ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია) by KatoShubitidze
ბნელი გვირგვინი(დასრულებულია)by Alien ^_^
Chanyeol fanfiction "არ მჭირდება ეს ტახტი. არ მჭირდება ეგ გვირგვინი. არ მჭირდება ეს დაწყევლილი დიდება და ძალაუფლება. მე მხოლოდ ის მჭირდება ბედნიერებისთვის!" Hi...
  • kai
  • 2070
  • korea
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Overlord(Fanfiction) by BlackHearted679
Overlord(Fanfiction)by Black Hearted
She may look normal and powerless but if your not careful she could kill you for her name is lady Keiko.She is powerful magic player,with many disciples and servants.Als...
  • momanga
  • power
  • adventure
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The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic) by Tylightining
The one(Kuroko No Basket fanfic)by Anonymous_belle
A girl better than all of the generation of miracles combined. How will she cope with the G.O.M. and what will she find friendship,love,happiness,trust? Disclaimer: I d...
  • kuroko
  • kurokonobasket
  • kise
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Irony (Osomatsu-san Fanfiction) by Unburnable_Trashx
Irony (Osomatsu-san Fanfiction)by PleaseEndMe
This story is inspired by the vocaloid song called irony. If you look up the song it'll make a lot more sense.
  • totty
  • jyushimatsu
  • choromatsu
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Yu Yu Hakusho ships  by LivCipher2
Yu Yu Hakusho ships by LivBlue
Read if you want :) Dunno if anybody ever did it, and I just felt like I had to talk about them (and I will keep writing about it even if it get no views)
  • yaoi
  • sensui
  • hiei
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The Fight That Brought Them Together by keikotakataxx12
The Fight That Brought Them Keiko Takata
Inuyasha has realized his feelings for the lovely Kagome, But after she see's him with Kikyo she returns to her time. What will they face and who will take the plunge in...
  • kagome
  • sesshomaru
  • kikyo
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Kurama x OC by Baby_potatoe
Kurama x OCby A rag doll
Under construction...
  • ốc
  • koenma
  • yusuke
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Traducción  del Epílogo de Candy Candy Historia Final. by CCAN1978
Traducción del Epílogo de Candy Candy Candy Historia Final
Candy Candy Historia Final. Escrita por Keiko Nagita (2010). Ilustraciones de Yumiko Igarashi. Historia que narra como una chica huérfana después de pasar por diferente...
  • final
  • keiko
  • albert
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