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Piltover's Dark Knight. (KDA x M!Reader) by notafishbowl
Piltover's Dark Knight. (KDA x M!R...by Mysterio
Some say only Thomas and Martha Wayne died that night. But that couldn't be far from the truth... Y/n Wayne died that night as well but in a more metaphorical way, and t...
𝐌𝐑. 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐑 ➤ 𝗞/𝗗𝗔 by Shicmu9n
❝𝐈 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐊 𝐈 𝐇𝐀𝐕𝐄 𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘 𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐔𝐄𝐒❞ due to the false rumors that their former manager spread, K/DA started to get hated by everyone. luckily, Kai'sa knew...
The Husband by IvanBullock
The Husbandby Nerd Herd
Slow burning romance? Not in this story! You and Kai'sa have been dating since Freshman Year of Highschool. You both graduated with each other and she saw you off on you...
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/DA) by Nevan-UniverseDragon
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/D...by Ark
(A little side project to give you all something to read) Everyone one is told of fairy tales as a child. Some to make you wonder, some to put you to sleep, and some to...
The Mage Of Blue and Gold (Doctor Fate M!Reader x Kda) by notafishbowl
The Mage Of Blue and Gold (Doctor...by Mysterio
"Who are you?" "I've had many names over the years, but the one that has remained constant is... Doctor Fate" I do not own LOL, KDA, or Doctor Fate...
All eyes on me (K/DA harem x male!reader) by thatthrowaway
All eyes on me (K/DA harem x male...by That throwaway
[Indefinite hiatus] Excitement was high as the girls of K/DA were ready for their first concert with their new recruit, Seraphine. That excitement turned into a whirlwin...
Sequential Song (K/DA x Male Reader) by DarkTheSimp
Sequential Song (K/DA x Male Reade...by DarkTheSimp
Y/n was betrayed, cheated on, lied to. Every insecurities placed within three girls. Each one having their own issues that placed their own selfish desires over your wel...
Enter the Exorcist Ft K/DA by EsKepalJengkol
Enter the Exorcist Ft K/DAby
[NOTE] You can consider the main character as Y/N in this story. Or if you wanna stick with "Jin", that's completely okay and It's up to you to decide. [BIO]...
Beauty and a Beat (Kda x male!reader) by JakeIlagan7
Beauty and a Beat (Kda x male!read...by Rei
(Y/n) Mori younger brother of famous rapper Mori calliope an average highschool kid who's dream was to make beats, sing, and dance like a solo artist. But what happens w...
Unpopular househusband by CushiCushi
Unpopular househusbandby CushiCushi
KDA is superior to the eyes of an average person, to them. KDA is something they can't touch, something they can't fathom. No one has ever even come close to them, excep...
Runeterra's Ghost Force 471: LOL x KDA x Arcane by Xx_BlueEcho_xX
Runeterra's Ghost Force 471: LOL x...by Blue
Runeterra was a world of many wonders, many places to visit but not all things turn out to be good. There are people out ther who seek to do harm, that's why there is a...
I Will Remain Supreme (K/DA X Male Reader) by Monhoo05
I Will Remain Supreme (K/DA X Male...by munkhtuguldur khongoroo
Young man wake up in void without any memory. But suddenly in his head something that called itself [God Inheritor System] appeared. It said he was dead if you wanna go...
True Self (KDA x [Y/N] male reader) by SazaMutsuhiro
True Self (KDA x [Y/N] male reader)by SazaMutsu
In a World created by the ever flow of Life and death, [Y/N] a 25 year old in a world of magical superpowers, cities of beauty and people of all unique race whom soon wo...
Just A Normal KDA Husband(experimental) by King0fCorazones
Just A Normal KDA Husband(experime...by El Karma
Y/n L/n lived as a simple man who attracts 4 beautiful women. They lived their life and died of old age. the end.
Superiority Is My Priority  by King0fCorazones
Superiority Is My Priority by El Karma
What if Y/n didn't die by the hands of Sett, didn't accept K/DA's apology, and doesn't love them. What If Y/n isn't Khonshu's avatar in this universe?
At Death's Doors by King0fCorazones
At Death's Doorsby El Karma
People choose not to value their lives. When the time comes they end up begging. But death doesn't choose to wait until the people change. He takes it immediately. Fou...
Shinobi reborn in the Future [Discontinued] by Kqr0Writes
Shinobi reborn in the Future [Disc...by Kuro
[K/DA Akali X Male!Reader] Minato Namikaze, A proud shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, The Fourth Hokage, The one who protected the village against the almighty Kyuubi -- died...
I'm just a fan (K/DA x Male Reader) by mortizhern6
I'm just a fan (K/DA x Male Reader)by mortizhern6
Hello it's your friendly neighborhood author. This is my 7th K/DA story, I think I know my way around the universe. So I'm going for something completely unique compared...
Idols' Vacation (K/DA Ahri X Male Reader) by DarkTheSimp
Idols' Vacation (K/DA Ahri X Male...by DarkTheSimp
With Ahri's disappearance for over several years, KDA's members: Evelynn, Akali, and Kai'sa, embark on a journey to find their friends sudden disappearance.
Transfer Students? (Highschool K/DA x Male Reader) by mortizhern6
Transfer Students? (Highschool K/D...by mortizhern6
Meet Y/n (Sauce God) L/n, a young lad in highschool. He's lazy by heart but gets the job done quick. What will happen when he meets up with his old childhood friend akal...