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THE SLEEPOVER - KOTLC by _Sophie_foster_
All the main characters in Kotlc all get together for a sleepover at Everglen, Highly dangerous dares are given out. Food poisoning may be had...And embarrassing truths...
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KOTLC fan fic with an added OC  by lunatheKOTLCfan
KOTLC fan fic with an added OC by lunatheKOTLCfan
It's a keeper story with a added OC in first person hope u like it
Discover L (Book 2)  by EscapeInFiction
Discover L (Book 2) by EscapeInFiction
~~•~~ Sequel to Unknown L ~~•~~ "Are they alive, or not?" After surviving the battle of her life, things seemed to have settled down for L. She now has a fami...
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The Land Beyond - A KOTLC and SGE crossover by Butterfly669
The Land Beyond - A KOTLC and Autumn
For many years, there was nothing beyond a tiny village: Gavaldon. Then, there was the Endless Woods. But are the woods really endless? When Sophie Foster and her friend...
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13 PARTS SO FAR! We all are waiting for it and I have made my own version of it TURNED INTO A STORY! Find out who gets matched with whom in Keeper of the Lost Cities, an...
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Beautiful Mess (Sophiana Fanfiction) by edenlily7
Beautiful Mess (Sophiana EdenLily
After a day of shopping, Sophie begins to feel something other than friendship towards Biana Vacker. When things start to get serious, Sophie needs to figure out how to...
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Sencen twins (COMPLETED!!) by amaze_writer_06
Sencen twins (COMPLETED!!)by amaze_writer_06
Sophie and keefe have havoc wrecking twins? What else would you expect? They are keefe's kids after all. And just wait till they grow up... All characters belong to Sha...
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SoKeefe Fanfiction by Library_UndertheSea
SoKeefe Fanfictionby Library_UndertheSea
*Sophie and Keefe are meant to be* Read all about my fanfic that i wrote in 7th-8th grade (i'm in 10th grade now btw) Sorry if its trash
The Keeper and The Key  by _EmeraldCrystal122_
The Keeper and The Key by ♥_EmeraldCrystal_♥
Savannah Rhiane Sanford. Smart, Caring and Over protective. She runs from her past. Still, it hunts her down. Hurt, betrayal, and pain. She journeys far across the land...
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my hand in yours [sokeefe oneshots] by grandmamama
my hand in yours [sokeefe oneshots]by Mari
sokeefe oneshots includes angst + fluff a collection of Team Foster-Keefe stories
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Kotlc Broken by Theonlykotlcfan
Kotlc Brokenby Theonlykotlcfan
Sophie woke up in cold sweat just like every night. She didn't know what these dreams were but they were telling her somthing was changing... for the good or bad.😈😈😈 ...
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quotes by nnightdday
quotesby 𝒂.
quotes from your favorite books, people and movies ˊˎ˗
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Inhumanity: Hunger Games/ KOTLC by harripotafan
Inhumanity: Hunger Games/ KOTLCby The Ultimate Dancer
Basically the Hunger Games but the KOTLC characters are in it. Also, abilities are allowed. Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favour.
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Moonlark Timeline  by miraculous-kotlc
Moonlark Timeline by miraculous-kotlc
What was it like waking up in the hospital hooked up to a bunch of machines with doctors surrounding you realizing you can read their thoughts? Or what about the first d...
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Fostering Love by lostmochipuppy
Fostering Loveby lostmochipuppy
Keeper of the Lost Cities Team Foster-Keefe Takes place right after Flashback, so there will be spoilers Word of...Caution?: the story kind of controls me more than i co...
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The life of Sophie and Fitz by lonely_boyy
The life of Sophie and Fitzby 🍑
Sophie Foster has had a difficult life, the Neverseen is still after her and Sophie is starting to loose hope. Will she be able to hold on, or will the guilt take over...
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Keepers Challenge de @Lihn_the_best by elasticos
Keepers Challenge de @Lihn_the_bestby elasticos
Ceci n'est pas vraiment une fiction ni même une fanfiction GDCP, c'est pour un concours qui m'a paru bien sympathique mais n'hésitez pas à aller voir ce que je fais (aut...
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Thoughts, with your host *burp noise* by iluvreading4eva
Thoughts, with your host *burp Avocado queen
I wrote down my thoughts about various movies and books because my friends got tired of me ranting. Yes, I have friends.
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Flint's Girl  by -poulter
Flint's Girl by -poulter
I'm just writing a story about Marcus Flint because there aren't enough of these. STARTED - 07 - 23 - 19 FINISHED - ???
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Back to the Forbidden Place by halfbloodedmoonlark
Back to the Forbidden Placeby star✮
Sophie's life is finally started to settle down (or so it seems). She is finally accepting the ways of the elves (which may cause a few problems). But, the Black Swan ne...
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