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Kiribaku One Shots by hiim_nico
Kiribaku One Shotsby Nico
These will just be some Kiribaku one-shots.
Fighting for love x reader  by sharkswim
Fighting for love x reader by Virgin marry
You were taken by the LOV as a kid and raised by them. A new member named Dabi let you free. You ran away and made it to UA where you became a student. You quickly make...
The Star In His Darkness by sleepiestidi0t
The Star In His Darknessby 𝐀𝐭𝐥𝐚𝐬
This is about a young boy with a dark past and an albino hedgehog with major anger issues...lol
Aconite (Todoroki x reader) by asra707
Aconite (Todoroki x reader)by Asra707
Is this another bnha fanfic? Yes~ Y/N L/N is the dauther of two generally known villains. Her quirk is based on a flower called Acontium or Aconite, but more about her q...
Hot Headed lover {Bakugou X Fem Reader} by aAH_USERNAME
Hot Headed lover {Bakugou X Fem Re...by Eden the dying rose
Hello? This is my first fanfic sooo it won't be as good as others. This will be a continuation story, so like a plot ect. Tw: May contain self harm, suicide mention, abu...
bakudeku story by karenziez101
bakudeku storyby karenziez101
see what happens in the story
Bakugou Headcannons/ Mini stories by MissCellaneous15
Bakugou Headcannons/ Mini storiesby M.iss.cellaneous
This is just for fun. In this small book you can find a bunch of Bakugou headcannons and mini stories in here. Each chapter is one story, so there is no continuous plot...
Between Two Worlds by yeetus7676
Between Two Worldsby Iprobablyreadtoomuch
Furyoisa has been a villain all her life. Which is fine with her, her parents never wanted her anyways. She has friends in the League, and Dabi...her best friend and fat...
Wrongfully Dead by liammmmmmmmmjjg
Wrongfully Deadby liammmmmmmmmjjg
Bakugou had died seven months ago. On the seventh month date, Shoto was kidnapped. But his kidnapper shouldn't be on the Earth. Will Shoto forgive his alpha? Or will he...
The Words You Say Won't Go Away by banpaz
The Words You Say Won't Go Awayby banpaz
Hello, my name is Izuku Midoriya! I used to be quirkless before I got to highschool. Only one person knows that, his names Katski Bakugou. We were childhood friends that...
Todobakudeku  by CyperWolfGaming
Todobakudeku by CyperWolfGaming
This story contains smut, fluff, and masterbation. If you are not comfortable with that then don't read.
Her Heart (Todoroki, Midoriya, Bakugou x Reader) by UwUToast
Her Heart (Todoroki, Midoriya, Bak...by UwUToast
(Y/N) is a bubbley girl with a very strong quirk and has dreamed to be the number one pro hero. After getting accepted into UA she finds out some of her childhood friend...
Future Heroes (#Gen 2 AU /Todobakudekukiri Parent Scenarios ) by Dekulover06
Future Heroes (#Gen 2 AU /Todobaku...by Dekulover6
(PLZ READ BEFORE GOING TO THE STORY!!) Have you ever wondered what it will be like if you were married to one of the 4 boys in UA before that be came a pro hero. This st...
Words To Live By  by XRARIDER
Words To Live By by X Rider
Around the age you develop your quirk is also when you can start talking to your soulmate. Super simple all you have to do is write on your skin and it will appear on yo...