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Seeing Double by AMAC45
Seeing Doubleby Alex
11 years. It's been 11 years since Astrid's seen her twin in person, but when the USWNT has an injury crisis Astrid is called up. What will happen with Astrid and her tw...
dynamite touch electric love by JulienRIGGB
dynamite touch electric loveby Julien
Greyson was mad at her life, growing up, bouncing through the foster care system, she has seen a lot. Shes only had soccer to keep her grounded. Now, Greyson is 20 year...
The Throne by AMAC45
The Throneby Alex
Anna has had a very hard upbringing, but she's defeated every hurdle thrown her way. But what will happen when her biggest secret comes to light and how will her life ch...
We're a Family by Soccerstar2015
We're a Familyby C
From average days to big tournaments, best friends, Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd, look out for their daughter Julie Johnston. As others are thrown into the mix, Hope, Carli...
Welcome to the most dangerous trilogy of women's soccer. (1/3)
Its Simple... by CamrynAlyxander
Its Simple...by ᴀᴘᴏʟʟᴏ
So if you haven't read Twist, Turns, & Broken Promises then you won't have a clue about what's going on in this book. So just for a heads up there is going to be more th...
Part of the Team by divergent_harmonizer
Part of the Teamby divergent_harmonizer
Lundy Dez is a teenager from Colorado who has dedicated her entire life to reaching the professional soccer level. After a stunning career on the u-20 DA, she is scoute...
USWNT Preferences and Imagines by sociotrash
USWNT Preferences and Imaginesby tori
I will be doing only a few; Tobin, Alex, Morgan, Julie, Christen, Ashlyn, Ali, Hope, Kling, and Kelley. (Will also do ships and requests of people who aren't in the sto...
Y/n & USWNT Preferences and Imagines by teddybur28
Y/n & USWNT Preferences and Imagin...by teddybur28
Imagines and preferences with Y/n and the USWNT (Mal, Morgan, Tobin, Ashlyn, Julie, Ali, Carli, Christen, Kelley, Alex, and Becky)
It's 2018, and the World Cup is just around the corner. With retirements and new faces, the team has to find its balance in order to make history for the second time.
USWNT Short Stories by dashbabes
USWNT Short Storiesby dashbabes
USWNT Short Stories and the NWSL. Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss this
Make you believe again by USWNTworld
Make you believe againby USWNTworld
16 year old Tobin and her father move to Diamond Bar to get over a tragic case concerning her mother's death.. But her dad leaves her soon after and she's all alone. To...
Bloopers and Extras! by Soccerstar2015
Bloopers and Extras!by C
Hey guys it's C! This book goes with my USWNT story "We're a Family". It contains all the parts that have been edited out of the main book, but I think you'd s...
"I love you Princess"[Completed] by RaeTeel
"I love you Princess"[Completed]by RaeTeel
Ashlyn is a goalkeeper who has just been added on the USWNT roster. Ali is a defender who has been on the team for almost a year. They both have one thing in common, LOV...
USWNT - One Shots by soccerstories23
USWNT - One Shotsby USWNT
I can't seem to commit for too long to one storyline, so here's just a bunch of scenarios of different couples/friendships of the USWNT:) Would love requests and wishes!
Welcome to Ohio by MackenzieGrace21
Welcome to Ohioby MackenzieGrace21
Julie Hamilton is a fifteen year old orphan from a small town in the Southwest, who caught the eyes of Roman Atwood and Britney Smith, while they were speaking at her sc...
Think You Can Beat Me? by XPandaMCA
Think You Can Beat Me?by #livingthesoccerlife
Her first touch was magical. She slipped, but then quickly got back up and rolls the ball in between the defender's legs. She then rolls the ball across her with the sol...
USWNT One-Shots by NatHirano
USWNT One-Shotsby Nh082602
This book is all fiction and the ships in here are not real but it's fun to write fan fiction so here it is.
Welcome to the most dangerous trilogy of women's soccer. (3/3)
USWNT One Shots by WanderWandering
USWNT One Shotsby WanderWandering
Just a bunch of USWNT One Shots Requests welcome!!