Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Vampire Knight》 by TimsSideburns
Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover That Bored Kid
Keiko Kaori, a famous singer starts to attend Cross Academy. She has a lovable, happy nature and is generally energetic. Past her lovable nature, she bares teeth.
  • tokyoghoul
  • kaname
  • keiko
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Overlord(Fanfiction) by BlackHearted679
Overlord(Fanfiction)by Black Hearted
She is powerful magic player,with many disciples and servants.Also by her side is Ainz Ooal Gown or Momonga one of the highest of the Almighty Forty-One Supreme Beings b...
  • action
  • anime
  • overlord
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Una vez y otra vez (CLAUMILIA) by silviaclandestina
Una vez y otra vez (CLAUMILIA)by #SoyLalita
Una vez más rondaba por su cabeza la idea de decirle que estaba perdidamente enamorado de la que hoy es su mejor amiga. Emilia, esa joven alocada con ganas de comerse e...
  • antoniadeharo
  • manuela
  • romina
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ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია) by KatoShubitidze
ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია)by Alien ^_^
Chanyeol fanfiction "არ მჭირდება ეს ტახტი. არ მჭირდება ეგ გვირგვინი. არ მჭირდება ეს დაწყევლილი დიდება და ძალაუფლება. მე მხოლოდ ის მჭირდება ბედნიერებისთვის!" Hi...
  • chanyeol
  • lấy
  • korea
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quán cafe thú cưng vui nhộn by korimosusuki
quán cafe thú cưng vui nhộnby mèo ngáo
quán cafe có 2 cô gái và 4 chàng trai làm việc trong quán cafe thú cưng và xảy ra rất nhiều chuyện trong quán nhưng rất mỉm cười mỗi ngày trong truyện
  • kazuo
  • keiko
  • shiro
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The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) [UPDATES A LITTLE SLOW] by Tylightining
The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) [ Anonymous_belle
A girl better than all of the generation of miracles combined. How will she cope with the G.O.M. and what will she find friendship,love,happiness,trust? Disclaimer: I d...
  • midorima
  • kurokonobasket
  • keiko
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Hush, Doll ━ Book 1  ━  A Naruto Fanfic by blazinraisins
Hush, Doll ━ Book 1 ━ A Naruto rain
There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home.
  • naruto
  • narutofanfic
  • uchiha
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Honey Garden by whitesandblues
Honey Gardenby FlitzerJ
"My skin itself is an armor. My blood could never be spilled, regardless of what you do to me." "And yet, pain greets you like a friend." | kurama...
  • friendship
  • botan
  • yyhfanfic
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{ĐN OP} Yêu Hồ Hảo Phiền Toái nga~~ by otaku193
{ĐN OP} Yêu Hồ Hảo Phiền Toái nga~~by Lâm Hàn
Viết cho thỏa ước mơ a~~
  • keiko
  • onepiece
  • harem
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Traducción  del Epílogo de Candy Candy Historia Final. by CCAN1978
Traducción del Epílogo de Candy Candy Candy Historia Final
Candy Candy Historia Final. Escrita por Keiko Nagita (2010). Ilustraciones de Yumiko Igarashi. Historia que narra como una chica huérfana después de pasar por diferente...
  • igarashi
  • final
  • mizuki
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Love Can Change A Soul{Kirito x Reader-Modern AU} by SplatCookieCat
Love Can Change A Soul{Kirito x Merry Christmas from Ouma's H...
Your the young,Virtual MMO lover of the century,Along with your best friend,B/f/n(Best friends name).As well as this,Your the unattractive,Or so you think,Younger sister...
  • tsuboi
  • rika
  • kazutokirigaya
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My Bestfriend, My RIVAL  by BitchySae
My Bestfriend, My RIVAL by Baepsae
-Highest rank in Romance #118 -Highest rank in Teen Fiction #98 Date published: 16•09•11 Date completed: 16•12•08 ------------------------- Ako si Synnika Maureen Mendoz...
  • erika
  • lovetriangle
  • drama
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