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My Shifting Scripts! by SlytherinPansJoker
My Shifting Scripts!by Lyra Arabella Black
Hey guys! I just want to share my scripts for shifting to help give you guys some ideas! Comment some things you think I should add or if you have any questions! I liter...
✨💗shifting methods!💗✨ by jayde_secret
✨💗shifting methods!💗✨by user deleted
Here are some shifting methods! If you want me to add a method DM me :)
Shifting Realities by dr3c0sb1tch
Shifting Realitiesby george weasley's bech
I will be explaining some methods that I use and will also be sharing my experiences. To whoever's reading this, I hope you know that you're welcome to ask any questions...
shifting for wings!! by Lonely_Avian111
shifting for wings!!by naur
i'm shifting realities for wings bc i'm not patient
The PLANE METHOD - Reality Shifting! by HelpingPeopleShift
The PLANE METHOD - Reality Shiftin...by Reality Shifting Resources
This is a method I created which gave me symptoms & raised vibrations. Don't want credit. Just wanna help us shift. Try out, and share! The PLANE METHOD (1) - Switch...
꧁ Shift with me ꧂ + tips by fl0w3rfr34k
꧁ Shift with me ꧂ + tipsby ✨ ᴀᴡᴏᴏɢᴜʜ ✨
Heyy! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ I'm just using this as a diary to write in after each time I attempt to shift. I'll be giving out a few tips in this so I hope this can be helpful too! I...