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Things s̶̶h̶̶o̶̶u̶̶l̶̶d̶̶n̶̶'̶̶t̶ Go All Wrong by SataniaLuciveros
Things s̶̶h̶̶o̶̶u̶̶l̶̶d̶̶n̶̶'̶̶t̶...by SataniaLuciveros
//So this is going to be a College AU of KanaDia. KanaMariDia are still childhood friends but they didnt formed Aqours with Chika and instead would meet them at the univ...
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader] by DahKittehKat
My New Life - [Aqours × fem!reader]by DahDrawingKat
(Y/N) (L/N), the girl who only makes friends with boys. When she finds out she's been moving to another school, a all-girls high school in Uchiura. There she will make n...
Love live! X Reader by Nico_Nico_Nii32154
Love live! X Readerby Nico_Nico_Nii32154
Just a Love live fanfic I take requests if you want but it might be bad. I might re-write my stories..Lmfao also do not add this story to any of your reading lists becau...
Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours)  by dusk_drawings
Love Live! One Shots (u's & Aqours...by parfaitgay
Once upon a time there were two idol groups from Japan, filled with 18 teenage girls that have stolen the hearts of thousands (as well as each other), who also happened...
Ohasuura (KanaMari Love Live!Sunshine Fanfic) by Stepha-senpai
Ohasuura (KanaMari Love Live!Sunsh...by Stepha-senpai
Kanan (Ayase) Matsuura, a 16-year old delinquent, lives with her father Eri after her mother Umi left. After Kanan's father remarried another woman, Kanan gets a little...
Sunshine!! ×× Aqours Seiyuu by Wilderfox
Sunshine!! ×× Aqours Seiyuuby Sergeant Akane
Aqours is a school idol group in Love Live! Sunshine!!. They're the school idol group of Uranohoshi Girls' High School. The group consists of nine members. - wiki They d...
Love or Hate (YouRiko Story) by Wheeinandwheeout
Love or Hate (YouRiko Story)by Wheeinandwheeout
Riko Sakurauchi is a new student at Uranohoshi high school. On her first day, she is able to make a few friends and also a few enemies. One day she finds out that her fr...
Secret (ChikaRiko AU) by RikakoTrashyFan
Secret (ChikaRiko AU)by Fic ゆうツ
Uranohoshi Girls High School is a private school in the seaside neighborhood of Uchiura at Numazu. Riko Sakurauchi moved here and became a school idol because of Chika T...
Love Live! Fantasy! (Complete) by ColinMareWriter
Love Live! Fantasy! (Complete)by ColinTheWriter
Demons have returned after 500 years and ready to take over Earth. The second generation, Riko the Angel race gathered the other 8 warriors to come together and stops th...
Instagram Love Live! by La_Akko
Instagram Love Live!by Akko
Como conocemos los lectores hay muchos de WhatsApp //Pues ahora hay uno de Instagram xD
You're a new student at Uranohoshi Girls Highschool, you don't know where you fit in until you meet some really kind first years at your school! They invite you to join...
Our Love Story {Love Live! Sunshine!! AU} {KanaMari}  by Seiryuu28
Our Love Story {Love Live! Sunshin...by Seiryuu28
Mari Ohara is a girl well known around in Uchiura by her rich family name, who is to be married into another rich family. However Mari doesn't mind this, until she meets...
The Angel HAS Fallen For You♡ by SuwawaTrash
The Angel HAS Fallen For You♡by ⛅ Sunny
Sakurauchi Riko is a 18 year old female who is in her first year in college. She seems to have a crush on her best friend Takami Chika. She finds it hard to show her fee...
🌹 Show Time with Dia 🌹  by KEMONOLIVE
🌹 Show Time with Dia 🌹 by Yeet
Idk a good name for this book. Expect gay Shiet
The Water that connects them all (Free!) by archiesg16
The Water that connects them all (...by archiesg16
What if Eli Ayase never existed in Love Live but existed in Free! instead? In this story Eli Ayase is a female swimmer specialized in every swimming techniques. Eli is t...
Water vs. The World by uwucrysuwu
Water vs. The Worldby Crys
The cousins You Watanabe and Kanan Matsuura are delinquents in Uranohoshi. The school is infamous for its lack of students and many fights that occur. After the murder o...
In War People Die To Make A Future For The Next Generation by SeraTakami
In War People Die To Make A Future...by Taylor
Year 2020 and most of the world had been taken over by the Empire a force that no one know where they came from but thanks to them most counties fell to their superior p...
Can I "Shine" with you? -A LoveLive! Sunshine!! Story by KanKanMikan808
Can I "Shine" with you? -A LoveLiv...by Kan Kan Mikan Ripqi
Kurokami Ryouta is a Vocalist also Leader of a Band named " φLOS " one of the most famous and popular band in Tokyo. But, one time Ryouta became depressed beca...
 LoveLive!Sunshine! : Wrong World?! (Short story) by RikakoTrashyFan
LoveLive!Sunshine! : Wrong World...by Fic ゆうツ
I want to put the title "My wish" but it's alright Riko Sakurauchi, a normal town girl, she is a member of Aqours. One day, She black out, woke up and discover...