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Love is blind (Katara x Reader) by ThatGayg1rl
Love is blind (Katara x Reader)by ☾_𝑀𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃𝐻𝑒𝓍_☽
Katara x Reader (who goes blind later) fanfic, made by an atla fan. You are a blind waterbender from the northern tribe. After the war is over you were sent to live in...
Katara x male reader A Duo's destiny ATLA  by Poprocks0428
Katara x male reader A Duo's desti...by Poprocks
Y/N grew up in the South Pole as long he can remember. alongside his two best friends Katara and Sokka During the 100 year war Y/N lost someone close to him during the...
Avatar:The last airbender and Legend of Korra imagines by nataliahaslostit
Avatar:The last airbender and Lege...by Natalia (used to be @kaiee33)
My request list for characters I do are in my request list post!
ATLA/LoK x Reader (One-Shots) by MissM2003
ATLA/LoK x Reader (One-Shots)by Dylan
I recently rewatched the whole show. Now I'm in the mood to do this. So here we are. Enjoy! Leave requests! -M
Avatar The Last Airbender Oneshots/Imagines by xSalmon-Kunx
Avatar The Last Airbender Oneshots...by Salmon-kun
Hey there! Welcome to my story! You are free to request anything you wish, whether it's: fluff, nsfw, ect. This is predominately going to be character x reader, but I'm...
Destiny's Calling [Various X Reader Story] |Mainly Aang Though| by GalacticGal56
Destiny's Calling [Various X Reade...by GalacticGal56
!WARNING Story will contain LGBTQ Characters! In this story you will fall in love with multiple characters, but will end up with Aang, just so you're all aware. If you w...
Avatar the Last Airbender Various X Reader by DeathHappens
Avatar the Last Airbender Various...by DeathHappens
Y/n L/n is a very powerful girl. She is made Zuko's personal body guard. She sticks with him through thick and thin. Read to find out what happens.
Water and Lava by whaleoilbeefhooked
Water and Lavaby whaleoilbeefhooked
RoJin Shiling is an earth bender with a secret talent she doesn't know how to control, and she and her best friend Toph Beifong are forces to be reckoned with. When a gr...
Avatar the Last Air Bender one shots by agirlwithtoomuchtime
Avatar the Last Air Bender one sho...by Idk who I am
These are oneshots of you and your favorite character from Avatar! I do take requests but I also write some of my own ideas. So sit back and enjoy.