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Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator  by Don_Hoodini
Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator by Hayama_soma Leonardo
You're an interesting person to say the least. You're unique, you can eat more than your body weight, people gets warnings in their head around you to be cautious for un...
Forever and Always by bennysbaeeeee
Forever and Alwaysby Number Eight 👀😜
Jurassic World Aubrey is Owen Grady's little sister that works with him for the raptors Owen handles the girls while Aubrey takes care of the newest girl Dagger. A newbo...
Jurassic World 《Zach Mitchell》 by dcthcure
Jurassic World 《Zach Mitchell》by dcthcure
16 year old Everly Grady works at Jurrasic World training the one and only T-Rex.And occasionally works along side with her dad Owen with the raptors. He entire life was...
JW life In the park by halfmoonthewarrior
JW life In the parkby Warrior the Cat
So this is all the Dino's out looks in the park so warning strong language
Help ||Jurrasic World||  by quowiii
Help ||Jurrasic World|| by Sage <3
"We snarled and launched our selves at the beast, fear forcing our claws in her back."
Child Of The Dinosaurs by killjoy900
Child Of The Dinosaursby killjoy900
Being the child of Dr.Grant was hard. But being the son of two famous paleontologist, well that was a nightmare. His father is the onw who took care of him. Ever since h...
Raptor man~ Owen Grady by emmamikaelson99
Raptor man~ Owen Gradyby emmamikaelson99
When 23 year old Lydia Dearing takes her nephews, Gray and Zach, to Jurassic Park to see her backstabbing sister she never imagined falling in love...or running from kil...
The Story of Us by clairedgrady
The Story of Usby clairedgrady
The story after the tragic incident of Jurassic World and how Claire Dearing and Owen Grady fell in love after their interrupted first kiss whilst saving the people in t...
Demon Of Lockwood.  (Indoraptor Y/N Vore) by Kendroaspis
Demon Of Lockwood. (Indoraptor Y...by phantom indoraptor
You, a unknowing new worker at the Lockwood manour, get a interesting offer from Dr,Wu.. turns out it's not what it seems Contains, vore lol Sorry for grammar! If you...
Really,now?! {Zach Mitchell X Reader} [ON HOLD] by northqueens
Really,now?! {Zach Mitchell X Read...by 1791 - N O R T H
Jurassic World "Really?! You have to be flirting with me RIGHT now, Mitchell?!" "Yeah, really-Grady" ~ Y/N Daughter of Owen Grady ~ [ON HOLD]
Camp Cretaceous (Season 3 Reader Insert) by ZoendaCipher
Camp Cretaceous (Season 3 Reader I...by ZoendaCipher
(Y/n) and her team are done waiting for someone else to rescue them. Instead, they are going to find a way home their selves! Things seem to be going their way, apart fr...
The red Velociraptor  by sw33tKr1sty
The red Velociraptor by Rico!
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙑𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙤𝙧 . Cyrus is a red velociraptor, he is the fastest one in blue's squad and a beta, though blue is still the leader of the group desp...
Yasammy oneshots (a jwcc fanfic) by MitchellllXD
Yasammy oneshots (a jwcc fanfic)by Mitch!
just some yasmina x sammy oneshots! DO NOT REQUEST SMUT/OR LEMON.
LONG STORY SHORT ▷ PLOT SHOP by villainobrien
LONG STORY SHORT ▷ PLOT SHOPby ˗ˏˋ raven ˎˊ˗
❝i don't really have time to write anymore and these plots deserve justice!❞ ━━━ long story short. plot shop | on going ( terms and agreements inside )
Unextinct by uselizard
Unextinctby Uselizard
// The aliens were not here to exterminate the human race, only to ransack and weaken the earth. (which we learn why later years later) 1/3 of humans survived, though 7...
Poly Mess  by Its_MoneyHoney
Poly Mess by Babes
Short stories of different poly ships from different fandoms and stories
I THINK HE KNOWS |Z.MITCHELL| by spidermansimp
Ella Woods, the youngest employee at the theme park, Jurassic World. At just 16 years old she trains raptors with one of her best friends, Owen Grady. Who took her in wh...
Jurassic World- Truth or Dare by Winterbreeze24
Jurassic World- Truth or Dareby Winter
Hosted by the one and only, T-Rex, this is Jurassic World, TRUTH OR DARE!
How I think Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom should've been written by whydeosthishappen
How I think Jurrasic World Fallen...by Truly Peachy
It's not a bad movie, I just expected so much more from it, so I'm going to fix it my way.