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I Am Keeley by Gwenypoo1
I Am Keeleyby Gwenypooh
Mount Reform: a military school for the "troubled." That's where Keeley Harris has been for the past five years since her bad and brooding mafia boss father s...
TCPS Tales by DoNotMicrowave
TCPS Talesby Lindsey Summers
Read The Cell Phone Swap and want more? Well, here's your chance. A collection of short stories about your favorite TCPS characters.
Te Amo (GirlxGirl) by Kentastic101
Te Amo (GirlxGirl)by Ken Le'viche
Keeley Graymyre is a loner. Koren Vespertine is a social icon. Both are complete and total opposites. Though what happens when they both get paired up for an assignment...
The Thief Who Stole My Heart by TheMonsterInYou
The Thief Who Stole My Heartby Katarina Loveheart
Keeley Camron has a regular life. That is, if you call coming home to an alchoholic mother every night and getting beat up regular. That's why she spends her days studyi...
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T.G.I.F. by sunshinerayyy
#7 katie ray
It's been the worst Friday of Keeley's life. She goes to bed, ready to forget this nightmare. But when she wakes up, it's Friday again. And again. And again.
MY Wife Is My Enemy (Slow Update) by miss_kyeopta_24
MY Wife Is My Enemy (Slow Update)by khaila mae de guzman
anong gagawin mo kapag nalaman mo na ang kaisa-isahang babaeng minahal mo ay ang mortal mong kaaway.? lalayo ka sa kanya at itutuloy ang galit na namuo sa puso mo.? O Ip...
Fight For Me (Textrovert : One Shot) by xxxvwxxx
Fight For Me (Textrovert : One xxx
She never had planned to become involved with him. The player of all players. The rival high school's football captain. Now, the only thing she could do is to follow wha...
Keeley Consulting Services by keeleyservices
Keeley Consulting Servicesby keeleyservices
If you supervise industrial or commercial or industrial facilities, Keeley Consulting Services can help you manage them more conveniently and efficiently.
A Sticky Situation - #TextrovertOneShot by mr-mittens
A Sticky Situation - Mr. Mittens
Keeley and Talon didn't end up meeting that day at the fair. Instead, fate seems to have another plan for the two at a school sponsored event for the freshmen.
First Hello by Hanabilqisthi
First Helloby Hanabilqisthi
Talon's phone rings and He confused the caller said that he holding her phone and asked her phone to be returned.