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Rising(Jupiter Ascending Fanfiction) by Noidea20
Rising(Jupiter Ascending Fanfictio...by Noidea20
The Abrasax family are the owners of one of the universe's largest empires. Its three siblings are in a power struggle after their parent's inheritance but a new problem...
Caine Wise x Reader (Jupiter Ascending Fanfic)  by mcbholmes13
Caine Wise x Reader (Jupiter Ascen...by mcbholmes13
After losing Jupiter suddenly, Caine goes into a silence while loving with Stinger and his daughter on Earth. Stinger lets him mourn before trying to help him move on. I...
Jupiter Ascending /Caine Wise by TheWinterStorm
Jupiter Ascending /Caine Wiseby TheWinterStorm
We know Jupiter's story. Now here's Caine's. Written with more Caine backstory, some added or extended scenes. Author's Note: I'm not going to bore you with a lot of n...
Abrasax Romance//Jupiter Ascending Fanfic by laurenmumm
Abrasax Romance//Jupiter Ascending...by lauren
I saw jupiter ascending and fell in love This is the story of a love life of Jupiter and Balem. A story you would never expect.
His Venus €Jupiter Ascending€ by williams_eliana20
His Venus €Jupiter Ascending€by Eliana Williams
Venus Jones is Jupiter Jones's twin sister. She was like her sister and her sister was like her. They both hated their life. When they both meet Caine and Apollo Wise an...
Descend of the Throne (Jupiter Ascending by Chase_Hannah_Lauren
Descend of the Throne (Jupiter Asc...by Chase_Hannah_Lauren
Saturn and Mercery Wise are two ordinary kids; they live with their over-protective aunt in the busy Big Apple. But they aren't ordinary, their aunt has no idea of their...
Time of the Watch (Jupiter Ascending) by Nature_Queens
Time of the Watch (Jupiter Ascendi...by Nature_Queens
The Nature Queen series: Book 6 -the sequel to Decent of the Throne Time is inevitable, wrapping around us like a vortex, carrying us through our lives at its own pace. ...
Jupiter and Bumblebee (Jupiter Ascending/Transformers fanfic) by Oreo-Potter
Jupiter and Bumblebee (Jupiter Asc...by Meh
After becoming ruler of earth, Jupiter and Caine return to earth. A few months after their return, Caine goes missing. Not able to face her family and continue doing her...
Jupiter Ascending:  You Are Not Alone by Ognonamis
Jupiter Ascending: You Are Not Al...by Ognonamis
It's been a year since the events that brought Jupiter and Caine together. Jupiter has a new job, an apartment, and a roommate. When a date night turns into an extended...
Kian and his Random Book by KianBeaTata
Kian and his Random Bookby Kian Serquiña
Cosmic by DarknesssDaughter
Cosmicby Eve
"And to think that we humans were the only intelligent species in the whole universe."
Oneshots and mysteries by Thursday_Writes_
Oneshots and mysteriesby The Writer
Just oneshots from my tumblr, sweethearts
Jupiter ascending by dreamsleadme
Jupiter ascendingby #2
From the streets of Chicago to the far-flung galaxies whirling through space, this film tells the story of Jupiter Jones, who was born under a night sky, with signs pred...
In Another Life by ohgodofwriting
In Another Lifeby ohgodofwriting
JUPITER ASCENDING Fanfic: Caine and Jupiter grow up together, he as her companion and body guard. Over time they fall in love, even though it is forbidden. What will the...
Wanting by NicholeLockwood
Wantingby NicholeLockwood
Jupiter doesn't know if she really wants to ask. Caine doesn't feel the need to tell her.
Too Late by The_Avengers_Diaries
Too Lateby The_Avengers_Diaries
Balem Abrasax & Felicia Hardy crossover Love Triangle.
Nurturing Hope (Balem Abrasax x Orginal Female Character) by JonahMacaldo
Nurturing Hope (Balem Abrasax x Or...by Jonah Macaldo
Thousands of years after the death Seraphi Abrasax. In a forgotten planet called Earth, the cry of a newborn girl was heard. Unknown to universe, written in her genes i...