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I Am Clemont (A Pokemon & Vocaloid I Am Frankie AU) [ON HOLD] by CV24AndreaKagamine
I Am Clemont (A Pokemon & Vocaloid...by -ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-
Clemont Citron may seem like an ordinary teenage boy but actually, he's an experimental android created by Meyer Citron after his son was deceased three years ago. After...
  • kagaminerin
  • limone
  • crossoverfanfiction
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Death Match [Vocaloid Interactive] by Vivisaurs
Death Match [Vocaloid Interactive]by be gay do crimes
Twenty five people wake up in a mysterious place simply named "Haven", and are given one basic instruction; attempt the tasks they are given each day in the sp...
  • vocaloids
  • death
  • kagamine
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✨Once upon a dream, my dear✨KAILEN' OMEGAVERSE by Gukane001
✨Once upon a dream, my dear✨KAILEN...by Gukane001
Eres tu, la dulce ilusión, que yo soñé, sin embargo se que un sueño es difícil realizar. (Advertencias: Dramah, omegaverse, difference age, insinuacion KaiRin, demasiad...
  • aisu
  • shionkaito
  • icecream
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Nas Drawings And Craps by NAS-05
Nas Drawings And Crapsby \(+ω-)/\(o_o||)
read the title. i'm bored. i should update other books but meh. xD This would be filled with my horrible drawings. Uh Vocaloid? Boboiboy? (Sum) OC? But maybe mostly voca...
  • drawing
  • bored
  • bad
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Vocaloid: The Story Of Oliver by ZAGRRockz
Vocaloid: The Story Of Oliverby ZAGRRockz
Oliver is a 12 year old choir boy from England who's had a life of abuse from his mother. After suffering with it for years, he decides to get on the family's boat and s...
  • anime
  • lenkagamine
  • abusivecontent
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★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★ by D-IbukiMioda__
★ Incorrect Quotes ★ Vocaloid ★by ✎ Mad Hatter
♫ En donde Len y Flower tiene mala leche xD Son Incorrect Quotes de Vocaloid, basados en mis Headcanons
  • lukamegurine
  • incorrectquotes
  • fukase
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Big surprises in a small package. by LenkuShipping101
Big surprises in a small package.by Soul Lovage(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
(Side note: Out of nice book covers)
  • kagaminelen
  • hatsunemiku
  • kagaminerin
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Vampire's Pathos [Diabolik Lovers - Subaru Sakamaki] by Cxmi-Chan
Vampire's Pathos [Diabolik Lovers...by Cxmi-Chan
Ah. Ovejas cobardes, están tan ciegas. Cultivan y resguardan a la maldad que se disfraza de esperanza. Negando a Dios por el filme llamado ciencia. Ustedes tallan cruces...
  • kagaminerin
  • vampirespathos
  • diaboliklovers
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Danganronpa: World is Mine by officialmeikahime
Danganronpa: World is Mineby hime
Involuntarily waking up in the school you just signed up for. Meeting 15 other people, who all are in the same situation as you. Finding out you're spending the rest of...
  • death
  • crossover
  • murder
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30 Day Vocaloid Challenge by sneakthedawn
30 Day Vocaloid Challengeby Holly
An 18 year old American answers questions about artificial voices :)) cover photo not mine basically nothing is mine besides my opinions and the list :)
  • yuu
  • vocaloid
  • fukase
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When You're Living With The Meme Squad (ft. AnYu, Haya, Tori and more!) by AnYu2316
When You're Living With The Meme S...by Kurumi the Neko
Fukase: welcome to whatever this book is Oliver: it's just about our lives that's all! Piko: make our lives more interesting by asking us some stuff or maybe dares can b...
  • maika
  • hatsunemiku
  • memes
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Male Reader x Vocaloid: Digital World by DarrinTuckerJr
Male Reader x Vocaloid: Digital Wo...by Darrin Tucker Jr.
This will be a different kind of Vocaloid story where the reader will be put to the test as you play this new prototype game. What lies ahead as your journey progresses...
  • mmorpg
  • fanfiction
  • malereader
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The Story Of Evil X MC(ongoing) by AitsuFam
The Story Of Evil X MC(ongoing)by Aitsu Fam
Starring:Kagamine Len & Rin,KAITO,Meiko,Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kamui Gakupo, Fukase, VY2 Yuma, Hiyama Kyoteru, Yowane Haku, Utatane Piko, Oliver, Yuezheng Longya...
  • utaite
  • fantasy
  • kaitoshion
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VocaShitpost (ノ'・ω・)ノ ミ ┻━┻ by AisukineticKaito
VocaShitpost (ノ'・ω・)ノ ミ ┻━┻by Aisukinetic Kaito
Basically a shitpost fic. Arsloid is depressed.
  • arsloid
  • tonerion
  • hatsunemiku
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An Angel's Whisper by pheonixfyer
An Angel's Whisperby pheonix fyer
When vocaloid star Haku Yowane finds herself in a dark place, comfort stems where she never thought it would. (Neru X Haku) (MAIN) (Nero X Rin) (Meiko X Kaito) (Meiko X...
  • megurineluka
  • fanfiction
  • hakuxneru
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don't you remember? kagamine Len x reader by MoonlightRabbit15
don't you remember? kagamine Len x...by MoonlightRabbit15
it is all in the title and i refer the reader as a girl because it is easier for me ti write the story
  • japan
  • music
  • kaito
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Rinlen Oneshots by SassberrySnap
Rinlen Oneshotsby Shuichi Saihara
Uhhh Rinlen-
  • vocaloid
  • rinlen
  • miku
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vocaloid headcanons by pheonixfyer
vocaloid headcanonsby pheonix fyer
just headcanons of the vocaloids/utauloids/voyakiloids these are my headcanons please don't eat me alive
  • gakupo
  • honnedell
  • hatsunemiku
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Hanahaki - 花吐き病 (LenRin) by mochiinen
Hanahaki - 花吐き病 (LenRin)by ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ
White Camellia. Waiting. She doesn't understand. What exactly she is waiting for? --- DISCLAIMER ; I do not own vocaloid, all of the pictures and the songs I used for th...
  • flowerlanguage
  • flowers
  • kagaminemirrors
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i write a sequel to a legitimately bad vocaloid fanfiction by SaltySpagoot
i write a sequel to a legitimately...by gumbercules
i write a legitemately bad vocaloid fanfiction 2: electric boogaloo. cover was a poor edit (more like recolor) young saltyspagoot made in Microsoft Paint.
  • kagaminelen
  • hatsunemiku
  • vocaloidfanfiction
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