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Stormberry's Secret {A Warriors Fanfic} {Unedited} by xxBatwingxx
Stormberry's Secret {A Warriors Fa...by 𝙱𝚊𝚝𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐🖤
*ORIGINALLY TITLED 'A MEDICINE CAT'S MISTAKE'* RANKINGS: #1 on sunclan #1 on shadowclan #2 on skyclan #2 on riverclan #5 on duskstar #5 on windclan #7 on starclan Stormb...
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WARRIORS: A LEADER'S HEART by brightscales08
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BirdSong's Storm by Flame287
BirdSong's Stormby Flame
Why did she do that? Well, she would have to deliver the prophecy otherwise the clans will be destroyed. And if she doesn't...? MoonWhisker sighed and drank from the sta...
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Lemurstar's Insanity by Varulven15
Lemurstar's Insanityby Malagrugrous_Owl
Thanks to @aceisforeverloved for this wonderful cover :3 Young Lemurkit is looking forward to his apprenticeship. Finally, he becomes an apprentice of Mossclan a...
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Koipaw's Vision | A Warriors FanFiction | ON HOLD by ismenaFTDaj
Koipaw's Vision | A Warriors FanFi...by Ismena ewe
Koipaw is more excited than ever to be an apprentice in BayClan- and even more excited to meet her new mentor, her new denmates, and her new friends. But then, Koipaw di...
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The Tales of Jungle Clan {OLD}  by KatieCatMeow123
The Tales of Jungle Clan {OLD} by 🖤katie🖤
I DO NOT OWN WARRIOR CATS! CREDITS TO ERIN HUNTER! The food in the jungle is scarce. What will Jungle Clan do? With prey gone and other clans approaching, what will happ...
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Jungleclan and Desertclan rp by PenguinMeowCat98
Jungleclan and Desertclan rpby Megz Amiro
this is my new warrior cat rp in which you can be from one of two clans or be a loner or rogue, you may also be one of a few kitty pets
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The Rise Of Two Clans (Warrior Cats Roleplay) by BayleeWolf
The Rise Of Two Clans (Warrior Cat...by BayleeWolf
Two clans; Jungleclan and Sandclan, which do you belong to?
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Beyond The Rivers by _Breezesong_
Beyond The Riversby _Breezesong_
Dapplestar, leader of JungleClan, has been trying to keep her place as leader secure while proving herself worthy to be in it, but is failing. Six new apprentices, Sorre...
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JungleClan Roleplay by JungleClan
JungleClan Roleplayby Nightstar
Welcome to JungleClan, a clan filled with cats built with blood of the wild. Join now or be sorry. -Nightstar
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Warriors; Into the Jungle (completed) by skylight22176
Warriors; Into the Jungle (complet...by skylight22176
Skykit, an EagleClan kit, feels out of place after she learns a terrible secret. Rainkit, Skykit's sister, struggles to learn and follow the Warrior Code with all her he...
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Beyond the fence by PosinStar
Beyond the fenceby PoisonStar
Poison is hoping to go in the wilderness but has seen battles that cats died in when he could have been a warrior from when he was born
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Warrior Cats Roleplay: FawnClan And JungleClan by Irishcah
Warrior Cats Roleplay: FawnClan An...by Irishcah
Hey rouge/kittypet! Come join FawnClan or either JungleClan!
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Warriors; The New Clans: JungleClan (ON HOLD) by skylight22176
Warriors; The New Clans: JungleCla...by skylight22176
Skystar, the leader of JungleClan, has just gotten past a rough spot and has JungleClan at peace with LeafClan, CliffClan, NightClan, and EagleClan. But dark clouds cove...
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Nightpaw. by Deltoraquestgirl
Nightpaw.by Hollystar
This is a story about an apprentice called "nightpaw" She meets a strange cat called Hollypaw, and together they become friends. But... hollypaw is very strang...
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