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Bnha React to Ships 🚢 by lillybnha
Bnha React to Ships 🚢by Sp00ky Lilly
Sorry if I don't include your ships or if I disagree with them these are just my opinions and how I think the characters would react. DO NOT hate on any of the ships an...
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Amps & Volts: Kaminari x Jirou (My Hero Academia Fan Fiction) by Yowase1B
Amps & Volts: Kaminari x Jirou (My...by Yosetsu Awase
Fan fiction based on the manga and anime My Hero Academia (Mostly fluff and soft moments with a few action and propelling scenes) (Some events may be out of order) Origi...
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It Can't Be Him... (Villain Kaminari Story) by shirleyisbored
It Can't Be Him... (Villain Kamina...by Shirley Is Bored
Kaminari was revealed as the U.A. traitor. He has been revealing information to the League of Villains for a while now, and no one suspected him, until one day... At fir...
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Complicated Love (KamiJirou fanfic) by Katsuboii
Complicated Love (KamiJirou fanfic)by Katsuboii
(The art in the cover is NOT mine) It all started a few days ago... Kaminari watched as Jirou talked with the girls about what their plans were for the weekend. Jirou se...
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Anguish Of The Helpless  by LWritesStory
Anguish Of The Helpless by L
Kaminari Denki, a boy that radiates sunshines and shine the people around him. The one who ties everyone in the class. He's everyone's best friend! He's there to make hi...
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The Forbidden Love (A Kamijirou Fanfic) by Kuchiki_sakura
The Forbidden Love (A Kamijirou Fa...by Kawarana Rou
Kaminari Denki recieves an offer to become a member of the villain league. They threatned to take away his precious friends as he denied the offer. He had more stuff to...
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Traitor by Vanillalatte101
Traitorby Vanilla latte
Deku, a villain. Why? How? When? All characters belong to the author of bnha (Horikoshi) Updates are once in 10 to 12 days All art used here belongs to their respective...
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☆Cotton Candy Matchmaker☆ by Lolli11pop
☆Cotton Candy Matchmaker☆by Lolli11pop
Mina Ashido has been a social person for as long as she could remember. Now, when she senses a growing unease and animosity between her classmates due to romantic feelin...
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My Hero Academia: Voyage Through Time by 2Festive
My Hero Academia: Voyage Through T...by toucansoup
After their adventure in the summertime, the Class of 1A find themselves travelling through time after a mysterious glowing object sends Iida back in time to when he was...
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What I Really Am ~ Tododeku by _littleblackdress
What I Really Am ~ Tododekuby ◟̽◞̽
disclaimer: don't read if you're very.. uH... sensitive? i don't wanna spoil anything so.. just a warning! todoroki fell in love with momo, and so did momo. well, at lea...
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Future Pro Heroes by MoonWolfie1
Future Pro Heroesby MoonWolfie1
Future team 1-A appearing in the past while they are still in highschool? All started when a villain with his sidekicks appeared. Deku the No.1 hero tried to take him he...
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Gods Among Heroes by datpringleboi
Gods Among Heroesby jacob hughes
A simple crossover with MHA and DBS that takes place two years after Dragon Ball Super Broly(Spoilers). Goten is 16, almost 17. He decides that he wants to be a Hero li...
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My Perfect Love by HollowLegend
My Perfect Loveby The Archetype
After the battle training against Iida and Bakugo, Ochako and Izuku find themselves developing feelings for one another. With the scheming help of their friends Kirishim...
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reacting to bnha ships by hinamikis
reacting to bnha shipsby ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
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Red by jonginsdancing
Redby jonginsdancing
when all bakugo could see was red. -kiribaku -soulmates au - minor tododeku, kamijirou mentions of ptsd, suicide, domestic viol...
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Force Master Deku by HollowLegend
Force Master Dekuby The Archetype
Izuku Toshinori, the son of the Number one pro hero All Might is the last force user in existence, being told that he would be quirkless he through a tantrum and acciden...
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It has to be you// Kiribaku by TododekuisOTP
It has to be you// Kiribakuby Sarah
(P.S this is not a collection of one shots. Its a full story. Thank you and goodbye) Bakugou didn't know what it was about Kirishima that made him so head over heels b...
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The Midoriya Mistake (Class 1-A Group Chat) by HollowLegend
The Midoriya Mistake (Class 1-A Gr...by The Archetype
Izuku creates a group chat for class 1-A and their significant others but its filled with Memes and ships
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Very Special Note || KamiJirou by annie-go-lucky
Very Special Note || KamiJirouby AyyeIt’sAnnie
Kaminari and Jirou have been friends for a hella long time, but will their friendship last? Or become, something more?
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Shrunk - KamiJirou by thepuddingcatswife
Shrunk - KamiJirouby zhuumie
It was a normal, peaceful day until Jirou went to Kaminari's house to give him some handouts. The peaceful day was broken and Kaminari is the one who has to suffer babys...
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