Love You More K.J by EdwardWilding17
Love You More K.Jby EdwardWilding17
Where the male protagonist fall in love with the pregnant Kylie Jenner Male protagonist is played by Anthony Gastelier
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Celebrity Smash or Pass  by Queen_Huncho_shanii
Celebrity Smash or Pass by Duplex
I turned a YouTube challenge into some what of a book💕
  • ayoandteo
  • kendalljenner
  • rihanna
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Alpha Thanto by whiskeysheeran
Alpha Thantoby whiskeysheerann
I walked up on the most beautiful thing sleeping in the woods.. Why was such a beautiful thing sleeping on the ground?
  • kimkardashion
  • alphamate
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Adopted by Kim Kardashian  by -buttahbenzo-
Adopted by Kim Kardashian by B E C C A
Meet Kyla Nöelle Kardashian. She's your typical sixteen year old from Conneticut who lives with her single mother but what happens when she's adopted by Kim Kardashian...
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Home Kourt | Kourtney K & Dwayne J by BriFlare
Home Kourt | Kourtney K & Dwayne Jby -BriFlare
E! presents, Home Kourt with the Johnsons. Kourtney Kardashian-Johnson is an American television personality and model. In 2007, she and her family were picked to star...
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KUWTK MEMES by sparklybish
KUWTK MEMESby Ay mi corazón
  • kendalljenner
  • robkardashian
  • khloekardashian
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Life As Kim Kardashian's Daughter by shell7D
Life As Kim Kardashian's Daughterby shell7D
Growing up, Kelly never knew she anything about her past. Let alone one of the most famous people in the world was birth mother. Who's the father? How could this be? Wha...
  • kanye
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Celebrity group chat  by TaylorSwiftnumberone
Celebrity group chat by Taylor Swift
Just a bunch of celebs chatting
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Her Son - KUWTK Fanfiction by heorhines
Her Son - KUWTK Fanfictionby Cate.
*Some changes were made to the story, adding things as I go. 18 year old, Enrique B. West is Kanye and Kim's son from Kim's first pregnancy with Kris Humphries. In this...
  • kimkardashian
  • haileybaldwin
  • scottdisick
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Dear, Ms. Popular {Kylie Jenner} by IdentityUnknown2000
Dear, Ms. Popular {Kylie Jenner}by IdentityUnknown2000
Tomas Price is British Student going into his Junior Year at Calabasas High School. He had just moved from his home in Cardiff, South Wales to Calabasas, California for...
  • robkardashian
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BARDI GANG BITCH⛽😭🏃by Belcalis
Photos Gifs Memes Videos
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D for Delaney by -issaqueen
D for Delaneyby :)
© 2018 EO. All Rights Reserved
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Things Are Different  by theofficialstories
Things Are Different by Unlimited Understandings
Noel Kardashian-West is one of the most talented young music influencers in the world. His step-dad being Kanye West, his freshman project has to be phenomenal beyond me...
  • kourtneykardashian
  • khloekardashian
  • willowsmith
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Marrying The Ball by champcola1
Marrying The Ballby Champagne Haughton
27 years old Chanel Piper want a perfect wedding to her husband Keith Masic but what happen when something get in her way to help her?
  • laurenlondon
  • tinaknowles
  • chrisbrown
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Back to You » Braun Strowman & Khloe Kardashian by ThelovelyAngels
Back to You » Braun Strowman & Khl...by YSL
×BOOK 5× Khloe Kardashian × Braun Strowman
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Kourtney Kardashian's son: Anastasia Karanikolaou Love Story book one  by Jumpman44
Kourtney Kardashian's son: Anastas...by Jumpman44
James Brandon Disick is the 20-year old son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. He has a net worth of $849 million dollars. He is currently in a relationship with...
  • model
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Love of my life (GxG) Kim Kardashian by user30647123
Love of my life (GxG) Kim Kardashi...by kylie
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  • kourtneykardashian
  • krisjenner
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Celeb Group Chat °2 by xxlipstickrosexx
Celeb Group Chat °2by XxFromAAriatorxx
More savage , more funner , more roasting and of course more drama get yourself a cuppa because your in for some good tea .
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  • kendalljenner
  • camilacabello
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Kanye West Is His Kanye Best by venomlrh
Kanye West Is His Kanye Bestby Rachel (((:
Just a bunch of rhyming with the word "west" :")
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Adopted by Kim Kardashian by kimkardashiaaan
Adopted by Kim Kardashianby kimkardashiaaan
When Lily's mom leaves because she is not longer with her dad, Lily is feeling so lonely Until she becomes friends with the youngest Jenner sister Kylie and get adopted...
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