad goes to college AU.
Shayne x Olivia (Smosh) by miss_moonwalker
Shayne x Olivia (Smosh)by ❤️❤️
I just have always found them so cute together for some reason <3 please enjoy!
My Blue Eyed Blondie by daddyshayne
My Blue Eyed Blondieby daddyshayne
You finally get away from your alcoholic dad and go to live with your brother in LA. Getting a job at Smosh is the best thing that's happened to you, because it let you...
Smosh x Reader Imagines by Jinxed_Jovenshire
Smosh x Reader Imaginesby Emma😔
Mostly Smosh games but occasionally I'll add in some Smosh Squad
I Got You ❤️ by SnakeySlut
I Got You ❤️by Paige-Marie Tanner
Shayne X reader. You work in a coffee shop in New York. You are also an artist but your life changed forever when Shayne Topp walks into your work. You start to talk and...
Smosh x reader oneshots! by smoshly
Smosh x reader oneshots!by yeet
All members (including games) included! Leave requests in the comments or any constructive criticism.
All My Life (Sequel to Starting Over)  by SofiaroseGionomo
All My Life (Sequel to Starting Sofia-rose Gionomo
The future looks nothing but bright for Sydney Miller, she has a Fiancé, a healthy daughter, supportive friends and a stable job that she loves. How will she handle thin...
Just Friends? | Shaylivia by PepperoniPlayboi
Just Friends? | Shayliviaby PepperoniPlayboi
To the squad and the rest of Smosh, Shayne and Olivia just seem like friends. Their increased interactions and secrets make them start to wonder though. Are Shayne and O...
The New Addition  by SnakeySlut
The New Addition by Paige-Marie Tanner
Kristen Haas (Damien's sister) is trying out for smosh games. She is an exact female copy of Damien. After all these years, she finally meets Damien's best friend. They...
Smosh Oneshots by tommyfiinch
Smosh Oneshotsby tommy's party
cute short romantic stories about the smosh family. requests open!
Smosh prefences by Laughing_Max_06
Smosh prefencesby Max River
As a gay boy who loves Smosh these prefences will be gender neutral and will include everyone who is/has been on camera multiple times. It will include Anthony Boze C...
Senior year at Smosh High by TrashiestPhanTrash
Senior year at Smosh Highby Smosh Squad Fam
It was finally senior year of high school for Ian Hecox, over his years at the school he had made very few connections, he couldn't bare leaving the hell hole behind wit...
Secrets -Courtivia- by comillfan
Secrets -Courtivia-by comillfan
Join the emotional roller coaster that is Courtney and Olivia's relationship. Will it work out?
Blue Moon by the_passion_fruit
Blue Moonby PassionFruit
Your 23, living in LA working at Smosh as a media manager and camerawoman. Working alongside Tommy Bowe, Monica Vasandani, and Sarah Whittle most days. Since you started...
Facing Your Fears by spookyboycontent
Facing Your Fearsby spookyboycontent
A Spooky Season Special in which smosh fans themselves get to Face Their Fears! Starting October 1st
Trials of Love - Damien Haas x OC by tjbforever
Trials of Love - Damien Haas x OCby Theresa B
Just a fun story I've been writing in my free time for fun. Some fluff, angst, and laughter in here. I apologize for it being cringey, because it is, but honestly this w...