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Higher Ground  by stilesandderek142400
Higher Ground by stilesandderek142400
Inspired by the Tv show of the same name. This is the story of 9 high school students from around the country, who have been sent to Beacon of Hope, a boarding school fo...
Juggling Act- Perrie Edwards by floeller
Juggling Act- Perrie Edwardsby floeller
They had it all, two of the worlds most famous pop stars, living the perfect fairy tail. That was until it all fell apart and Perrie was left all alone. After months of...
If I Could Take Back Time by Lindseydiangelo27
If I Could Take Back Timeby Lindsey Argent
Alexis and Chris McCall are twins. Their dad is Scott McCall. They never knew their mom, she had died a year after having them. What happens when Alexis sees a young gir...
If Teen Wolf had Kids by MusicLexi
If Teen Wolf had Kidsby Teen Wolf_Lexi
it says it in the title. this is if teen wolf had kids. now the ships are different. the ships are Sterek, Scisaac, Dethan, Jydia, Morey, Thiam. if you don't like the sh...
Teen Wolf One-Shots by BucketHats
Teen Wolf One-Shotsby Mouse, Llama and Badger
Welcome to our collection of Teen Wolf one shots. Which are moslty Sterek with the occasional Scisaac. And maybe some Jydia, Allydia and Scackson. Idk yet, I'll tell you...
Backtrack by Lindseydiangelo27
Backtrackby Lindsey Argent
What happens when 16 year old Alexis McCall gets sent back to her mom and dad's sophomore year with no means to get back and no where to stay? And what's all this talk a...
Never let me go. by redlipstick_26
Never let me go.by redlipstick_26
Descrizione: Sono passati tre anni dalla partenza di Jackson, quella partenza che ha lasciato soltanto un vuoto incolmabile nel cuore di Lydia. Jackson, invece, sembra...
Joe and Lydia: The Love Story by GlitterGoddess45
Joe and Lydia: The Love Storyby GlitterGoddess45
Lydia meets Joe at the biggest youtuber party of the year. Follow their romance as every chapter is told in the perspective of Joe or Lydia. ENJOY!
RENT { teen wolf AU } by destielinski
RENT { teen wolf AU }by -_-
The story centers around Scott and Stiles, two roommates. Scott is an aspiring film maker, recently dumped by his girlfriend for a woman, and Stiles is an ex-frontman, s...
Teen Wolf Children Imagines  by Jess11xx
Teen Wolf Children Imagines by Jess11xx
A medley of scenarios with the children of the teen wolf characters. Including ; * Stydia * Scallison * Stalia * Dethan * Scisaac * Sterek * Allydia * Allisaac
Coyote's Bite by Lindseydiangelo27
Coyote's Biteby Lindsey Argent
Malia had never met Isaac. He had left Beacon Hills, too upset about Allison's death to stay in a place where he would be reminded of her every day. But when Chris Argen...
Beacon Hills. by insocixble
Beacon Hills.by Zoé
Entrez dans le mystérieux monde surnaturelle de la ville de Beacon Hills et découvrez tous ses secrets.
Breakfast Club|Teen Wolf AU by rosewoodglitter
Breakfast Club|Teen Wolf AUby lily
"Don't you forget about me." In which five highschool students have a Saturday detention they won't forget. ~inspired by the 1985 john hughes' movie, the break...
The Bachelorette-A Teen Wolf AU- by stydia524
The Bachelorette-A Teen Wolf AU-by Rose :) ange 🥀
"I'm hopeful that one of these guys who steps out of the limo will be down on one knee, away from the beach." After Lydia's devastating heartbreak on the beach...
Night Of Brave Tragedy by Josiahyb825
Night Of Brave Tragedyby Josiah Ybarra
A rewrite of Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 7
Criminal. | Justin Bieber. by isebastianstan
Criminal. | Justin Bieber.by isebastianstan
Warning: Contains sexual content and strong language. "There's nothing like us." All rights reserved, © copyright, 2014. GilinskyVans.
We Didn't Know (A Jydia Fanfic- Jack Maynard and Lydia Connell) by brityoutubefics
We Didn't Know (A Jydia Fanfic- Ja...by brityoutubefics
Jack and Lydia didn't necessarily think they liked each other. Never acknowledged their ship but one day they accidently hook up, friends or?
Changes by ValeriasWords
Changesby ValeriasWords
A Teen Wolf fanfiction this is basically Jydia (Jackson & Lydia) it's based on all of season 2's major moments as well as flashbacks of how it all started, hope you guys...