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dekuverse (deku harem/Bowl).    by mackenzienb3
dekuverse (deku harem/Bowl). by anime_lover☺️♥️
what happens when class 1-A including students from 1-B and pros even villains get sent to a theater to watch their sweet cinnamon roll in their world and in other ua th...
Izuku and  aziwaia  Afton book 2  by Himoko-Toga2452
Izuku and aziwaia Afton book 2 by Himoko Toga
This is book 2 of izuku and Aizwaia before you read this read book one it has all the details of what is happening im working on a laptop sice i lost my phone i prom...
Izuku & Aizwaia Afton by Himoko-Toga2452
Izuku & Aizwaia Aftonby Himoko Toga
Izuku Midorya? More like Izuku Afton ...... everyone thought he was a normal boy but only His Uncle ( Aizwaia) And his family Knew his secret What will class 1-a Do wh...
Katsuki's Secret -;- Kirikamibakudeku -;- Soulmate AU and Powerful!Deku AU by Axtumnlynx
Katsuki's Secret -;- Kirikamibakud...by -;- Axtumnlynx -;-
Hello! This is a Kirikamibakudeku fanfic. It's probably quite bad, so apologies 👉👈 AUs: - Soulmate AU - AU where Deku doesn't go to UA but has a quirk ✨✨ Bakugo "...