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"Woah! Ms L/n and coach used to date??" •This story can be a stand alone• reading book #1 is optional, but it is currently a drafted story so it will not be s...
Need A Bandage For That?, Ukai X Reader by BBananaBBoat
Need A Bandage For That?, Ukai X Banana Boat
Y/N becomes the new school nurse at Karasuno High school. She soon finds herself being more intermingled with the volleyball team and more specifically their intimidatin...
Queen of the Court  (OikawaxOC)[COMPLETE] by Saltychild57
Queen of the Court (OikawaxOC)[ E
Takara Kageyama, the twin sister of the famous Tobio Kageyama is greeted with familiar faces when she decides to attend Aoba Johsai instead of Karasuno like her brother...
Haikyuu!! × (fem)reader oneshots  by ChikaraAsuma
Haikyuu!! × (fem)reader oneshots by Chi
Exactly as the title says. I use female pronouns. None of the art belongs to me!! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!
𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐄 ➟ K. SUGAWARA  by nanaminslover
You were Coach Ukai's niece, living with him after your parents had passed away. You attended Karasuno High, and played volleyball. Sadly, you didn't get along with anyo...
4 Sister [A Story in Haikyuu] by RedLightning_
4 Sister [A Story in Haikyuu]by Red Lightning_
Yonda Tenshi and her 3 younger Sisters Shinkō Tenshi, Gēmu Tenshi andTama Tenshi. Moved back to Miyagi Prefecture in Japan from New York. They want to start a new life...
Lucy by potatoes_are_thebest
Lucyby Good morning hoes
OC x Coach Keishin High school student x coach I have major daddy issues, so sorry if this story have age gap... I don't own Haikyuu
The One That Got Away by noodleb4
The One That Got Awayby Noelle
Keishin Ukai, the coach of the boys volleyball team at Karasuno, is always pressures by his family and friends to find his dream girl. But he doesnt want to let her go...
The light blue string (Sugawara x Reader soulmate au)((discontinued)) by PixieMiner06
The light blue string (Sugawara Chaotic Gracie
((Discontinued)) Everyone has a string attached to their pinkie of their soulmate's favourite colour and has dreams of them to try and figure out what they like. But on...
Silence Lay Steadily by karasunocaptain
Silence Lay Steadilyby Rie-chan
The story follows a group of children who grew up in a haunted house. Now, as adults, Keishin, Tetsurou, Suguru, Atsumu, and Osamu are forced back together in the face o...
Anime x reader ✨💕 by Pterataurus
Anime x reader ✨💕by Ptera
Gender neutral (unless specified) x reader with characters from different animes! For the entire family! Doing requests
UkaTake  by UnsureBeans
UkaTake by UnsureBeans
It's a regular night at the shop where Keishin works until he gets a surprise visitor.
Touched by wonder [UkaTake] by monartist
Touched by wonder [UkaTake]by ︎ً
It hadn't rained during the afternoon. After five days of unceasing rain, he thought today's clouds would take a break. And so he wouldn't feel this dumb about forgettin...
Surprising Coach Ukai After Practice by LuminousDrache
Surprising Coach Ukai After Lumi
You decided to surprise Coach Ukai after practice (fluff). Authors note: You may not copy, paste, translate, or republish my work. This includes turning it into an ebook...
See You Again [Keishin Ukai Fanfiction] by Mitsuhayashi5
See You Again [Keishin Ukai Mitsuhayashi
Kanna Hinata, elder sister of Hinata Shoyo. Due to her amazing talent and ability in Taekwondo, at her age of 19, Kanna Hinata was selected to compete in Nationals and p...
Let the Lesson Begin (a Keishin Ukai love story) by twsdwnmshlotr
Let the Lesson Begin (a Keishin Animefun
Michiko Ito is a language and mathematics teacher at Karasuno high school, and she finds herself quickly falling into the volleyball world. Because of an old passion fo...
Haikyuu x reader by kurokotestuya
Haikyuu x readerby Oikawa_ismybae
Y/n Rosie L/n is the sister of 6 siblings including herself and her parents abandoned her with her siblings.. 10 years later they come back to take care of their childre...
KeishinxOC by Chelsxkay
KeishinxOCby Chelsxkay
UPDATED 12/18/2022!!!!! NEW CHAPTER OUT!!! ~This is a fanfic with my original character in the Haikyuu universe~ COVER CREATED BY ME! I am the artist check out my instag...
Spend Some More Time With Me? by RaphaelLockwood
Spend Some More Time With Me?by RaphaelLockwood
Kenma and Hinata have remained inseparable since their high school volleyball days--now, they're navigating jobs and adulthood together. Hinata plays professional volley...