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Metropolis → {Superman}  by deannahs
Metropolis → {Superman} by deannah
A story in which an ordinary girl finds herself in love with a man the world was in love with, in a city where anything can happen. {DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated wit...
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Dilema Familiar by Karimi05
Dilema Familiarby Karimi
Bruce Wayne y Clark Kent están casados, ambos viven en la ciudad de Gotham, tienen una pequeña familia conformada por sus dos hijos, los pequeños Damian y Jon, y salvo...
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The Kryptonian and Her Kryptonite by Kandi_Bug
The Kryptonian and Her Kryptoniteby Kandi Bug
Kara Zor-El and her older twin sister Bexley Zor-El are sent to Earth at the age of 13. They're sent to protect their baby cousin Kal-El but end up getting trapped in a...
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Smallville by writermct
Smallvilleby writermct
This is a story based on the television series Smallville, all rights to the characters and story lines belong to the creators (except for Athena Luthor, her story line...
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Mia Kent // Super Girl by 0804writer
Mia Kent // Super Girlby 0804writer
Karmia-El is the older sister of Kal-El. When Krypton was dying she was sent to Earth to take care of Kal-El and Kara; her younger cousin. She was the last to get sent o...
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In Bed With a Kryptonian: Batman's Internal Monologue by ravendamsel
In Bed With a Kryptonian: Batman's...by Lauren
Batman and Superman are finally in bed together...but Bruce's insecurities may just get the best of him. Let's take a peek inside Mr. Wayne's mind during this sexy eveni...
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Helplessly in Love [Karadox Fanfiction] by Canettal
Helplessly in Love [Karadox Fanfic...by Canettal
Querl is helplessly in love with Kara Zor-el well she return the feelings?
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We Found Each Other by KaramelSupergirl
We Found Each Otherby KaramelSupergirl
What if Kara and Mon-El were in Love before Krypton and Daxam exploded? What if Kara was 16 and Mon-El was 18 when they fell in love? In this story Kara's pod was knocke...
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Articles of the DC Universe by Snowbarry53
Articles of the DC Universeby Paige Schnathorst
These are my articles, my own words containing my opinions and beliefs. The articles will be written in the point of view of people in the DC Universe who are journalist...
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Confianza engañada by SanCircus
Confianza engañadaby SanCircus
Que tanto puedes confiar en tu mejor amigo? Le confiarías tu hijo de ocho años?
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Isabelle Wayne by Queennicoleboss
Isabelle Wayneby Queennicoleboss
I only own Isabelle and any others
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Holding Onto Us by KaramelSupergirl
Holding Onto Usby KaramelSupergirl
Soon after the season 3 finale, Mon-El and Kara are reunited when a strange portal opens. Will they get back together and what will happen with the portal? And who or wh...
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Alien| Clark Kent  by ladivinaemilia
Alien| Clark Kent by em
In which third in command of Krypton saves Earth from Zod's wrath. Takes place in Man of Steel (2013)
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Without Me by SirisDerp
Without Meby Siris Derp
"I did what I had to. Diana agrees with me, why can't you?" Aurora clenched her hands into fists. Whatever sadness she felt was buried underneath the tidal wav...
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My Man of Steel by sherlockedmoriarty
My Man of Steelby sherlockedmoriarty
Natasha, a scientist, first met Superman and couldn't stop thinking about him until she met Clark Kent, a quirky reporter for the Daily Planet. When Natasha is once agai...
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Kryptonite Love £Man Of Steel {1}£ by williams_eliana20
Kryptonite Love £Man Of Steel {1}£by Eliana Williams
Melissa Kent is Clark's wife and knows about his powers. Melissa lives with Martha ever since Clark left after the passing of his dad. Once in awhile Clark would visit a...
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Normal Day In National City by caitlinsnow678
Normal Day In National Cityby AlexTheSlytherin
With Snapper back from sabatical, Lena working full-time at CatCo, and James saving people as Guardian, things were about as normal as superheros lives could be. In fac...
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I Love You To Krypton by YuuZor-El
I Love You To Kryptonby Shin Yuu
"Lena, I'm hoping for something more. Don't you see that?" [SPOILER ALERT]
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Superman and the Wailing Banshee. by FeiirceFoxx
Superman and the Wailing Banshee.by Laila
Lois lane, the top journalist. To everyone she is the fiery women that gets whatever she wants. She always seems to be ten times ahead when it comes to a story, but ther...
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