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the Kars Effect by Fluffyplatypus25
the Kars Effectby KingExperienceOverHeaven
What if Kars crash landed back on earth in 1999 but without his memories, and was found by a certain female child Joestar.
JJBA Chibi villains x reader ~(Slow updates)~ by Christall77
JJBA Chibi villains x reader ~(Slo...by Christall77
What happens when your normal boring life changes for the better?.... Or worse? When a bunch of little devils from your favorite show suddenly appear in your home? Reade...
The Last Pillar.  by KrystalEndermalie
The Last Pillar. by Fox mama
A noble family in the Victorian Era finds a strange and beautiful statue of a little girl. Only this statue is not what it seems. A Jojo's Bizarre adventure Fanfic.
Kitty troubles by Snickers_life
Kitty troublesby Strawberry
You find a box of cats on the street....who knew they were Jojo villains?! This is a Jjba villain x modern reader (No part 7 or part 8)
To The Stars by justinseagull_
To The Starsby justinseagull_
"I didn't think that a childish dream could turn into a nightmarish reality." ~~~ You work in the Speedwagon Foundation, helping with investigating the history...
A living hell by Twinky_toast
A living hellby _Salty._.bxtch_
Yoshikage Kira becomes roommates with assholes
(JJba)||Unforeseen Fate|| by BluePaint6
(JJba)||Unforeseen Fate||by Ikea
!!!This is Book 1!!! . . . Started: Oct 23, 2020 Ended: Nov 15, 2020 Republished: Jul 6, 2024 . . . Original story and Characters by Hirohiko Araki . . . Drawings and OC...
cuties by Cocky_motherfucker
cutiesby Oliver
all credit to my dearest friend, you can find her work on ao3 (beaniegoth)
Let It Happen (JoJo's bizarre adventure X Reader One-shots) by Abbynx_26
Let It Happen (JoJo's bizarre adve...by 🍒Queen🍒
Hello! Here's a collection of one-shots for our beloved JJBA characters to mend my broken heart and satisfy my thirst for these beautiful characters? Want to tag along...
Entropy by KrystalEndermalie
Entropyby Fox mama
Two years after DIO was defeated, the crusaders reunited to go on another trip. But they meet a new ally that has a mysterious power and disturbing knowledge about what...
My Pillar Men (JJBA, Reader x Pillar Men) by NopeGirlNope
My Pillar Men (JJBA, Reader x Pill...by Lisa
Woo, guess who's back to finally finish the story? The story is about You (fem!reader). You are suddenly kidnapped by the Pillar Men and forced to stay with them. For so...
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure | Imagines | Requests CLOSED by FeirceAngel
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure | Imagine...by Anna
Imagines for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! Will have: • fluff • angst • yandere • lime Will not have: • lemon ____ At the moment, I will only write for the characters up to...
Less Than by It-is-mystery
Less Thanby IceeTrash
Karsx(prisoner)Reader Kars requires your assistance.
JJBA X READER - oneshots by mai-hwa
JJBA X READER - oneshotsby mai-hwa
"Be mine y/n, or else you won't like what I'll do next.." i'm going to be making a lot so stay tuned, i'll take requests in the comment section too. (there's a...
Josephine Joestar x Male Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Josephine Joestar x Male Readerby Victor Hernandez
In 1938, In New York, a new JoJo has appeared, and her name is Josephine Joestar, she's 18 years old, and she happens to be the granddaughter of Johanna Joestar and Mr.P...
PILLARMEN HEADCANNONS  SEASON 2 (Complete) by zyettemoon1800
this is the second book of pillarmen
The Villain Rehabilitation Programme  by Frizzything1
The Villain Rehabilitation Program...by Frizzything1
You were living a normal life, when suddenly you found out that you- yes, you- had been selected by the Speedwagon Foundation to rehabilitate 11 villains, and help them...
Gotcha! (Seton Academy X Male!Reader) by TheAlmightyNekoGod
Gotcha! (Seton Academy X Male!Read...by Snake Eater!
The older description was outdated so here's a quick grasp of what it is. Seton Academy of where animals can thrive and live peacefully, Pfft, I'm joking. So basically...
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency X Male Reader by SSJ_Warrior
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle T...by Bean Daddy
You were just some poor kid scrounging for food day by day not knowing your real parents or anyone for that matter your only other friend being one of the same but your...
Guard dog (Jjba x reader?) by Darkness_Ahead
Guard dog (Jjba x reader?)by Darkness_Ahead
How did things become like this? A girl with hamon trying to live a normal life, turned into the loyal guard dog of the three pillar men. You never thought that you woul...