Ace For Hire // BTS Reader Insert by chimmy-flann
Ace For Hire // BTS Reader Insertby Lux +*+*
At school you were the quiet bookworm. No one bothered you, and you didn't bother anyone. Because afterschool you weren't a nameless face in the back of the class, you w...
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HANDCUFFED | TAEKOOK by jiminspiring
jeonju. a city in korea. population : 650,000. "and out of every fucking body, it had to be taehyung." jungkook and taehyung are being investigated because t...
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Saved (Jikook au) by faintandfickle
Saved (Jikook au)by Faintandfickle
Getting saved by a vampire is something Jimin never imagined happening to him. He never even thought about the fact they may be real, yet he has spent the last few years...
  • 지민
  • taehyung
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Play With Me | myg by kimchiifriedrice
Play With Me | mygby Klaudia
In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕
  • jin
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Mute | Jungkook 18+ by TaeismyTae
Mute | Jungkook 18+by Kookie's Love
Anna .....Forced to marry Jungkook for a child .....She can't talk ..... [ Started 25 August 2018 ] [ Ended ............................. ]
  • yoongi
  • namjoon
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ANOTHER LIFE || JK✔️ by Jiminttrash
"It's kill or be killed, Baby." Book 2 Blood Money✖️ Ranked #6 in #Jungkook
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Indigo // BTS Mafia AU  by heartbreakwriter27
Indigo // BTS Mafia AU by It’s ya boi
"Why do they call you Indigo?" "It's the last color they see before they die." Cover by @hoseqx Some rankings: #112 Fanfiction #14 BTS #1 Yoongi #67...
  • btsfanfiction
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Divorced to Jungkook ✅ by taehyungnation
Divorced to Jungkook ✅by HIATUS
"one hundred and nine, I'd pick myself up first before anybody else." © taehyungnation 2018 [Highest Ranking in Fanfiction: #2] - 180913
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bad boy || jjk by jeonerous
bad boy || jjkby euphoria
Jeon Jungkook, one of, or THE hottest guy at Seoul High School. Girls swoon over him. They stare at him like he's a piece of meat, like he's a celebrity. Y/n is a "...
  • parkjimin
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Blood Ink by pocketbangtan
Blood Inkby Y|O|O|N|I|V|E|R|S|E
"That's my tattoo, Y/N, on your body. You know exactly what that means." BTS Jungkook x Reader tattoo artist AU gang AU Thanks and credits to all of the origi...
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Fake ✓ by onemonsoon
Fake ✓by - 제이국 -
❝ Everything was fake except for the pain it caused ❞ "Of course dad, I treat her like my queen." "I hate you so much, my queen." ••• Arranged Marria...
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A Little Too Much || JJK by riseofsuga
A Little Too Much || JJKby xenon
"I love you, Noona!" He yelled, his hands over his head as he made a heart shape, making all the students turn to eye us weirdly. He grinned and waved, then ra...
  • btsjimin
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Appa (Min Yoongi) by AussieeBums
Appa (Min Yoongi)by S.C
For four years Hyun Jae spent everyday trying to forget her one sided love.However when Hae-Won, her four year old daughter, see's the add of a famous k-pop group, her p...
  • fanfiction
  • suspense
  • pregnant
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HOUSEMATE - Jeon Jungkook (전 정국) by raspberrymerkk
HOUSEMATE - Jeon Jungkook (전 정국)by ✖️ I S S U E ✖️
"That Jeon guy, he's so authoritative!" You complain. In which you move in with a hard-headed college student, Jeon Jungkook, and have to suffer until you find...
  • kpop
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Texts |Taekook by 69bangtan
Texts |Taekookby 🌌💓
'You sent a dick pic yesterday.' 13/10/2018: #2 in BangtanAwards2018 26/10/2018: #1 in BangtanAwards2018 26/10/2018: #118 in Fanfiction 14/11/2018: #35 in Fanfiction 17...
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Texting Kookie. || Texting 4 || by chimchimicorn
Texting Kookie. || Texting 4 ||by Bee
You text a friend but accidentally get one digit in the number wrong ©chimchimicorn
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My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkook by justjeon
My Cruel Husband 1 || Jeon Jungkookby zie in university
In which Jeon Jungkook agrees to marry Song Taehee(you) because of some reasons. She's happy. While he isn't. She does everything for him. While he does everything for a...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • jungkook
  • jungkookandyou
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Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K by LaikaTaehyung
Angel, Say My Name |JJ•Kby 「SMILE」
He's got you pinned, hands rounding your struggling form as his piercing cold gaze continues to devour you whole. You don't hesitate to glare back. "I'll say this o...
  • seesaw
  • jungkook
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- in where taehyung and jungkook are friends online, but they feel as if they've met each other before. somehow, somewhere. "hyung? hyung." completed ©UNSOBE...
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memes ミ kim taehyung (R) by 95svmin
memes ミ kim taehyung (R)by h
"who is this?" "it's shithead." - basically a book wherein a girl adds this boy on snapchat and starts sending him memes. but no one knew this inten...
  • seokjin
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