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Together, Apart. {KaneHide Oneshots} by Koroshitekure
Together, Apart. {KaneHide Oneshot...by ° 殺してくれ °
Kaneki and Hide, always... Always together, always apart...
Blossom // Hide & Kaneki by Jooheonis
Blossom // Hide & Kanekiby maki
"Nothing... So uh.. Kaneki.. I really like you..." 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 A soft, fluffy story between the characters Hideyoshi Nagachika and Kaneki Ken. Please enjoy! ...
守りたい  // hidekane by catboyhide
守りたい // hidekaneby kenji !!
Ken Kaneki was a mystery for anybody who isn't Hideyoshi Nagachika. But when a ghoul incident takes place and whirrs Kaneki's life out of control, not even Nagachika hi...
Kaneki X Hide (A Smol Collection Of Fluff/Smut) by Kurage_no_Yume
Kaneki X Hide (A Smol Collection O...by Dinosaur flavoured lollipop
Kaneki and Hide's qyoot lovey-dovey relationship, some gay cuddling, lots of ass, a small amount of a certain rinkaku kagune (tentacles), add some coffee and love, then...
Hold Me Now- Kaneki x Hide (HideKane) by nikaravenscraft
Hold Me Now- Kaneki x Hide (HideKa...by ˗ˏˋ nika ˊ˗
Somberly accepting the fact that his love would go unreturned, Kaneki attempted to CONVINCE himself that he was in love with Rize. She has hair that appears to be silky...
Hiraeth (A HideKane/ KaneHide multichapter fic) by 0BloodRedRose0
Hiraeth (A HideKane/ KaneHide mult...by Blood Red Rose
Panic. That was the feeling that consumed Hide's mind while being held captive in a room for days. But being held against his will isn't his only problem; there's someth...
Home (HideKane) by uminihitori
Home (HideKane)by idiot gay
Kaneki is homesick because his idea of home is a person, rather than a place. Yes it's gay.
My Sunshine - (Hidekane Oneshots) by HellishDork
My Sunshine - (Hidekane Oneshots)by Charlie
Just (mostly) cute oneshots! Might have smut and shit but who knows. !! COVERPHOTO CREDS GO TO ORIGINAL ARTIST SNICKERDOOTS !!
Tokyo ghoul doujinshi by Furutaa
Tokyo ghoul doujinshiby uke của Xô
Hide là seme Kaneki là uke Shu là seme
I Love You For Who You Are by GayShipsAreBaeShips
I Love You For Who You Areby GayShipsAreYayShips
What if Hide had not found out about Kaneki being a half ghoul? This is a straight fluff HideKane fanfiction and I will warn you now that I cannot write well, but I'll t...
ĸaneĸι х нιde one ѕнoтѕ by kanekiken44
ĸaneĸι х нιde one ѕнoтѕby kanekiken44
Just a bunch of Kaneki x Hide oneshots. Be prepared for le fluffiness. Feel free to request oneshots, I'll be glad to write anything HideKane. I LITERALLY LIVE AND BREA...
illusions- hidekane (kaneki x hide) by nikaravenscraft
illusions- hidekane (kaneki x hide)by ˗ˏˋ nika ˊ˗
Was he in love with an illusion? or Is he in love with an illusion? Is Hide dead? or Is Hide alive?
las vueltas del destino chicoxchico by eldestino123
las vueltas del destino chicoxchicoby sabrina
sasuke es un varon que estaba enamorado de su mejor amigo naruto que también es varon pero se da cuenta tarde cuando este parece que ha desaparecido de la faz de la tier...
Mine [HidexKaneki fanfic] by iamnoodnood
Mine [HidexKaneki fanfic]by Neddles
an AU where Hide and Kaneki got separated in their childhood days...cuz Kaneki became a ghoul...for some reason...so he left Hide...idk. cover (c) to the artist
Kouhai!Hide x Senpai!Kaneki AU by iamnoodnood
Kouhai!Hide x Senpai!Kaneki AUby Neddles
Another HideKane AU fanfic cuz I really see Hide as a perfect clingy kouhai to his senpai-- anyways, enjoy~ Kouhai = Junior Senpai = Senior
My Ghost Boyfriend by applescentedarmin
My Ghost Boyfriendby bunny
// kaneki x hide [au] // Hideyoshi Nagachika is a sophomore in college and moves into a condo near the University he attends. Little did Hide know that the condo he...
Where You Go, I'll Follow by charliebirb
Where You Go, I'll Followby :3 Charlie :3
Hide follows Kaneki on his date with Rize, more so out of jealousy rather than fear, but it takes a turn for the wors't and the two end up in the hospital with a little...
First Kiss (HideKane fanfic) by iamnoodnood
First Kiss (HideKane fanfic)by Neddles
another sort of AU where there are no ghouls to worry about and no Rize-san to eat precious Kaneki. cover (c) to the artist
hidekane oneshotS by florhelado
hidekane oneshotSby jasmin
smh ok there you go lots of angst a lot • lowercase intended •