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Don't give up on me by erza_ft
Don't give up on meby erza_ft
Kaito was abandoned all his life. His family consisted of talented singers: a prodigy sister, a super star mom and a father who acts in musicals. Kaito was just a regula...
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My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len) by zakurakiri
My Weird Love Life. (Miku x Len)by look, I'm fine-
Len Kagamine is a 16 years old boy. He is in the high school and he have a twin sister named Rin Kagamine. He has a big crush on her best friend, Miku Hatsune, since mid...
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Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (LenKu) [EDITING] by zakurakiri
Sounds Under The Starless Sky. (Le...by look, I'm fine-
Hatsune Miku, the girl who lost her beautiful voice after an accident, is living in a school. This school wasn't like any other school, it makes every child happy until...
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Love is Purple by Tsarina39
Love is Purpleby Tsar
Meiko is, what she considers to be, just your ordinary girl enrolled at an ordinary high school with her not-so-ordinary friends: popular Miku, fashionable Luka, adventu...
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KaiMei Short Stories [NEXT CHAP. IN WORKS] by KeraKera-Utau
KaiMei Short Stories [NEXT CHAP. I...by Might come back?
Basically the title! Little short stories for those people that like KaiMei. ~ Please, please, PLEASE NO HATE COMMENTS!! I do not want a Fangirl war on my story. And I'm...
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The Prince by RinShippingStories
The Princeby RinShippingStories
I know, I wrote this fanfic right after I published the whole chapters of The Fantasy High School. This fanfic is just written for fun like my other fanfic Suki Kirai Ti...
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[ Len Miku ] Có Phải Em Là Con Ngốc? by Miku_Hidawari_TTB
[ Len Miku ] Có Phải Em Là Con Ngố...by Miku_Yuko_Hidawari
Đây là tác phẩm đầu tay của mình. Ủng hộ nha ^^ Xin hãy comment cho ý kiến giúp mình nếu thấy sai sót. Arigato
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Next - Door by SushiShiba
Next - Doorby SushiShiba
KaiMei fluff. Just a little idea I had about a modern NYC AU; you don't have to be a Vocaloid fan to understand it!
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The Tower of Ai by braavy
The Tower of Aiby ヤナ
--- "And if it ends up killing me," she breathed in deeply and hesitated, as if she uncertain that she wouldn't regret her next words, "I'll be ready to d...
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Friendship Border by trashu_otaku
Friendship Borderby Nadine
Ever since they were little, Kaito has had a crush on Meiko, but she doesn't have the slightest clue! Meiko has a borderline between love and friendship, but in Kaito's...
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Frenemies [KAIMEI] by _emeraldbreeze_
Frenemies [KAIMEI]by breeza
The typical high school cliche love story of the cheerleader and the jock. It repulsed her. It made her feel sick to her stomach. In fact, love repulsed her. It w...
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On the Ice by LukaWorks
On the Iceby Lord.Luka
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Nothing Gold Can Stay (RinXGumi) by BesBeanaroo
Nothing Gold Can Stay (RinXGumi)by æ
Rin Kagamine. That was her name. Rin Kagamine- the girl with sunset blonde hair and eyes the color of the waves, a girl with skin so delicate you could feel her wince in...
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Day By Day (Vocaloid Meiko x Kaito) by mcginnisbeyond
Day By Day (Vocaloid Meiko x Kaito)by Fang
Hhhhhnnnnggggggbbhh Meiko And Kaito Are in Love But!! Meiko has to go away to a fancy school and doesn't want to tell Kaito. Lucky for her, she gets kidnapped! :0
Bestfriends As Parents  [Vocaloid Fanfic] by bubblegum_yuu
Bestfriends As Parents [Vocaloid...by The hot super kawaii
- [I'm bad at descriptions] - Meiko a sweet female character, she's kind and sweet and fair to everyone who she meets. Now, meet Kaito, a childish male, who can have a s...
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We are ninja's but we need to love(Meiko×Kaito) by Akazumen
We are ninja's but we need to love...by hiatus
Meiko is a female ninja in training she is told not to be girly or fall in love.but she defies these rules when she meets a blue haired man in a nighst festivity. Kaito...
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kimyona | vocaloid by triviains
kimyona | vocaloidby r e n
- what's the worse that can happen when you combine a blue crackhead, anger managment brunnete, teal oblivius pigtails, miss perfect pink, a b&w sadist and a pair of sh...
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my feelings • KAIMEI one-shot by iced-wine
my feelings • KAIMEI one-shotby me
The diary entry of a man who has been enchanted by a woman. . Art belongs to daigoman. Everything belongs to it's respectful owners, I only own the plot.
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Vocaloids Fall Hopelessly In Love (With an Occasional Heartbreak or Two.) by greyripple123
Vocaloids Fall Hopelessly In Love...by Laura Jewel
The story of Ryan and I's vocaloid ships and how they all came to be. Ships include; Olilen Olikase Min Pikolen IoU Flowerana KaiMei Galayu Ren
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