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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier || Te Quiero- Kate x Javier Fanfiction by Disturning
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier |...by Disturning
Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead. {{{I AM SO UNSATISFIED WITH THE DAMN ENDINGS OF A NEW FRONTIER SO I MADE THIS.}]] After Kate confesses to Javi in the front of...
  • zombies
  • twdg
  • clem
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~twdg imagines and preferences~ by clemarshh
~twdg imagines and preferences~by Jade
TWDG Imagines from any season with any character, requests are open! (all will be character x reader, no specific names!!)
  • carley
  • twdgpreferences
  • twdg
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ICARUS || JAVIER GARCIA by smallseok
' ICARUS ' icarus fell for the sun but luckily, the sun fell for him too. by smallseok ( javier garcia/oc )
  • zombie
  • lgbt
  • newfrontier
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Forever in Love: A Gabentine Story  by Deadpool0513
Forever in Love: A Gabentine Story by Deadpool0513
In this third installment of the Survival Love trilogy, Gabe and Clementine continue to protect and lead the community of Haven while they both prepare themselves for th...
  • action
  • twd
  • gabegarcia
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The Original Story by BlazeTech3000
The Original Storyby Blaze (JETT)
Ever wonder what it would have been like if the slaughterhouse was the original plot for the game? Well, here's my take on things.
  • mariana
  • clementine
  • gabentine
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A New Verge by VitalProtector
A New Vergeby VitalProtector
This story is about what happens after season 3 of The Walking Dead Game: A New Frontier. It focuses on Javi surviving with Kate and Gabe, and the challenges that they...
  • kategarcia
  • twdg
  • anewverge
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The walking dead:I'm sorry.A David x Kate story. by 9rdaley3
The walking dead:I'm sorry.A David...by 9rdaley3
David apologies to Kate for being a monster. She has some thinking to getting back together with him.
  • clementine
  • romance
  • davidgarcia
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muertos > the walking dead game [3] by rollacoasterofbooks
muertos > the walking dead game [3]by Hii x💞🤩
lizzie everett, is only 17 and trying to survive in a world of the dead.
  • kategarcia
  • gabegarcia
  • twd
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Twdg season 3 World War Z au by Aurorabluez123
Twdg season 3 World War Z auby Aurorabluez123
Kate and Javi are together. No David or Aj but Clem is in this but she pops up later
  • âu
  • wwz
  • twdgseason3
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emotional support hotline//gabentine au by xjavispudding
emotional support hotline//gabenti...by xjavispudding
a series of phone calls in which gabe seeks emotional help when it comes to seeing kate and javi develop feelings for one another.
  • thewalkingdeadseason3
  • davidgarcia
  • marianagarcia
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Friction and Fireworks by VitalProtector
Friction and Fireworksby VitalProtector
This is just a little one shot fanfic of the the García Family before the apocalypse! I tried to write how I imagined their Fourth of July would go.
  • davidgarcia
  • fourthofjuly
  • thewalkingdeadgame
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lost > the walking dead season 3 by rollacoasterofbooks
lost > the walking dead season 3by Hii x💞🤩
what if javi had a daughter and her name was camila, shes 13 years old and what happens when she forms a relationship with another 13 year old.
  • twdg
  • javigarcia
  • gabegarcia
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The Walking Dead Game One-shots by Bokutoenails
The Walking Dead Game One-shotsby Bokutoenails
A collection of one-shots for The Walking Dead Game characters.
  • twdfanfic
  • tripp
  • gabrielgarcia
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Apocalypse Youth // Gabe X Clementine by OverTheMoon365
Apocalypse Youth // Gabe X Clement...by 🕒it's clemenTIME🕖
  • eleanore
  • gabegarcia
  • gabexclementine
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The One That Got Away by TenDopeLie
The One That Got Awayby Queenbitchxx
Kate decided to choose to work far away from Josh to persue her dreams and career. Voice calls and video calls are the only way to talk and see each other. Until the day...
  • kategarcia
  • mr
  • mrs
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Dead Love [Clementine x Gabe] by ClemmyClue185
Dead Love [Clementine x Gabe]by Sydney Marie McGee
Gabe, a Teen living in this Deadly world, trying to Survive from what's out there with his family. He's scared to lose his family so he becomes really protective towards...
  • love
  • gabe
  • thewalkingdeadgame
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TWDG Preferences by Cherry_Berry_Stuff
TWDG Preferencesby Harper Hook
Have you ever wanted to date someone from TWDG? Here's your chance!
  • twdg
  • davidgarcia
  • twdgjesus
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