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Mask-An Attack on Titan Fan Fiction by StarlightKween
Mask-An Attack on Titan Fan Fictionby StarlightKween
The one thing Ilsa wanted was to escape. She wanted freedom from her current oppression, and that was what she got. The military accepted her, and she trained hard, tryi...
Misfits by bluebird0904
Misfitsby bea
"Hello?" "Is your house on fire?" "No...?" "Man, I thought it was because you're so dang hot." "I think you need to work on...
Hate vs. Love ✓ [Original Version] by worldgirlalways
Hate vs. Love ✓ [Original Version]by What's in a name?
L-O-V-E: something that only happens in movies, books, and other fiction. I live in the real world. Heck, I have never even said that word. Bad words, I tell you. * * * ...
Jen and Clark (LGBT+) by PointTrueNorth
Jen and Clark (LGBT+)by Lauren Kutterfly
this is our secret, so don't tell anyone, okay? Copyright2016©PointTrueNorth Highest rankings: #10 <<November 27th, 2016>> #38 <<November 3rd, 2016>...
Conversations With My Heart | ✓ #wattys2018 by thecafemocha
Conversations With My Heart | ✓ #w...by thecafemocha
Each night when I lay down In my bed With my eyes open wide I think about life And the thoughts Which are bottled up Inside me Are slowly drowning me Finally, I had s...
Devil's Desire (18+) by CarrieLaunsher
Devil's Desire (18+)by Dreaming_Impossible
※Devil※ The supreme spirit of Evil; Satan. ●※● Trying to escape her past, Ava stumbles into a lonely city, Vambrose. Three days in the city and she found herself sittin...
Finding Zara by cookiecrumblin
Finding Zaraby cookiecrumblin
For some people she was the perfect girl, the one every girl wanted to be and the one every guy wanted to be with. For some people she was pure evil, the one they feared...
Quick Bites by sunandita
Quick Bitesby Sunandita
Little quick reads to satisfy the hunger of the soul. #6 in Justbeyourself #74 in Flash fiction #62 in YourstoryIndia #73 in YoungAdultReads #82 in WeNeedDiverseBooks
Muse by itsmyjam
Museby Lyss ☽
All Lovely Bates expected was a quiet outing in the park. Perhaps a little bird watching or an afternoon spent outdoors with her journal. But as the day comes to an end...
Hunter's Awakening by jordan_a
Hunter's Awakeningby jordan_a
"all the demons have escaped from hell. I know 'cause there's one with his arms locked tight around my waist. I'm not even being figurative." H U N T E R' S A...
Oh Be A Fine Guy, Kiss Me by worldgirlalways
Oh Be A Fine Guy, Kiss Meby What's in a name?
"Hey hottie, just admit it, you love me." "I hope you get run over." A smile fights its way across my lips at his words and I look into Toby's uninvi...
Pieces Of Me | ✓ by thecafemocha
Pieces Of Me | ✓by thecafemocha
She is like a sunlight to my dark days She is like a laugher to my sad days She is like a solution to my every problem These are some pieces of me where she belongs to...
#JustBeYourself Who are We? by xxJustBeYourself
#JustBeYourself Who are We?by #JustBeYourself
Want to know more about #JustBeYourself? This book holds all the answers!
Little Words | ✓ by thecafemocha
Little Words | ✓by thecafemocha
Every little word Inside my mouth Now I am gonna Say loud
THE BOY | ✓ by thecafemocha
THE BOY | ✓by thecafemocha
Some words go unspoken. Some people get unnoticed. Some stories are left incomplete. Some things were never meant to be. It was you and only you, But now I decide to mov...
The Sweater Girl | LGBTQ+ #JustWriteIt #Wattys2017 by -TheWiseGirl
The Sweater Girl | LGBTQ+ #JustWri...by natalie
Clark always knew Johanna was always a quiet girl with a loud mind. He understood the Sweater Girl. He understood everything about her; except that she liked girls. Love...
Ten Word Story | ✓ by thecafemocha
Ten Word Story | ✓by thecafemocha
"I fell in love with you and you never noticed." Ten word story from his point of view.
Finding Home by EllieFiendre
Finding Homeby Ellie
in which a girl is forced to leave her friends behind to protect them and find her family
Limerance  by fascinated_rainbow
Limerance by VelvetEifwer
A tale about first love. When 'Myra Evan' falls in love with the new guy 'Luke Carter', she is ready to cross all the limit just to get his attenttion and his love, bu...