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As The Sun Sets, The Moon will Shine || A OffGun AU by Jainnakophrom_
As The Sun Sets, The Moon will Shi...by PaithoonMalee
Gun had always been kept and locked up at their house since he was 3yrs old. With his abusive mother, who's always bringing Alphas and Betas for sex. Ever since his Fath...
SHAPE OF YOU / SarawatTine / BrightWin by papapipilolo
SHAPE OF YOU / SarawatTine / Brigh...by I luv
Tine is a chubby teenager that always gets bullied. He doesn't mind actually. He always gets punched and pranked by bullies. He can't do anything because he is weak and...
Catch A Falling Star✅ by KimmyFernandez2000
Catch A Falling Star✅by Kimmy_9320
The relationship between Off and Gun takes a turn when the two best friends involve themselves in a game during a party. Will they confess their feelings towards each ot...
Theory of love by Gauri_mshra
Theory of loveby Gigi
it's review of theory of love. Theory of love is a thai bxb boyslove series. love between two boys.
Love Misery || Untold Story Of You And Me by FairykimEunwoo
Love Misery || Untold Story Of You...by FAUST
Just some wholesome stories for TayNew, OffGun, SingKris and BrightWin fans!
I Don't Know How To Love Either by RandomShizzzz
I Don't Know How To Love Eitherby RandomShizzzz
Set in the post-Theory of Love novel universe, this story delves into how our playboys An and Too navigate themselves into a sorta relationship, while maintaining their...
Forever by lookcheop
Foreverby lookcheop
Drabble collection for PickRome, KhaiThird, BrightRome ☀️ [Mostly in English! But occasionally I write in Indonesian too]