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How To Romance 101 (Maeiso/Nagikae/Karushuu) by izuminati
How To Romance 101 (Maeiso/Nagikae...by .
In short, During collage, Maehara fails horribly to flirt with his Ikemen friend. Isogai is a closet homo who's highkey gay for his best friend. Karma's head over heels...
Karma turned into a GIRL!? by Antisocial-Bunny
Karma turned into a GIRL!?by 🍮 Bun LJ 🍮
『C O M P L E T E』 {October 29, 2016 - December 5, 2017} Oneday, Karma turned into his most nightmare, a girl! What will the people see him as? A demon or an angel? Pairi...
Texts [Karushuu] by Mysmio
Texts [Karushuu]by bonk
A Karushuu text fic filled with gay shit :,)
Submission / karushuu by dreamcxtch
Submission / karushuuby dreamcxtch
nsfw. all ive got to say + credit to respective artists ;)
Guns for hands (Gakushuu x Karma) AU by IAmBrainDeadBoy
Guns for hands (Gakushuu x Karma)...by Zi Marcus
Gakushuu is a dense snob who's also king of the school. Karma is a lonely student who's never been noticed by this 'Gakushuu'. He wishes not to be noticed, but one day w...
A Twist In Life {Karma x Gakushuu} by Kenny_030_Shiro
A Twist In Life {Karma x Gakushuu}by Call me Sensei
it wont be like a true story based off the show since well I am truly bad at basing things off the shows and when it comes to anime well lets just say this might suck bu...
Falling loVe with my RivaL #Otakubattle2017 by Antisocial-Bunny
Falling loVe with my RivaL #Otakub...by 🍮 Bun LJ 🍮
『C O M P L E T E』 {October 15 - December 26, 2016} What happen if Akabane Karma fall in love with Asano Gakushuu, his rival? Pairing Karma X Gakushuu (gay but no smut) I...
Doubts by mrspete07
Doubtsby Author-Chan
Karma was walking, when he stumbled upon Gakushuu, his greatest rival
Project: Sleeping Habits - Karushuu by BlNGE-EATER
Project: Sleeping Habits - Karushuuby BlNGE-EATER
"I'm not tired," Gakushuu insists with a mournful look. "Oh yeah? Your eyebags tell a different story though," Karma grins, eyebrows waggling in his...
Broken ~ [Karma x Gakushuu] ~ FanFiction by KookieStoleMyKookie
Broken ~ [Karma x Gakushuu] ~ FanF...by KookieStoleMyKookie
Dead... they are all dead, w-what do i-i do now? -------------- "You should be open a bit more how about we bring you to school?" "I don't know dad but I...
messages // Karma X Gakushuu by RemusLupin471
messages // Karma X Gakushuuby DevilRedEyes
what the title says This one's for you @bakarma
THIS was not supposed to happen! by Shu-Sakamaki19
THIS was not supposed to happen!by Shu Sakamaki
Okuda wanted to try out a potion and secretly mixed it under karmas food, but the outcome was not what she expected, even though certain boys cant complain.
Karma n Gakushuu by bnha2trash
Karma n Gakushuuby CurlyAsian_
They're ACTUALLY BROTHERS HERE uWaAAA~ They still maintain the same attitude they both have in the anime, 'cept they're brothers <3 Asano Gakuhou is a softie here, ye...
I need you by IAmBrainDeadBoy
I need youby Zi Marcus
(ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM FANFICTION) Karma Akabane has never told anyone about his past. He didn't want to, he felt he didn't need to. It's caused him so much pain... su...
Karushuu One-Shots (Karma Akabane x Gakushuu Asano) by Sapphireous
Karushuu One-Shots (Karma Akabane...by ♥ Sapphireous { H2OVanoss The...
One Shots of KarmaxAsano (Karushuu/Karsano/AsaKaru) Open for requests. Legend: * : the better ones I've written. [S] Sad: Basically sad at either the start/end...
His Smile // Karushuu by izuminati
His Smile // Karushuuby .
❝I knew from the minute I saw you, That you were going to change my life.❞ [ Neighbours AU ] [ This story is 90% written in dialogue only ] [ Holy shit I spent a century...
Meowhem. by bunnygirlsenpai90
Meowhem.by 𝙱𝚄𝙽𝙽𝚈
╭┈┈➤ (hiatus) ❝𝘞𝘢𝘪𝘵, 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵?❞ When a boy in a kittie hoodie claims to be named the same as your childhood stuffed animal, you don't take it well. Especially after...