Overlord(Fanfiction) by BlackHearted679
Overlord(Fanfiction)by Black Hearted
She is powerful magic player,with many disciples and servants.Also by her side is Ainz Ooal Gown or Momonga one of the highest of the Almighty Forty-One Supreme Beings b...
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ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია) by KatoShubitidze
ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია)by Alien ^_^
Chanyeol fanfiction "არ მჭირდება ეს ტახტი. არ მჭირდება ეგ გვირგვინი. არ მჭირდება ეს დაწყევლილი დიდება და ძალაუფლება. მე მხოლოდ ის მჭირდება ბედნიერებისთვის!" Hi...
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Snow's Random Book by Snow_The_Wolf
Snow's Random Bookby Snow
This is me. Your wierd girl/boy obsessed with anime and manga. Lolzzz I might as well tell you that i am not a newby even though i act new. I have had wattpad for longer...
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Frozen Rose (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic) *Under Editing And Revision* by EternityFox
Frozen Rose (Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfic) 火皇后
Megumi Tanaka is Shuichi Minamino/Kurama's all-class classmate. She is oftenly describe as rude. She was known by the whole Meiou as the Ice Queen because of her ice col...
  • koenma
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Why Not Me? by Kirinaii-Leona
Why Not Me?by Voltron Trash
Lisbeth, Silica, Leafa, and Sinon all want Kirito, but Kirito loves Asuna. They all wonder, "Why not me?" Ooh, sounds like someone's jealous... Lisbeth, Silica...
  • keiko
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The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) [UPDATES A LITTLE SLOW] by Tylightining
The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) [ Anonymous_belle
A girl better than all of the generation of miracles combined. How will she cope with the G.O.M. and what will she find friendship,love,happiness,trust? Disclaimer: I d...
  • wattys2017
  • murasakibara
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Game Of Lucky by Keiko-Lilybeth
Game Of Luckyby Keiko Lilybeth
Chaque année, dans une île du nom de Ketsuroi, des hors-la-loi sont envoyés à travers le monde afin d'enlever quarante filles et quarante garçons, âgé entre 15 et 20 ans...
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Soul Swords by HonoraryAvenger
Soul Swordsby HonoraryAvenger
Ace has a secret she doesn't want brought to light. Ash can't express his emotions. Keiko just wants the war to be over. Ryuu believes in fate and destiny. They're a f...
  • ash
  • mistermidnight
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Traducción  del Epílogo de Candy Candy Historia Final. by CCAN1978
Traducción del Epílogo de Candy Candy Candy Historia Final
Candy Candy Historia Final. Escrita por Keiko Nagita (2010). Ilustraciones de Yumiko Igarashi. Historia que narra como una chica huérfana después de pasar por diferente...
  • candy
  • mizuki
  • albert
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