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(Timeless) Junkrat X Reader (Smut) by KadeyCosplay
(Timeless) Junkrat X Reader (Smut)by KadeyCosplay
Everyone loves this bat shit, crazy Australian! This is for all you sinners like me, who crave more of these. Any suggestions or requests for more like this just ask.
Junkrat x fem! Reader  by lemonyyyy
Junkrat x fem! Reader by lemony
This Australian rat was quite interested in you, and now that you belong to him, Talon wants you too.
Junk of the Heart by iiQuxxn_Bxx
Junk of the Heartby The Lil Bee
Junkrat x Reader cause I'm a goofus. -- An investigator. You'd probably think they are bad ass, built people that don't give two shits about people or themselves. All th...
You're the Bomb! (Junkrat x Reader) by DeletedAccount810
You're the Bomb! (Junkrat x Reader)by DeletedAccount810
You're a twenty-one year old college student. Crime was uncommon in your hometown, though it wasn't unheard of. There were no real big threats, except for two junkies wh...
Junkenstein X Reader: Right Hand Man by smoll-ratt
Junkenstein X Reader: Right Hand M...by smoll-ratt
(Female reader) You were simply a maid that stayed in the background, away and disconnected from everybody else. You followed what you were told and kept every emotion h...
Male overwatch x Female reader oneshots by TessaZarraHeart
Male overwatch x Female reader one...by Tessa Heart
Hello! im going to start with the fact that this is my first book on wattpad so sorry if its a little bad. i also have to point out that i might not be too good with cer...
Heart of Napalm [Junkrat x Reader] by TragicVocalist
Heart of Napalm [Junkrat x Reader]by TragicVocalist
You, a morally statuesque and well sheltered young woman, and a tall, scrawny irradiated Junker. Do opposites really attract?
Overwatch x reader smut shots so on by Kerkit1
Overwatch x reader smut shots so onby Kerstin
I'm throwing myself in a few because I'm bored... Please put up with me TuT I don't normally throw myself into these reader inserts. x'3
Oh Yeah by usagibre
Oh Yeahby usagibre
Mako and Jamie meet on an online dating app. They strike up a relationship.
The Encounter  by Lykrim
The Encounter by Junker <3 ;)
Just a random little story I'm working on don't know whether it will be a one shot or not but just got a little bored. (artwork is not mine)
Fire on Fire (Junkrat x Reader) by 0BunnyBoo0
Fire on Fire (Junkrat x Reader)by 🤍 Boo 🤍
An unusual girl, escapes from the captivity of a place that put her through agonizing experiments. Now on the run she stumbles upon the overwatch team. letting her join...
Junkrat x Reader: Lost Boy by Fiction-Junkie
Junkrat x Reader: Lost Boyby Tristin Fiction
Junkrat has always been one to cause mayhem, with his trusty bodyguard Roadhog. He's never had to deal with anybody else. When an unexpected person walks her way into hi...
Overwatch by Beri_Berry
Overwatchby Beri_Berry
One shots and short stories of the characters of overwatch. Requests are open! A few stories may have more than one part. If you want me to continue one, please let me k...
😻 OVERWATCH X READER 😻 by Kyle_Bloodnight
😻 OVERWATCH X READER 😻by Kyle Bloodnight
Slow updates Open requests I write fluff/smut/lemon/boyxboy/girlxgirl
Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple Scenarios) by TheMissingDeadGirl
Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple...by Missing Girl
Want to know what your life is like with your dream Overwatch character then you have come to the right place hope you enjoy in. Also new to this so I hop I do well and...
(Overwatch x Reader) Finding: Overwatch by CelestiasFF
(Overwatch x Reader) Finding: Over...by Celestias
After you'd managed to escape your home and family, you'd wandered the streets until Overwatch picked you up. You were supposed to only stay until you recuperate, but wo...
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (1) by imagines-hub
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (...by Beanji
A series of headcanons in line-by-line fashion regarding characters from the popular game Overwatch. These pieces have been archived from my Overwatch Tumblr blog, overw...
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED] by BoilingHotBeans
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED]by Hurdygordy
Just a bunch of Overwatch x Reader fics
overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby Melbell
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots/ Scenarios (Baby Daddy Version) by ZweitheGuineaPig
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots/ Scena...by Wife of 501st
The title says it all. (I hate intros) I will accept requests WHEN I SAY SO, or else *reaper appears* Reaper: She means it 😈😈 Me: Luv ya 🐺 No lgbt requests, it's not...