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Paper Hearts | Winrina by krinayuz
Paper Hearts | Winrinaby krinayuz
Paper Hearts (that were meaningless?) | Winrina AU Winter would always make paper hearts for Karina almost everyday. And if she didn't have time to she'd text Karina how...
My Sugar Daddy - WinRina by kimwintr
My Sugar Daddy - WinRinaby ☃️
Kim Minjeong, a law student, struggles every day to support herself. Unlike other young people of her age, she never goes out to clubs and therefore never drinks until t...
spilled secrets ; winrina by run2mina
spilled secrets ; winrinaby mari
the handicapped bathroom stall was special to minjeong and jimin weirdly enough and it all started with a spill on a shirt. characters: winter, karina - cross posted on...
Still with you; Winter x Karina  by seolxr
Still with you; Winter x Karina by Kie
Love letters? With every word over flowing with love, I had never thought our ink would run dry and our pages torn. How exactly did you want to write this love story? If...
carpe diem | winrina ; jiminjeong by toujoursjmj
carpe diem | winrina ; jiminjeongby toujoursjmj
a winrina oneshot from jmj cosmos