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Wounds and Bruises(NaLu and Gruvia Fanfiction) by Anime_addictlover345
Wounds and Bruises(NaLu and Anime_addictlover345
Juvia Lockser and Lucy Heartfilla's parents were on the other country to work.And the two of them were alone on their own houses.They were childhood bestfriends and they...
  • meangirls
  • romance
  • lucyheartfilla
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Ask Jelvia  by JuviaFernandesBlue
Ask Jelvia by JuviaFernandesBlue
We have an ask Jelvia now! If you ask you get an art made as a response too!
  • juviaxjellal
  • juvia
  • jellalxjuvia
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Nerdy boy and the Tomboy  by _saki_kazumi_
Nerdy boy and the Tomboy by _Kimiko_
Natsu Dragneel is the "nerdy" boy in school. He never gets bullied, but he is very smart so some girls call him bookworm and guys just call him Natsu cause the...
  • natsudragneel
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It Started With A Celebration. | Fairy Tail (Girls) x Reader by JustAFanWolf
It Started With A Celebration. | Shadow
It started with a simple party and sleepover in the Guild Hall. But, I'm glad that I... Was able to confess to her. (F/G) = Your favourite Fairy Tail girl. (Y/N) = You...
  • fairytailxreader
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Origins by Rianthy1
Originsby Rianthian ⭐️
You'll see. "Promise me you won't die please don't I don't want you to die don't leave yet." "I'm sorry." "No don't you dare die on me I'll die...
  • nalu
  • lucyheartfilia
  • youllsee
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The Young Fairy-Fairy tail x Child! Reader by nallilovesanime
The Young Fairy-Fairy tail x Demonic_angle
Disclaimer: This is my first story, so if there are any mistakes make sure to tell me. Y/N is a regular 11 year old that goes to school, and has friends, and a crush.But...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • natsudragneel
  • wendymarvell
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Learning To Love Again by RainRiverton123
Learning To Love Againby RainRiverton123
This is a story about 4 girl who goes to the All Girls school 'FairyTail High'. These 4 had forgotten how to love after their hearts being broken. Their names are Lucy H...
  • juvialockser
  • nalu
  • grayfullbuster
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The War  by Anime_Lover_FT171
The War by Anime_Lover_FT171
Lucy Heartfelia is a girl with extraordinary power she doesn't know she has. She is a part of a War that has been going on for years. The Celestial War. Where Celestial...
  • lucyxnatsu
  • nalu
  • tail
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Fairy Tail X One Piece X reader by awill041
Fairy Tail X One Piece X readerby awill041
The fairy tail characters get stuck in the world of one piece. You were a mage In the world of fairy tail and now you, natsu, Lucy, gray, Ezra, gajeel, Wendy levy, and j...
  • natsu
  • gajeelredfox
  • usopp
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Juvia's Instagram by Crazy-Water
Juvia's Instagramby ❞J U V I A L O C K S E R❞
Gray~Sama is mine!
  • waterandice
  • juvialockser
  • gray
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Break Them All by SweetMemories2606
Break Them Allby SweetMemories2606
Gray thinks back to all the promises he had made to Juvia over the course of their relationship as he's forced to break them all. He can only hope that she'll forgive hi...
  • tartarus
  • grayfullbuster
  • tenrouisland
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The missing mage by Cutepotatochild
The missing mageby Cutepotatochild
Over 9 years ago fairy tails celestial mage went missing. 2 years later and all of fairy tails strongest members went missing on ten row island for 7 years. What happene...
  • mirajane
  • stingeucliffe
  • rouge
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What If FairyTail Got Wattpad? by YukinaSama
What If FairyTail Got Wattpad?by YukinaSama
"Hey Natsu!!"Lucy said "What's up Lucy?"Natsu said "I got this cool new app where you can read and write stories/fanfics!"Lucy said "W...
  • happy
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  • greyfullbuster
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AMOR EN LA TARDE ~Adaptación Gruvia~ *Lisa Kleypas* by Lexurianful999
AMOR EN LA TARDE ~Adaptación Lexurianful999
Aunque ha asistido a varios actos sociales en Londres y posee una belleza clásica y un espíritu libre, Juvia Lockser nunca se ha enamorado. ¿Habrá llegado el momento d...
  • lucyheartfilia
  • adaptación
  • juvialockser
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Do you even love me? {Gruvia} by Sushistickreads
Do you even love me? {Gruvia}by Sushi
Disclamer : I don't own Fairy Tail or the characters ! I only own the plot ! Gray rejected her again after she confessed. "Gray... I-I hate you!" Juvia shoute...
  • lyon
  • meredy
  • love
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Fairy Tail Imagines  by Natsu_Dragneel916
Fairy Tail Imagines by ✨🌸💫
Enjoy my lovelies 🌸💕🎀
  • wendymarvell
  • stingeucliffe
  • roguecheney
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NATSU ; FAIRYTAIL PICTURES  by -fairytailsociety
in which us admins provide you with fairytail pictures to satisfy your fairytail needs. :) Random // Fairy Tail // Pictures
  • heartfilia
  • fairytailpics
  • fairytail
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Lu~Chan (Graylu story)  by _saki_kazumi_
Lu~Chan (Graylu story) by _Kimiko_
Lucy Heartfilia is a runaway princess. She ran away because her father barely paid any attention to her, she felt unloved and uncared for. Lucy didn't know what to do. S...
  • juvialockser
  • natsudragneel
  • ships
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Distance✔️ by destinysamaa
Distance✔️by Destiny:)
She gave up half her life for him. Now he's living, but she's closer to dying. There's one way to save her: for him to give up the land. Is the distance between their wo...
  • grayfullbuster
  • gruvia
  • fairytail
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