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Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING] by zakurakiri
Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (Le...by look, I'm fine-
Hatsune Miku, the girl who lost her beautiful voice after an accident, is living in a school. This school wasn't like any other school, it makes every child happy until...
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My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len) by zakurakiri
My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len)by look, I'm fine-
Len Kagamine is a 16 years old boy. He is in the high school and he have a twin sister named Rin Kagamine. He has a big crush on her best friend, Miku Hatsune, since mid...
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VocaHigh - LenxMiku by NhiThan
VocaHigh - LenxMikuby NhiThan
Warning: BEWARE OF CRINGE WORTHY WRITING AHEAD OF YOU. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK....LOL. Vocaloids going to high school. Typical story, huh? Anyway, Miku and MIkuo apply for...
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Somebody Else (IA x Gumi) by aestheticvocaloid
Somebody Else (IA x Gumi)by s a n t i a g o
So I heard you found somebody else And at first, I thought it was a lie I took all my things that make sound The rest I can do without. started: 27, july 2016 ended: 31...
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ONE DAY WONDER by Lianakurosakisan
ONE DAY WONDERby Kurosakisan
6 couples and one day. How wonderful just one day can be for many people and how their lives can connect and cause a domino effect for many surprises
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Vocaloid Life | stopped. by kthara
Vocaloid Life | stopped.by tae’s
An untold fairytale of a young lady who suffered from a cruel thing called 'love'. Will she stay strong and fight? Contains LenKu. DellKu. GakuLuka. Etc.
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Day by Day (vocaloid Kaito x Meiko) by yourfavoritelavender
Day by Day (vocaloid Kaito x Meiko)by Lavender
This is a vocaloid fanfic I'm working on with my brother @spideywannabe, so be sure to go read his parts on Meiko's point of view. We're going to use saline and Shion f...
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Diamond of Happiness by bunniru
Diamond of Happinessby Blossom✿Bun
"I shall come to steal the Diamond of Happiness" Miku Hatsune, a newbie journalist discovering herself in the ship to which the Phantom Thief will strike to st...
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Kaito X Reader one shots by kaitosbae
Kaito X Reader one shotsby Sage
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Kaito's Recovery by kaitosbae
Kaito's Recoveryby Sage
This is a fanfic about Kaito. This story embarrasses the heck out of me, but by all means go ahead read... I couldn't bring myself to remove it... Hehehe
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Mi opinión sobre las "parejas" de Vocaloid by Sofiiuwu123
Mi opinión sobre las "parejas" de...by Sofii~♥
Esto solo es mi breve opinión sobre algunos shipps de vocaloid. -Ninguna de las parejas mencionadas son originales. -No pretendo ofender a nadie, solo quiero dar mi opin...
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A New Life: A Vocaloid Fanfiction by Solentik
A New Life: A Vocaloid Fanfictionby Solentik
A new year, a new school, and, well, a new island! When an array of colorful personalities collide quite literally, how will the rest of the year end? What relationships...
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Of Blood and Love by blahbla17
Of Blood and Loveby Somebody
***A Vocaloid Fanfiction*** Vocaloid. A very powerful organization with many secrets, led by the famous Hatsune Miku, aka the Queen of Vocaloid. However, after an in...
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my feelings • KAIMEI one-shot by iced-wine
my feelings • KAIMEI one-shotby me
The diary entry of a man who has been enchanted by a woman. . Art belongs to daigoman. Everything belongs to it's respectful owners, I only own the plot.
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On the Ice by LukaWorks
On the Iceby Lord.Luka
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Day By Day (Vocaloid Meiko x Kaito) by mcginnisbeyond
Day By Day (Vocaloid Meiko x Kaito)by Fang
Hhhhhnnnnggggggbbhh Meiko And Kaito Are in Love But!! Meiko has to go away to a fancy school and doesn't want to tell Kaito. Lucky for her, she gets kidnapped! :0
Reactions to Vocaloid ships by aki___
Reactions to Vocaloid shipsby Le hater of physcos
I the title ya'll
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Voca Days~ by yellowsimply
Voca Days~by Jessa
The life of Voca-Academy students isn't all money and straight A's. Rich as they are, things don't always turn out grand. Whether it be F's or missing class, they've got...
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❤Akaito x Miku ❤ by cloudiieblux
❤Akaito x Miku ❤by Akio
Miku wants to find her true prince! She already thinks she knows who it is, but not until that fateful day she bumped into Hot-tempered boy that everyone at school fears...
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The Mansion Of The Night by eve6262
The Mansion Of The Nightby Evelyn
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