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Freed's sister (Fairy Tail fanfiction) by dani666666
Freed's sister (Fairy Tail fanfict...by Dani666666
Freed had a sister. Her name was Serena and she had some problem with magic when she was younger. One day tragedy struck, she was lost to all those who knew Serena Justi...
Remnants Wild card by thedoctorgonepale
Remnants Wild cardby Thedoctorgonepale
(completed) (Y/n) (L/n) was a normal boy, until one day he stopped a guy from assaulting a woman but was framed for harming the guy. He is now on probation and experienc...
selcouth // deadly class by diamondswhite
selcouth // deadly classby e
❝apple juice fallin' from her lips, took a little sip.❞ selcouth adjective strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvellous, wondrous. origin from middle english, from old...
When You're Ready by IRIDESCENC3
When You're Readyby BLACK LIVES MATTER
In which Natalia Bennett catches the eye of the big bad wolf. | Niklaus Mikaelson x Black Girl |
Persona 5: Infinity by DarkRose--Chan
Persona 5: Infinityby Rand Talih
{Cover by me} "Why do we pretend we don't care all about the things that we hold so dear?" ******* In a world ruled by desires and corruption, shrouded with m...
white boys (river phoenix) by venusinphoenix
white boys (river phoenix)by ZUZU
cover by @pacifyherafi / nicole "Sure, maybe the urban Boston wouldn't be completely socially aware, but they'd at least have some idea of how to treat us like we w...
Parachute | Harry Styles Short Story by cheriecherieboo
Parachute | Harry Styles Short Sto...by Ché !
When Blue starts a four-week writing program, she doesn't expect to become quick friends with the special student in the class but there's something about his stubbornne...
Take Your Shot ( Norminah ) by inspirinSOUL
Take Your Shot ( Norminah )by inspirinSOUL
Dinah is a seventeen year old high school senior with everything she could ever want right in front of her. With a promising college basketball career on the line she's...
Perfect Haters (COMPLETED) by purplejeonn
Perfect Haters (COMPLETED)by purplejeonn
"We both hate each other. We both don't want each other.. and we didn't expect us to love each other. Destiny is really playful."
Love Written by the Stars by JustineOrcales
Love Written by the Starsby L O N E W R I T E R
This is the story of two people that comes from different places. Their love story is like no other for they believe that they both exist together at the same place but...
Persona 5: Pull The Trigger by Star_Of_The_Archer
Persona 5: Pull The Triggerby Erina
{Cover is done by me} "One...." "Two......" "Three......" "It's show...
Ancient Words Unspoken by Tillyalf427
Ancient Words Unspokenby Tillyalf427
Y/n L/n has been running away for most of her life. Away from her parents, away from dark guilds and even away from guild members asked to track her down. That is until...
Saved by freed the dark (Freed X Reader) by Hannah_that1fangirl
Saved by freed the dark (Freed X R...by ♡𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓪𝓱♡
[completed] A bittersweet Freed X Reader You have always isolated yourself since what happened when you were a child. Being so cold it's hard for you to make a living...
Stay [h.s.] | short story  by filipinafairy
Stay [h.s.] | short story by a.j.
Do you believe in second chances? • Don't read in dark/night mode [short story] © FilipinaFairy, 2018. All rights reserved.
Perfect Lovers (Book 2 of Perfect Haters) by purplejeonn
Perfect Lovers (Book 2 of Perfect...by purplejeonn
Letting someone go is so painful. Lalo na kapag mahal mo pa. Pushing someone away is so painful, lalo na kapag alam mong hindi ka magiging masaya kapag nawala siya. Sa l...
It's Nice Meeting You || SB19 S.A fanfic by ProfessorBhie
It's Nice Meeting You || SB19 S.A...by I'm a Girl 👧
Stellvester Ajero "Stell" fanfic "Seriously, sa tingin mo I'll buy that excuse? Aksidente? Pero hindi nag-sorry tapos tumawa pa bago umalis. Aksidente na...
Fraxus (omegaverse)  by Gaybois34
Fraxus (omegaverse) by Gaybois34
more Fraxus fight me now to prove my point. Fraxus has so many possible opening freed says he would follow Laxus to the ends of the earth one of the reasons I ship it. s...
LUNA ⚘J.M Interracial by DefJaebeom
LUNA ⚘J.M Interracialby bye