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The Psychopath by shhhJun
The Psychopathby JunEE
Krystal Jung, the Student Council President of Seoul High was late on her first day of her Second year in high school and the ceremony. It was an unusual sight to see th...
I STILL WANT YOU by dewiast20
I STILL WANT YOUby Dewi Astri Susanti
Main Cast : - Choi Siwon - Tiffany Hwang - Im Yoona - Kwon Yuri Other Cast : - Kim Taeyeon - Kim Yoojin - Jung Soojung a.k.a Choi Soojung - Oh Sehun - Byun Baekhyun - Le...
Fakestagram Sestal by clamdown94
Fakestagram Sestalby OhSe
Isinya ga cuma Instagaram Sestal aja ada Idol lain kok tapi dalamnya tetap ada Sestal moment. Ini hanya hayalan aku teman - teman jangan baper dan jangan di masukin ke h...
tyche: chance, fate, and fortune by busan-unit
tyche: chance, fate, and fortuneby 1485
From reminiscing the bittersweet pasts, to revealing a whole chaos. Unplanned trip with your ex sounds like a mistake before it became the breeze amongst storm. "I...
Heart's Cure [ON GOING]  by voustaley
Heart's Cure [ON GOING] by -
Hello future boyfriend.
Publicity Stunt by AuthorUnnie
Publicity Stuntby Crazy Maknae
When you're an idol and you debuted. Being in the limelight all the time is not guaranteed. So idols are forced to do things against their will. Idols you can see on the...
Transparent by luehans
Transparentby tuna (◕ω◕✿)
She was good at pretending, but he was good at observing. When she's had everyone fooled under her facade, he was the only one who saw her right through her act. Because...
The half sister of Park Chanyeol (EXO Sehun) #Wattys2018 by jaejaebom_
The half sister of Park Chanyeol (...by 吴小红
What do you think when you have a step siblings? Do you think they will accept you? What if you don't have a family? You are alone, Your mother has her own family and a...
Tell Me The Secret by sakurasays
Tell Me The Secretby helonoona🍑
I am not the one you think. I hold more than thousand secrets; you might be disappointed by that. 🍉 BOOK I [Let's Not Fall In Love] BOOK II [Strip The Pain]
[3] EXO'rDIUM by krystalinings
[3] EXO'rDIUMby nata 💎
"... Jongin kau sungguh beruntung ya cedera pas lagi konser disini, jadi bisa di urusin pacar.."
Kakak adek goals [ jess + jsj ] by vousmevoyezzzz
Kakak adek goals [ jess + jsj ]by Vousmevoyezz
"Nyebelin kyk mak lampir" ~ jsj "Kalo ga adek udah dr dlu gue tabok pake kapak" ~ jess
KiKen de Journey! by chocopark23
KiKen de Journey!by chocopark23
🍑: Pindah ke desa doang, ngapa jadi rempong amat si lo? 👧🏻: No cc, no ducati, no bmw, no party and say good bye to your boba phone, u ok? 🍑: Mm.. but wait-soon to be...
hurtful memories. - kji & jsj by -jimine
hurtful memories. - kji & jsjby Ashlay
You as Jung Soojung or Krystal, the nerd girl who had a crush on Kim Jongin or Kai, the hottest guy for the longest time. Having the thought that he will reciprocate you...
Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim Myungsoo Fanfic by revolutionaryfandoms
Man In Love (남자가 살랑할 때): A Kim Myu...by rachel
Kim Myungsoo may seem unfriendly, intimidating, but he is actually a man-child at heart, at the age of 18. He is just an ordinary boy, going to school, eating normally a...
Ebook sifany by missmardian
Ebook sifanyby elsa mardian
Teaser ebook sifany "Just Love Me" original 11 chapter. Yang penasaran baca beberapa chapternya, silahkan dibaca :)
Different Kind Of Love (JungSis Fan Fic) by JenikaArciaga9
Different Kind Of Love (JungSis Fa...by Buddy ❤️
You know those two popular siblings who are half Korean half American? Yes, it's Krystal Jung and Jessica Jung. These two Jung's are in two popular K-POP girl groups tha...
My Brother (Complete)  by aboutfull_moon
My Brother (Complete) by Full_moon
Setelah mereka duduk tiba-tiba Jongin memeluk Soojung sangat erat. Dibelainya rambut Soojung penuh kasih sayang. Hal yang telah lama hilang dan dirindukan oleh Soojung d...
Jongin - Soojung [DISCONTINUED] by soujungie
Jongin - Soojung [DISCONTINUED]by Sou
Baca aja siapa tau ketagihan???? #25 on Short Story [25/11/2016]
Saving All My Love For You (Jung Jaehyun Ver.) by eyeohnah
Saving All My Love For You (Jung J...by Iona
Ji Haeji (OC) knows that her husband, Jung Jaehyun loves her but being married to one of the richest man on the planet whose company made profits of billions every secon...