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Our Hidden Blades by ivypumpkin
Our Hidden Bladesby Ivy
Katarina, the strongest assassin of the Noxian military, is captured by the well-known warrior, Garen, and their bickering is non-stop. Though he annoys her, somehow...
✔ Icebound » Justin Davis » Spinning Out by TheBraveWriter
✔ Icebound » Justin Davis » Spinni...by ❀ 𝕍𝕚𝕜𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕒 ❀
❝ The heart can get really cold if all you've ever known is winter ❞. ↣ In which a boy and a girl are bound by ice, with closed hearts and trapped minds. ❝ We never rea...
She's The Guy For The Job by Gingerbread91
She's The Guy For The Jobby K B Mason
Kat didn't have a simple life. A junkie for a Mother and an absent Father meant she had to take care of herself. Finding Rycan was the turning point that she needed in...
Vampiress : Love At First Bite   by _LadySoleil
Vampiress : Love At First Bite by Miss Islaxyy
A story where a Vampire fell inlove with a Human.
Eternal || Stiles Stilinski DISCONTINUED by madi_maree
Eternal || Stiles Stilinski DISCON...by Madi
No one knew that moving back to Beacon Hills would trigger the powers of Katarina McCall. After becoming fed up with her father constantly being away on jobs, she moves...
The Other Claire girl (COMPLETED) by Kolvina432
The Other Claire girl (COMPLETED)by Kolvina432
Kol Mikaelson is king Mikael's 4th son. All of his brothers have found a wife, but Kol, refuses to commit. He's had his flings around the kingdom, but nothing more, and...
The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan Girl [DBZ Awards] by KatarinaTheSaiyan
The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan...by Katarina ♡
My name is Akari . Well my Saiyan name is Katarina and thats what I have lately been called... I am the twin sister of Goku, and I am a Saiyan. Many things have happened...
Flora | Hamefura by aesthetily
Flora | Hamefuraby -` нaneυl ˊ-
❝ Listen. This is the language of flowers. ❞ You couldn't describe your love for herbs. However, that spoiled kid that you've been knowing for years suddenly grow attac...
I Won't Give Up by xNekorux
I Won't Give Upby Cammie Nekoru
Ashe Avarosa's father remarries after her mother had died giving birth to her and unfortunately, her stepmother wants a son, not a daughter. She was raised to move, act...
Protect || Stiles Stilinski DISCONTINUED by madi_maree
Protect || Stiles Stilinski DISCON...by Madi
Returning to Beacon Hills after nearly five years proved to be much more stressful than Katarina had anticipated. She developed powers that were unknown to most superna...
League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca
League Of Legends: Champion Loresby disnoca
This is a book with the lores of the League of Legends Champions. Each one of these tell a little (or big) story about the League of Legends Champions. All of these lore...
Reincarnated ~ NighT by DuchessAnime
Reincarnated ~ NighTby Duchess Anime
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence When Sasaki Atsuko fails to wake Katarina from her slumber, she decides to inform the gang of Maria's and Sirius' locations, leadin...
League of legends Harem x Zed Male reader by RedForShoe
League of legends Harem x Zed Male...by NotFallen
Idk saw this on a book wanted to be "inspired" to make a new one so i mean why not xD
The Super Story of Katarina: The Saiyan Guardian by KatarinaTheSaiyan
The Super Story of Katarina: The S...by Katarina ♡
Hi! I'm Akari! Aka Katarina! It's been awhile since I have talked you all, huh. Well, it's been peaceful since Buu. Now my brother farms turnips, Vegeta finally is being...
Everyday Life of Frozen Lotus by xNekorux
Everyday Life of Frozen Lotusby Cammie Nekoru
A series of silly drabbles about the Frozen Lotus pairings. (/^▽^)/
Oblivion by AlfionaLia
Oblivionby AlfionaLia
"What is it?" "It's called Dissociative Amnesia Disorder." "Well, what's that?" "It's a memory disorder. It explains your memory loss...
Ritual of the Twisted Brothers by IsaacChristensen
Ritual of the Twisted Brothersby IsaacChristensen
Someone famous once said, "Fate is for those too weak to determine their own destiny." Screw that guy. I mean, it's a nice sentiment I guess, but you know what...
Blinding Light (League Of Legends) by girldreamer12216
Blinding Light (League Of Legends)by girldreamer12216
Katarina Du Couteau... Scarlet red hair, forest green eyes. Most attractive woman in Noxus. So attractive she got the Demacian god king in love. Her personality, though...
Why Didn't I See That Coming? (A Criminal Minds Fanfic) by missscarlatti713
Why Didn't I See That Coming? (A C...by Carrie
Katarina Mars is the new girl at BAU. She's got the tactical scores and the brains for the job. The whole team immediately accepts her. Is it possible our favorite boy g...
Xayah And Rakan-A League Of Legends Fanfic by _League_Of_Legends_
Xayah And Rakan-A League Of Legend...by League Of Legends
Two lovers, forever bound, forever together. Bound by an eternal dance.