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Magi ☆ Oneshots by strayrukh
Magi ☆ Oneshotsby ~❦
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this book! Just the oneshots written in this book! Feel free to leave a request in the comments! That would be of muc...
  • alibabasaluja
  • komei
  • judar
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Magi: The Labyrinth of Oneshots by Ioadiing
Magi: The Labyrinth of Oneshotsby Ioadiing
Requests are open again!! There will be spoiler warnings before the spoiler starts and shows where it ends! I'll also try to update whenever I can. I hope you enjoy✨ P...
  • judal
  • titus
  • kouha
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The Magi Tales  by Magi_Talanoa
The Magi Tales by Talanoa
Welcome to my story corner, where Magi Fairy Tales will be reveled to you. Enjoy! Disclaimer: pictures are not mine and belong to rightful owners
  • kassim
  • kouen
  • kouha
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AliKass Oneshots by Spectator142
AliKass Oneshotsby Spectator142
A storage space for any and all of my AliKass works. [Fic AU: Modern times + No one dies] (Warning: Contains Tooth-Rotting Fluff)
  • romance
  • characterstudy
  • magi
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Magi x Male Reader by Jkyolo265
Magi x Male Readerby OkamiH
You are normal teenage boy and you live in San Jose, and you live on you own while your older siblings are in college from far away. you're in high school. But there's...
  • seishunri
  • titus
  • sharrkan
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Magi: A Unique Magi by Yukiona_Snow
Magi: A Unique Magiby Yukiona_Snow
This is a various x reader, and not a oneshot either. This story will follow the story line, but may mess up some of the words they used cause I don't want to do it word...
  • metalvessel
  • xreader
  • magi
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L'odyssée d'un fake  by kassim_tnboss
L'odyssée d'un fake by Kaaris
Terminé. Je me consacre à mes chros du moins pour le moment.
  • fake
  • kassim
  • telenovela
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Magi Stories by TooKawaiiTooLive
Magi Storiesby Rifa
These are basically just one shots but I thought it'd be better to put stories. Anyway, these are x reader one shots and I'll try my best to make them as gender neutral...
  • koumei
  • sharrkan
  • hakuryuu
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Bad Timing (Kassim Love Story) by yahiko_uchiha
Bad Timing (Kassim Love Story)by ThatMeme
Our dear reader, (Y/N), was living the perfect life of an antisocial otaku. One late night, she finishes watching Magi, but something weird happens. When (Y/N) wakes up...
  • love
  • requested
  • kassim
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My Fair Princess by jspskjs
My Fair Princessby jspskjs
Princess Bella of Agrabah starts to notice that Omar, a member of her fathers royal band starts to fall for her.
  • aladdin
  • kassim
  • babkak
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Magi One Shots!! by BurUberI19
Magi One Shots!!by Burūberī
This book is filled with one shots about Magi. Crossovers, gender-benders, normal, ships, and more! If you love Magi and want to read a fanfiction about it then this is...
  • morgiana
  • kougyoku
  • humor
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Sinsim Sauce [SinbadXKassim] AU by Sindaddy
Sinsim Sauce [SinbadXKassim] AUby Sindad
I will write a proper description once I think of one.
  • sinbadmagi
  • sinbadxkassim
  • magi
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MAGI: The Labyrinth Of Magic || Collection by BlackDragonOfTheMoon
MAGI: The Labyrinth Of Magic || Co...by Rai
A collection of one-shots, ficlets, drabbles etc. involving the reader and various MAGI characters. [Reader x Various]
  • magithelabyrinthofmagic
  • masrur
  • reader
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Altered Events by xBlixx
Altered Eventsby
Instead of going leaving Kassim and the Fog Troop, he stayed with them. I'm not that great at summary's so just check it out if you want. [AU from canon] [Kassim x Aliba...
  • magi
  • depravity
  • kassim
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