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Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka story) by Himawari_Kawayama
Midnight City (A Bakugo x Uraraka...by Himawari_Kawayama
Bakugo and Uraraka end up being partners in their three week internship. Uraraka develops feelings overtime. Will bakugo feel the same? (Bakugo x Uraraka story with lemo...
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LOVE HURTS • KACCHAKO by softshoto
"What exactly is Deku to you?" - HIGHEST RATINGS #1 - friendzone #4 - kacchako #3 - uravity #20 - bakuraka #8- noquirks #6 - kacchan #2- ochako #67 - 2019 #2...
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Of Secrets and Confessions by ChisatoHachirobei
Of Secrets and Confessionsby Mei
Katsuki likes Ochako but then she likes Izuku. Both parties didn't interact since the Sports Festival but their relationship turned 180 degrees when he caught her practi...
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From the Ground Up: Kacchako  by ArtGeekJ
From the Ground Up: Kacchako by It’s_me_fabulousness
Katsuki Bakugou, U.A's hot shot. Everything came easy to him, especially getting the attention of whoever he wanted. Or so he thought.. On the brink of graduation, Ochak...
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Bnha Instagram  by Da_Sass_Queen
Bnha Instagram by Kacchako Trash
-Uravity🌟is online- -explodokills1💥 is online- -icyhot❄️🔥 is online- -yaomomo🔆 is online- -Pikapika⚡️is online- -EarphoneJack🎧 is online- -RedRiot❤️ is online...
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You Are My Stars - Tododeku  by chippakeet
You Are My Stars - Tododeku by Maddie
When Midoriya notices how detached Todoroki is as soon as the holidays hit the UA dorms, he makes it a personal goal to help Todoroki enjoy his first Christmas as much a...
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You make my heart go BOOM BOOM by 0ccultBoiKota
You make my heart go BOOM BOOMby Tokyo on Saturn
A kacchako fan fiction Uraraka's attempts at making Midoriya notice her are futile so she decides to work on herself and focus on being a hero. She makes it her goal to...
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We can't live together!!! |Kacchako| by Tashiii-Senpai
We can't live together!!! |Kacchak...by Tashiii-Senpai
There was a mix up when signing the roommate regulation sheet, and now sweet, pure, kind, adorable Uraraka has to live with the short tempered, ego-filled, raging ball o...
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Caramel by smollizzie
Caramelby lizzie the smol
bakugou and uraraka are too fluffy together *lots of fluff ♡ ♡ cover: nordie-scribbles ♡ ♡ ☆ Rankings ☆ #10 in kacchako 10/17/19 #39 in bakuraka 10/10/19
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The Name On My Wrist by ysapasta
The Name On My Wristby ysa.pasta <3
In this universe, everyone at five years old, a name appears on their wrist. The person will either be soulmate, or arch enemy. Bakugou has Ochako's name and Ochako has...
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Love and Hot Springs || kacchako by OtakuGoth
Love and Hot Springs || kacchakoby animelover
Its summer time and everyone doesn't know what to do so they decide to go to the hot springs together as a class During this trip, everyone gets to know a little more a...
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Best friends? Or more? (KACCHAKO LOVE STORY) by QueenLucyStories
Best friends? Or more? (KACCHAKO L...by QueenLucyStories
This story is about Bakugou and uraraka from my hero academia. This is not following the anime or manga im throwing my own plot and twist on things ! Some villains some...
Lost ❥ Kacchako by graaceave
Lost ❥ Kacchakoby 𝕚𝕞 𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪
٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶#16 - Kacchako ❥ Second Year Katsuki Bakugou, at his hot head prime, eyes the pink-cheeked girl from afar. Despite his deep admiration for her, he has too muc...
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Kacchako - Antigravity Kisses by scythis95
Kacchako - Antigravity Kissesby Hana Mac
Bakugou's personality is reversed when he's attacked by a villain, and Uraraka realises just how much she misses the angry boy. Kacchako (Katsuki Bakugou x Ochaco Urarak...
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Heroes Paradise (Bakugou x Uraraka) by minozie
Heroes Paradise (Bakugou x Uraraka)by minozie
A summer trip to a beautiful paradise creates opportunity for an unexpected relationship to blossom. Two hearts with a strong gravitation to another combine into an expl...
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His Shadow |Bakugou x Uraraka AU| by oliverz_
His Shadow |Bakugou x Uraraka AU|by ᴏʟɪᴠᴇʀ
❝Uraraka, I will make you happier than any other guy could. I promise.❞ . . . . . 🌹Kacchako Story + Dating Scenarios🌹 ⚠️[WARNING NAUGHTY LANGUAGE]⚠️ ⚠️[WARNING NSFW MO...
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His Undying Love || Kacchako FanFic by elawake
His Undying Love || Kacchako FanFicby Nisa // Ayumi
A story of how the meanest, aggressive, confused boy and the most adorable, yet insecure girl of Class 1A became close friends and eventually loves comes in. Includes I...
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Your feelings                                                  ×Kacchako FF× by ami_loves_anime
Your feelings...by lxcy_fxllbuster
Midoriya became quite popular with other girls over time... Ochako feels pretty hurt because of this. The only one who gives her comfort in this time is Bakugou and it d...
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PLAGUE [BNHA] ~kacchako~ by creatingiskey
PLAGUE [BNHA] ~kacchako~by trash
Ninety percent of the worlds population. Just gone. In a world of heroes and villains no one ever expected anything like this to happen. But, it was exactly that battle...
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l e t t e r s  - b n h a - by cxtie_starstrxck
l e t t e r s - b n h a -by xxkatiexx
angst. in which, something depressing happens to everyone. ships- -kacchako -tododeku -momojirou -kamisero <and more to be added> -lower case intended-
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