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הנינג'ה שלו by vennesaholt_
הנינג'ה שלוby BadAss
הגענו לחניה והוא השעין אותי על האוטו, "אז היום נישקת אותי ומחר תנשק מישהי אחרת?" שאלתי בחשש. "נראה לך שאוכל?! מיה הנשיקה הזאת רק הבהירה לי כמה אני רוצה א...
  • הושלם
  • judo
  • love
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A Little Bit Ninja by XundecidedX
A Little Bit Ninjaby XundecidedX
Living in a world where the dance team is her kingdom, fashion her passion, and judo her secret pastime, Jade Wright’s life is as close to perfect as it can be without h...
  • sister
  • sedate
  • restrain
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You Reap What You Sow by SlythrinPrincessRin
You Reap What You Sowby Adelis faith feliciano
What happen when they betrayed her what happens when they call her name like weak, useless, a pathetic excuse of a waste of space. What will she do will she stay and tak...
  • konan
  • sasori
  • hidan
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MY SUPERMODEL (Jota's Story) by curlytops0817
MY SUPERMODEL (Jota's Story)by CurlyTops0817
Is love after amnesia possible? Young billionaire Jota Jimenez is a young Pilipino inventor, businessman, musician and Judo Olympian who suffered from Post Traumatic Amn...
  • aldub
  • loveisallthatmatters
  • wattpadromance
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Blue Belt by jbrandt70
Blue Beltby jbrandt70
Matt was a track star like his brother, but everything changed following his Junior year of high school. His girlfriend Kris along with one of her friends were killed...
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • romance
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Budo X Ayano (COMPLETED) by JungDawunJK
Budo X Ayano (COMPLETED)by Skyler
This is a romantic ship so if you like Budo like me , you are in luck if you are reading this..hope you enjoy..
  • many
  • others
  • other
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Devil Academy by Darkprincessjeysii
Devil Academyby Jeysi
"Are you ready to fight, Demons?" Thank you for the cover! @choberries-
  • combat
  • demon
  • karate
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A Girl In An All-Boys' School. Mismatch. by Kysherz
A Girl In An All-Boys' School. Mis...by Kysherz
Chloe Reyes enters Cadoan Academy, an all-boys' school just to stay with Kevin Leighner, her best childhood friend. They had always been together since five so she was w...
  • mistake
  • rich
  • heat
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Miraculous one shots by Anyatasha
Miraculous one shotsby Miraculous_is_life
just a bunch of one shots I write in my spare time, containing all the ship's. Hope you enjoy
  • miraculous
  • oneshot
  • stoneheart
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All Rounder and The Host by Myminibee15
All Rounder and The Hostby Lisa Bee
When Mori-sempi's and Homey-sempai's cousin comes for a visit to the host club what will Hikaru think of this new girl. Will Haruhi recognize this girl? Will the girl se...
  • hikaruxoc
  • morisenpai
  • ohshc
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Princess of Martial arts (Hidden Martial arts academy) by Missicashi
Princess of Martial arts (Hidden M...by Missicashi
She is an ordinary girl. Who wants her memories to get back. And to find her lost memories she enter a new world where she find her memories and now she know's that she...
  • generalfiction
  • martialarts
  • jiujitsu
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My letter to my Boyfriend (Editing) by iamkwmar
My letter to my Boyfriend (Editing)by Kathleen
Meet Keira Reyes, The sporty and martial arts franatic, who became a office lady through her best friend Mikhail Guzman.
  • office
  • fakefriends
  • romance
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Destin inconnu mais tout tracé by Ecrisionnaire
Destin inconnu mais tout tracéby Caroline Guillaume
Hey ! voici une histoire que j'écris qui nous présente la vie et le destin d'une jeune fille, Lexie. Elle va, grâce à de nombreuses personnalités, découvrir son fabuleux...
  • adoptee
  • destin
  • lexie
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DEM by Judokim
DEMby Judoka
Wenn ihr wissen wollt ob die Geschichte echt ist schreibt mich an: 01601680725
  • fight
  • sport
  • wettkampf
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Сбросить 30 кг за полгода. Движение вверх. by AlexPo3
Сбросить 30 кг за полгода. Движени...by PoFeed
Это не просто книга из серий «Прочитать, закрыть и забыть». Благодаря этой книге о моей жизни и моём трудном жизненном пути, даю 100% вероятность того, что вы замотивиру...
  • weight
  • judo
  • motivation
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Ogni vestito ha la sua storia, e anche i miei ne hanno una. Sono quel tipo di ragazza che non segue molto le mode, quindi ogni anno sia di inverno che d'estate il mio st...
  • love
  • judo
  • roma
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Une fille différente  by ambrxe
Une fille différente by ambrxe
Alia 14 ans , passionnée de judo (en fait elle est ceinture noir ) . Un beau jour elle decoivre qu'elle a des pouvoir ... Des pouvoir assez étrange puisqu'elle peut tue...
  • différente
  • fille
  • judo
dreams by zoeyravae
dreamsby zoeyravae
promise the books good
  • quick
  • dream
  • judo
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The Lost Boy by Trukai
The Lost Boyby Trukai
This aims to be an original story based on Percy Jackson, I tried to focus on the things that I didn't like about the Percy Jackson series and aimed to make a story for...
  • percyjackson
  • jiujitsu
  • heroesofolympus
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If Only You Knew by Dear_idiosa
If Only You Knewby Lea
"You have become someone so special to me" Two peas in a pod. Lia and Daniel first met in the first grade. The two have become special in each other lives and...
  • bestfriends
  • love
  • hawaii
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