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Kale x Son of Vegeta Reader (ORIGINAL) by TheBSGArchives
Kale x Son of Vegeta Reader (ORIGI...by The BSG Archives
(ORIGINAL RELEASE: APRIL 10, 2019) In this story, Vegeta will have another son, a son he had before he met Bulma in this story, Y/N, the prince's oldest son will fall in...
The Strongest Saiyan of Universe 6 by PixlMess21
The Strongest Saiyan of Universe 6by TrueBornLeak
Male Saiyan OC x Kale Leek. A Saiyan who lives in recluse on Planet Sadala, working constantly to become stronger. He managed to reach the God form on his own, as well...
It Began With a Smirk by JadedRein
It Began With a Smirkby River
When Rein decided to make the move from Connecticut where she'd been living with her marine father to join her spontaneous mother in sunny California she hadn't any idea...
Celebrity Status [1] by writerbug44
Celebrity Status [1]by Madeline
Holly Thorne has a normal life in Minnesota. Normal friends and family and grades. Her personality may be a little hyper and bubbly, but all in all, she's normal. Well...
Cross My Heart [2] by writerbug44
Cross My Heart [2]by Madeline
The SECOND book in the Celebrity Status series (: Last year, Holly Thorne was normal. Until she moved to Hollywood to stay with her brother, Jackson Thorne. Aka, teenage...
A Real Defect by Roxasfan58
A Real Defectby Roxas25
First story of this kind for Hi-fi Rush
So You Wanna Be A Rockstar? by TheYuniArachne
So You Wanna Be A Rockstar?by I Am Yuni
Sweet is Chai's best and only friend that can see past his overachieving stupidity. Then they're hunted down by Vandelay after Chai's surgery goes completely wrong and m...
Futa Caulifla X Female Goku by SonofLightandDark
Futa Caulifla X Female Gokuby Malachi Peterson
Mhm, a sequel of the last story. Might be longer than the last one tho, only time will tell.
Kefla X reader by FcrimsonKingg
Kefla X readerby Ssj2
This story is about you the reader (Y/N) and your brother (B/N) from another universe. This is not an original idea I read a lot of things on this app giving me differen...
BEERUS'S STRONGEST RIVAL (dbs fanfic) by OkraTheSinOfWriting
BEERUS'S STRONGEST RIVAL (dbs fanf...by OkraTheSinOfWriting
this fanfic replaces monaka with my O.C Simon a saiyan raised by Whis and Beerus and the other angels, kai's and some other destroyers
The Super Saiyan Goddess by x_Alex_chan_x
The Super Saiyan Goddessby Alex-chan
["The Super Saiyan Girl" book #3!] After the defeat of Majin Buu, Earth entered a four-year period of peace. But the ferocious battle left the saiyans' hearts...
Earths Next Protector (Male Reader x DBZ harem) by Aztec1693
Earths Next Protector (Male Reader...by Aztec
Y/n son the twin brother of gohan and son of goku and chichi follow his journey as he follows his fathers foot steps to become the strongest in the universe will he surp...
Breaking For You *|A Niam Fanfic|* by Belle33_NIAMshipper
Breaking For You *|A Niam Fanfic|*by Belle
He watches him. And every time he does, his heart does a little leap. He looks away, hoping he didn't notice. He makes sure to hide it from him. Everyday, 24/7. That's h...
Everthorne  by THGfandom4ever
Everthorne by THGfandom4ever
What if peeta is killed in the first games and Katniss comes home to Gale? Will things be the same between them? Will they finally get together? I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE...
Abusive Futa Kale X Trans Goku story by SonofLightandDark
Abusive Futa Kale X Trans Goku sto...by Malachi Peterson
Warning this story does involve abuse, depression, rape and sadness, if these disturb you please don't read it.
Futa Caulifla & Kale X Goki by SonofLightandDark
Futa Caulifla & Kale X Gokiby Malachi Peterson
How much longer will this go on you savages?!
Everthorne by __TEAL__
Everthorneby Hanna
Katniss's life is normal, she has two children, Prim and Rue, and she is happily married to Peeta Mellark. But then her old friend Gale comes back to District 12. Nothi...
DBS Manga: Tainted Legends by NinjaBlazer100
DBS Manga: Tainted Legendsby Deadshot
Time after the defeat of Majin Buu, The mighty first-bred Sayians continue their quest to become stronger. A path that leads to multiple adventures in a new realm of pow...
Smash or Pass by Delta-Prime
Smash or Passby DeltaPrime
This only happened because I started something on my discussion wall.