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Tfm I Guess by Katthewolfy
Tfm I Guessby >kat<
the other stories I made r rlly bad so I'm try to do something here in this book not gonna work but I'mma try
  • oli
  • shu
  • kat
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I Hope For Happiness  by iheartkeefe
I Hope For Happiness by Raven E-C. Rosaya
just read the story
  • cadence
  • kat
  • finn
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piss off  //Colby Brock by damnimgay
piss off //Colby Brockby damnimgay
Kylee Winston moves to California with her best friend Abby and they fall for the same guy... mr Colby Brock here
  • coreyscherer
  • jake
  • youtube
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THE BEACH ! by lolurnotcorbynbesson
THE BEACH !by 𝚔𝚑𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚢𝚊 ✩
  • hart
  • kat
  • michelle
Prom queen - jake Webber  by damnimgay
Prom queen - jake Webber by damnimgay
Kaitlin Darcy has been known to be rich and get everything she's ever asked for, She is known to be a bitchy bully. She has a perfect life or so everyone thought. she do...
  • brennentaylor
  • corey
  • 2019story
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Ryguyrocky Texting Stories by smoothunicorn
Ryguyrocky Texting Storiesby Zarah Ferrer
This is NOT my story I'm publishing this for a friend who can't get a Wattpad account. Enjoy!
  • tony
  • kat
  • lizzie
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VD/Supernatural: A New Friend by Originalsforever100
VD/Supernatural: A New Friendby Lizzy
After a human Kat and Dean meet, what will ensue?
  • petrova
  • kat
  • katherine
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Star-Crossed Lovers (Matherine; Miles/Kat) by Originalsforever100
Star-Crossed Lovers (Matherine; Mi...by Lizzy
Set in S1 of Revolution. What if Kat and Miles met in Revolution 1x1? What will ensue?
  • katherine
  • revolution
  • bass
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Savior Book 2(Hunter Hollingsworth Fanfic) by xBlueGoddessx
Savior Book 2(Hunter Hollingsworth...by Blue
After what seemed like happily ever after in the last book, the world tore apart Kat. She broke up with Hunter, leaving them heartbroken and Kat still in love with the b...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • maya
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OUAT/VD: Charmatherine (Charming/Kat) by Originalsforever100
OUAT/VD: Charmatherine (Charming/K...by Lizzy
I only have one fanfic for now, but this could end up a collection. This is Charming/Kat Once Upon A Time/VD crossover.
  • fantasy
  • traveler
  • tvd
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VD: Kaiatherine by Originalsforever100
VD: Kaiatherineby Lizzy
My one and only Kaiatherine (Kai/Kat) fanfic I've done.
  • kai
  • kat
  • human
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TW/VD: Former Enemies United As One (Klatherine) by Originalsforever100
TW/VD: Former Enemies United As On...by Lizzy
This is S2-3 (minus Jennifer stuff and so forth) and S1 if you count me killing off Kate. This is Klaus and Kat in Beacon Hills. Kat ends up there after escaping a priso...
  • werewolf
  • hale
  • derek
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Lucifer: Back From The Dead (Lucifer/Kat) by Originalsforever100
Lucifer: Back From The Dead (Lucif...by Lizzy
My first Lucifer Kat fanfic. Kat escapes the prison world, only to accidentally end up in LA. When he comes upon her and helps her, she recognizes him from when she was...
  • katherine
  • romance
  • pierce
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Kalijah by Originalsforever100
Kalijahby Lizzy
A collection of Kalijah fanfics.
  • vampire
  • originals
  • katherine
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I Met This Dude At Coachella!! by Colby_brock1013
I Met This Dude At Coachella!!by Colby_brock1013
#2 in tarayummy #37 in yummy
  • traphousegettinlitbitch
  • katrinasturart
  • xlpr
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Kat ( my oc ) by RandomUnicorn13
Kat ( my oc )by Soria the wolf
I'm Kat! This is the story of my life (or what I can remember!) Only James(dad) Anna(mom) Kat and Kate belonged to me. The rest belong to the queen of awesomeness @Empre...
  • aphmaufanfics
  • aphmau
  • aphmauoc
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Who Do You Love? by AuthorLSN
Who Do You Love?by LSN
Kat is starting her second semester at college when she meets a group of exchange students from Korea and fall in love with one of them, and then with another one. Sudde...
  • fanficbts
  • youngadult
  • chicklit
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10 word stories. by KatTheAnimeLover
10 word stories.by ~Kat
100% original, I just update whenever I think of one. Rankings: #1 10words #1 10wordstory #1 10wordstories #4 happyquotes #17 lifeanddeath #28 heart-felt #32 story...
  • sadness
  • hatred
  • shortstories
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Darkness Has No Origins by Zavarious
Darkness Has No Originsby Zachariah Hanson
A short monologe of Dark Kats thoughts and feelings and the Swat Kats and the entirety of Megakat City.
  • monologue
  • short
  • kat
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The Orphan by RubiTuesday1202
The Orphanby ★·.·★ ραи∂σяα ★·.·★
Tom, as an abused child by his father, his mother was shot by Tom's father at the age of 6. At the age of 7, when his father was finally arrested for the murder of Tom's...
  • life
  • tomslife
  • eddsworld
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