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True Love Restraint by RinShippingStories
True Love Restraintby RinShippingStories
Hello! It's the Rin Kagamine shipper again! You know by my name, I LOVE to ship Rin with every vocaloid boys!! \(>o<)/ I know, I'm crazy, but I love the feeling o...
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Programmed to Glow [A KaitoxLen Fanfic] by InkpenA113
Programmed to Glow [A KaitoxLen Fa...by ⭐️Ink Bapy⭐️
This was the world they lived in. A world where a glowing chest meant you've found the person you're destined to be with until the end of time... That you'd both always...
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My Samurai Doll  (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
My Samurai Doll (Gakupo x Kaito)by ƒυмíí
Warning! YAOI ALERT!!! If you're not into this, just get out of this story ASAP!!! > x <!! Despite of being unfortunate, Kaito Shion faced all of the struggles in...
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He Came From The Computer (Kaito Shion x Reader) by katpad01
He Came From The Computer (Kaito S...by Lots Of XReaders
You decided to download the vocaloid Kaito Shion on to your computer, but what happens when Kaito shows up in your room. I don't own any pictures (except if I draw a pic...
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Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader] by SoLongAndGoodnight12
Piano [Kagamine Len X Reader]by SoLongAndGoodnight12
(Y/n) is a lonely girl. She has a broken home, no friends, you can guess the rest. The only thing that keeps her together is music. She's an amazing pianist and singer...
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Tales Of Abandonment On The Moonlit Night by Malika_Marioneta
Tales Of Abandonment On The Moonli...by Kurobara Kanae
It was a night with a moon. There were four people standing. The twins and their parents. The twin asked but their words never reached their parents.
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Gakukai oneshots by thellamaonline
Gakukai oneshotsby the llama online
Just a bunch of oneshots for my favourite vocaloid ship (kaito x Gakupo). Will be updated every Thursday.
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Don't give up on me by erza_ft
Don't give up on meby erza_ft
Kaito was abandoned all his life. His family consisted of talented singers: a prodigy sister, a super star mom and a father who acts in musicals. Kaito was just a regula...
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Len X Kaito by KiiTheDragon
Len X Kaitoby KiiTheDragon
Too lazy to write a description. Just read it. ~YAOI WARNING~
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Vocaloid Oneshots! by Allvocaloidsaregreat
Vocaloid Oneshots!by Allvocaloidsaregreat
A collection of oneshots with your favorite Vocaloid! uwu
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Love Your Everything (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
Love Your Everything (Gakupo x Kai...by ƒυмíí
Warning! YAOI ALERT!!! If you're not into this, just get out of this story ASAP!!! > x <!! To what extent are you willing to express your love to someone? To the p...
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Blue hates/LOVES Purple (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
Blue hates/LOVES Purple (Gakupo x...by ƒυмíí
Warning! YAOI ALERT!!! If you're not into this, just get out of this story ASAP!!! > x <!! He hated him. He hated him more than anyone else in this world. These we...
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★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★ by D-IbukiMioda__
★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★by ❝My Imaginary❞
♫ En donde Len y Flower tiene mala leche xD Son Incorrect Quotes de Vocaloid, basados en mis Headcanons
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The Story Of Evil X MC(ongoing) by AitsuFam
The Story Of Evil X MC(ongoing)by Aitsu Fam
Starring:Kagamine Len & Rin,KAITO,Meiko,Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kamui Gakupo, Fukase, VY2 Yuma, Hiyama Kyoteru, Yowane Haku, Utatane Piko, Oliver, Yuezheng Longya...
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Oyabun's Bride (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
Oyabun's Bride (Gakupo x Kaito)by ƒυмíí
WARNING!!!!! YAOI ALERT!!!!!!! If you're not into this genre, get away from this story ASAP!! O A O!!! The preparation for the chosen bride of the upcoming new master of...
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Sick [Kaito x Len] by ImAlexHbu
Sick [Kaito x Len]by ImAlexHbu
Len gets sick and Kaito comes over to comfort him.
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Vocaloid x Reader Oneshots by littlebrokendays
Vocaloid x Reader Oneshotsby ❦
title says it all
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Mikuo Hatsune x Reader oneshots/ext. by Lotus_Windows
Mikuo Hatsune x Reader oneshots/ex...by I Gave Up on Writting
What do you think? You can request if you want.
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Guarda mi secreto [[Kaito x Len]] by LoveEi-chan
Guarda mi secreto [[Kaito x Len]]by LoveEi-chan
Kaito descubre un dato de Len desconocido por todos.
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My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len) by zakurakiri
My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len)by look, I'm fine-
Len Kagamine is a 16 years old boy. He is in the high school and he have a twin sister named Rin Kagamine. He has a big crush on her best friend, Miku Hatsune, since mid...
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