We got married-B.I by squishykangdaniel
We got married-B.Iby squishyPJH
being a member of a famous rookie girl group , she was invited to be on a show called 'we got married'. she was paired up with famous boy group , IKON's leader , B.I. i...
  • junhoe
  • songyunhyeong
  • bobby
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obsession. [ ikon - junhoe ] by xpeachmon
obsession. [ ikon - junhoe ]by xpeachmon
seong rin. the new school in which she'd recently been transferred to is probably her worst nightmare, yet it's something she is used to. being surrounded by what seems...
  • angst
  • ikon
  • song
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Stuck With You (iKON) by limitedsushi
Stuck With You (iKON)by --
Two different people, two different worlds. One's up, one's down. She's the island princess who's looking for happiness. He's the cold city boy who's looking for love. S...
  • jungchanwoo
  • kimjiwon
  • yunhyeong
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My Sexy Captor | B.I by We_Jay
My Sexy Captor | B.Iby VJ
I slowly moved my hands towards her waist and pulled her close to me. Her eyes widen due to my sudden action. We started moving to the music, her eyes not leaving me for...
  • june
  • kimjinhwan
  • jungchanwoo
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Walking Dead [ MalayFic18+ ] ✔ by HanNihilist
Walking Dead [ MalayFic18+ ] ✔by Natasha
[ PRIVATE ] Min Yoohee merupakan salah seorang pesakit mental di bawah jagaan doktor peribadinya yang mesra dengan panggilan Dr. Song. Lelaki berdarah muda ini menjangka...
  • jiwon
  • thriller
  • mystery
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7 Stories ((iKon BxB)) by Wonzihao
7 Stories ((iKon BxB))by R O S E S
7 stories of 7 different lives.
  • jungchanwoo
  • kimhanbin
  • kimjiwon
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Dewangga [iKON Fanfiction] [Completed] by Anggadextrous
Dewangga [iKON Fanfiction] [Comple...by Angga
"Dek, kamu jadi member kedelapan iKON aja, ya ya ya?" "Eh? Aku?"
  • donghyuk
  • oc
  • junhoe
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Reality Someday [ON GOING] by hugekpoptrashbin
Reality Someday [ON GOING]by hugekpoptrashbin
After forgetting about Jennie and the memories they had together, and with Y/N's new love interest Jung Chan Woo and her past lover Kim Myung Soo, will Jennie and Y/N st...
  • blackpink
  • momohirai
  • realitysunday
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It's... LOVE? by VIPiKONICobsession
It's... LOVE?by Lob Ster
♢A Goo Junhoe fanfiction♢ How would it feel when you fall for a badass? Plus that badass is rude af. And wait... Now you're playing a dangerous game with him?!
  • kimjinhwan
  • songyunhyeong
  • kimjiwon
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ikon one shots + imagines by lostchildkim
ikon one shots + imaginesby lostchildkim
(one shots and imagines) To iKON who came to town and slayed everyone's existence, thank you. / / /
  • kimhanbin
  • kpop
  • donghyuk
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Troubles in life by HeyoItsFii
Troubles in lifeby Fifi
Park Jina A.K.A. Jiji, is a 19-year-old nerd and fujoshi who loves to read yaoi. She has 2 best friends who are gays and dating each other, Lee Minjae and Kim Hyeonjun...
  • jungchanwoo
  • chan
  • fanfiction
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Twin Hearts || YunChan FF (iKON) | 「FINISHED」 by satanwoosus
Twin Hearts || YunChan FF (iKON) |...by soondara
Yunhyeong, he used to be the nice son of Mr. Song who's a well known chef in Seoul. The only child in the family. His mother passed by because of suicidal matter. His li...
  • ikon
  • songyunhyeong
  • yunhyeong
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Blooming HeartㅣiKON [J.C.W] by byeoldalbit_
Blooming HeartㅣiKON [J.C.W]by ægiibyul
[iKON Jung Chanwoo Fanfiction] ❝ What if you are forced to marry someone you wasn't love ? ❞ Update: Twice/Week On-Going 🚩
  • yunhyeong
  • jungchanwoo
  • fanfic
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iKON One Shots by peachyglimmer
iKON One Shotsby m
Have you ever thought of these boys as a boyfriend material? Have you ever wanted to imagine yourself as their girlfriend? Then this book is what you might need! Welco...
  • kpopimagines
  • kimdonghyuk
  • oneshots
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Boybestfriend [iKON•Chanwoo] by Simplymehannahhh
Boybestfriend [iKON•Chanwoo]by hannah lorraine
"from the very start I knew you would end up with me" he said while smiling at me. Started on: May 2018 Ended on: •simplymehannahhh•
  • ikon
  • jungchanwoo
  • fluff
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Liar? Kim Jinhwan ikon (COMPLETE) by ikon_swag
Liar? Kim Jinhwan ikon (COMPLETE)by Nadia
"It's too hurt when I know he's cheating on me" -kim (y/n) "It was okay when I have to wait for him to text me back but it's not okay when he can ignored...
  • chanwoo
  • bị
  • kimjinhwan
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Imagines with the boys of iKON for black stanss☄
  • koojunhoe
  • bwam
  • jungchanwoo
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Confession [✔] by Raedself
Confession [✔]by yoreumbi
- Hwang Eunbi - Jeon Wonwoo - Jung Chanwoo
  • jungchanwoo
  • 여자친구
  • romance
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iKON Imagines [BAHASA] by gyusweat
iKON Imagines [BAHASA]by valnty
iKON Imagines Nggak khusus buat iKONics doang kok, semuanya boleh baca. Ini buku imagine pertama gue btw. Di imagine ini gue bakal pake bahasa sehari-hari gue, bia...
  • kimjiwon
  • hanbin
  • donghyuk
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iKON and YOU by iKONLovesMe
iKON and YOUby Binnie's
REQUEST OPEN Any similarities are unintended:)
  • songyunhyeong
  • dk
  • jay
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